Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Best Weapons Tier List

A masterful assassin needs the best weapons in Baghdad.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage features two types of weapons for you to equip: swords and daggers. Both are tailored towards different playstyles alongside unique perks for either damage buffs or defense.

To make your search for the best weapons easier in AC Mirage, we have ranked all of the swords and daggers in their own tier lists.

Do note, however, that you will have to unlock weapon upgrades to do the most damage in the game. Secondly, almost all of the weapons can be purchased from vendors except for the ones that you have to discover in the open world.

Best swords tier list in AC Mirage

TierSwordPerk and Damage
SShamshir-e-ZomorrodnegarIncreases your damage by 50 percent but at the cost of lowering your total health by 50 percent.
Rostam SwordDoes the highest damage while attacking constantly without break.
Zanj Uprising SwordDoes the highest damage while dodging attacks.
AInitiate of Alamut SwordDoes the highest damage after performing a perfect parry.
Hidden One SwordDoes the highest damage against armored enemies, including the Shakiriyaa.
Abbasid Knight SwordDoes the highest damage when you are at low health.
BSand SwordRegenerates your health by a small amount after every kill made when time is slowed.
Lightning SwordDoes lightning damage to all enemies around you after hitting an enemy three times.
CDemon ClawCauses nearby enemies to take fire damage after attacking a burning enemy.
Jinn SwordIncreases your damage by 50 percent against enemies with status ailments.

Best daggers tier list in AC Mirage

TierDaggerPerk and Damage
SInitiate of Alamut DaggerDoes the highest damage to unarmored enemies after parrying.
Dagger of TimeSlows down time when parrying enemies.
The SamsaamaRegenerates your health by a small amount after every fifth hit on an enemy.
ALightning DaggerIncreases your damage by 50 percent when fighting against two or more enemies.
Zanj Uprising DaggerRefills your stamina by 10 percent for successfully dodging enemies.
Abbasid Knight DaggerIncreases your total health by 30 percent after hitting low health.
BRostam DaggerIncreases the damage of your Throwing Knives at close range.
Hidden One DaggerKilling a poisoned enemy spreads poison to all nearby enemies.
CDemon FangSets enemies on fire after parrying their attacks.
Jinn DaggerIncreases the duration of an enemy’s affliction after parrying them.

Best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Rostam Sword

Location: Can be unlocked by completing the Arms Dealer contract mission.

The Rostam Sword in AC Mirage can be considered the best weapon in our weapon’s tier list due to the sheer power it deploys at enemies.

The Rostam Sword comes with the Chain Reaction perk that provides a 5% increase in damage in each blow given to an enemy and the maximum damage output reaches up to 50%


The perk for the Rostam Sword concentrates on the offensive playstyle and can result in an all-around good weapon for players focused on light attacks on enemies.

Initiate of Alamut Dagger

Location: Default weapon for Basim at the beginning of the game.

The Initiate of Alamut dagger can be appraised as one of the best early-game weapons in AC Mirage due to its incredible damaging properties and the Aggressive defense perk it comes equipped with.

The dagger shines while encountering enemies whose attacks can be parried as the perk allows for a 25% increase in your damage defense after a successful parry. The perk is permanent and can be used on multiple parries helping players get rid of clusters of enemies coming their way.

Zanj Uprising Sword

Location: Inside the third gear chest after you reach Baghdad.

The Zanj Uprising sword is another contender for the best weapon in the AC Mirage weapon tier list that focuses more on your defensive playstyle.

The Zanj Uprising Sword comes with the Strike Back perk that grants the player a 50% increased damage attack after a successful dodge, perfect for those who like close-quarter encounters with their foes.

Shamshir-e-Zomorrodnegar Sword

Location: Can be unlocked by finding the secret chamber inside the Ancient Palace during the Calling mission. You will need to spend three Mysterious Shards.

Shamshir-e-Zomorrodnegar is a strong competitor in the S tier list of the best weapons in AC Mirage due to its Blood price perk that provides a permanent increase in your attacks by 50%.

However, it comes with a downside as equipping the sword will cause Basim’s health to be drained by 50%.

The Shamshir-e-Zomorrodnegar sword is quite a brawny weapon made for those who like a challenge while encountering high-ranked enemies such as armored guards in AC Mirage.

The Samsaama Dagger

Location: Can be unlocked with two Mysterious Shards during the Calling mission.

The Samsamma dagger is a great alternative weapon to choose from when you encounter multiple enemies. The dagger comes with the Life steal perk which allows for a 10% increase in your health after every fifth hit provided to an enemy.

A 10% health regeneration may seem small but if you’re stuck in longer battles, you can always count on the Samsaama dagger to top up your health.

Abbasid Knight Dagger

Location: Reach the roof of the Qasr Salih building in Sharqiyah Karakh and look for oil jars around the corner of the roof. Pick up a jar and throw it near the rubble to create a hole through the floor. Enter the hole and find the Abbasid Knight Dagger hidden inside a chest.

The Abbasid Knight Dagger is one of the underrated weapons in AC Mirage which is why we’ve decided to shed some light on it. The dagger can surely hold up on its own however the Resilient perk it comes equipped with takes the cake.

The Resilient perk can provide you with a 30% increase in damage resistance when Basim’s health decays below 50%. Perfect for those clutch moments where everything seems to fail such as encountering attacks from enemies the likes of Shakirriya and armored guards.

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