Assassin’s Creed Mirage Al-Bahamut Investigation Walkthrough

Al-Bahamut is one of the figureheads for the Order in AC Mirage and you need to carry out an investigation before you assassinate him.

Al Bahamut is one of the targets in AC Mirage that requires investigation before we can assassinate him. You must gather clues to discover his identity and then take him out. However, the investigation of Al Bahamut will not appear until you have completed all the contracts you get in Karkh, Abbasiyah, and Sharqiyah Bureaus.  

Once you have completed these contracts in the Branching Out chapter, a cutscene will trigger where Basim wakes up in his old house. Nehal and Basim will talk, and after the cutscene is over, you will be ready to gather the information regarding Al Bahamut.

There are a total of four cases that you need to complete to complete the Al Bahamut investigation. In this guide, we have prepared a detailed walkthrough of the investigation with all four cases.  

The Head of the Snake walkthrough  

As mentioned above, you must complete four cases to gather all the information regarding the Al Bahamut investigation in AC Mirage. The foremost quest in this investigation is The Head of the Snake mission. So, open the Investigation Tab and select The Head of the Snake mission. You will get the objective of tracking Roshan and Fuladh’s lead.  

In addition, you will also get a quest marker leading to your destination, Harbiyah Bureau. Either fast travel or parkour all the way to reach the location. After arriving, Basim and Roshan will discuss the potential suspects, which are likely to be Al Bahamut, leader of the Order of the Ancients.  

These names are Muhammad, the Governer, Qabiha, the Concubine, and Arib, the Poet. Basim’s job is to investigate each suspect and see which one is Al Bahamut. It is up to you which name you want to investigate first. However, we will go to Arib first, then Qabiha, and lastly, Muhammad.  


Find Arib 

arib location ac mirage

To investigate Arib, the Poet, open the Investigation Tab and select The Poetess’ Abode to get the objective of finding Arib. Upon looking at the map, you will see the Arib’s location southwest of Round City. This is the next part of the Al Bahamut investigation in AC Mirage.

Follow the marker to the Arib’s house northwest of Kufa Gate. Upon interacting and hearing her conversation with her Patron, Basim will knock. The patron will answer the door but will refuse to let Basim meet Arib. He will further mention that there is no need to be the Order’s spy because she has sent all of the Order’s letters back to the Postal Bureau.  

The Postal Bureau 

You need to go to the Postal Bureau to dig through the letters in the Al Bahamut investigation in AC Mirage. If you do not see the quest marker to the location, select it via the Investigation Tab. Follow the marker leading to the Order’s letters.  

However, the guard at the gate will not allow you to enter the Bureau. Looks like Basim needs to find another way to get inside. Travel to the west of the Bureau and climb up to the top. Take out the guards watching the tower.  

Now, look at the hatch to kill the fourth and final guard at the top. Follow the route inside and drop down the ladder. Take out the guard overlooking the Bureau on your left. Use eagle mode to see the locations of all the guards inside.  

Stealthily kill all the guards to avoid getting caught and to investigate in peace. Once all the foes are dead, look around to find the letter. There will be many letters with markers, but Arib’s letter will be on the table northwest of the Bureau, by the locked door, as shown in the image above.  

The Garden Recital 

Now, you need to find Arib and show her the letter in the Al Bahamut Investigation in AC Mirage. Track the Garden Recital via the Investigation Tab to gain a marker to the location. Once you have the letter and the marker, sneak out of the Bureau and walk towards the recital.  

After entering the recital, sit on the marked seat to trigger a cutscene. This cutscene involves Basim listening to the recital, and then Arib and Basim will chat about the Order. As they talk more about the Order, the patron interrupts and orders his guards to assassinate Basim.  

After defeating the three guards, the Patron sets out on you; turn on the Eagle Vision to see the mouse symbol on the walls. There are several of them, and some symbols will be hidden behind objects, so interact with any movable thing and see the symbol before moving forward.  

Upon following the symbols, you will reach the window of a house where you will hear Arib’s and her friend’s voices. Interact with the window to trigger a cutscene where Arib will talk to Sara (her friend).  

After the conversation, you have learned all about Arib, the poet, and her relationship with Order; now, it is time to move on to the next target.  

Find a way into the Harem

harem location in ac mirage

Now that you have investigated and learned all about Arib, it is time to investigate the next potential name, Qabiha. Track the Qabiha’s Domain lead via the Investigation Tab. Travel to the Harem, south of Round City, as shown in the map image above.  

Follow the marker to the location, but Basim cannot enter, so you need to figure out another way. Travel west of the house, and you will listen to a couple of women talking. Blend in by sitting on the bench and eavesdrop on their conversation in the Al Bahamut investigation in AC Mirage. Upon eavesdropping, you will learn that a group of Eunuchs are visiting the Harem today.  

Get a Eunuch costume

Basim thinks of wearing an Eunuch costume to blend in and enter the Harem in the Al Bahamut Investigation in AC Mirage. After the conversation, you will see three locations to find an Eunuch costume. Follow any marker leading you to a target wearing the costume or location of the costume. If the outfit is on the table, loot it and run away.  

If the targets wear it, follow until you are alone to knock them out. When the target is unconscious, hide the body and replace your clothes with the Eunuch’s.

With the outfit with you, travel back to Harem and change into the costume in the changing room outside your destination. After wearing the outfit, blend in and enter the place. Now, it is time to investigate Qabiha’s office.  

Get the potion and makeup for Makira

Walk forward and interact with the door on your left to enter the office in the Al Bahamut investigation in AC Mirage. As you are trying to open the door, Makira will interrupt you. After trying to convince her to give him the key, Basim strikes a deal with Makira by getting her the magic potion and the makeup in exchange for the key.  

After the cutscene, two new objectives will appear: you must retrieve and steal Farah’s makeup and potion. Walk forward after regaining control and then take a right near the end to enter a room.   

Look to your right, and you will see a movable shelf. Slide the shelf to the right and grab the makeup behind it. With one of two tasks completed, exit the room and walk forward. Turn on Eagle Vision to locate Farah.  

Upon locating her, follow the marker. Silently approach her from the back and pickpocket the potion. Take the two things to Makira, who will give you another task of getting a book. Exit the harem through the same door and sprint forward.  

Get the book

Sprint until you see the shed marked in the image above. Climb up the shed and jump forward to the wooden panels. Opposite the guards, jump at the pulley to swing to the other side. Enter the building through the window and grab the book on the small table on your left.  

Take the book, travel to the Harem, and walk towards the office door. Follow the marker leading to Makira’s room. Interact with her bed to place the book and return to Makira. Just as you thought all the tasks were over, Makira will give you another task of returning the potion to Farha.  

Follow the maker to Farha and open Eagle Vision to get her exact location of Farha. Approach her from behind and place the potion. Return to Makira, and finally, she will give you the key to the office.  

Investigate Qabiha’s Office

Unlock the door and enter to investigate the office. Now, you need to examine four things in the office: the perfume bottle, Ning’s hairpin, a book, and a map. The perfume bottle will be on the shelf on your left while Ning’s hairpin will be on the table by the shelf. The book will be on the office table on the right of the office, and the map will be on the table on the rear right corner.  

After examining everything, you will hear people talking about Farha’s death due to poison. Exit the office using the same door to trigger the cutscene. After the cutscene, the second lead is complete. Now, it is time to move on to the third and final target.  

Investigate the court 

Now, on to the third and final lead, Muhammad the Governor. Track the Mazalim Court lead via the Investigation Tab to get a quest maker of Mazalim Court, northeast of the Round City. After arriving at the location, to the southeast corner of the court. Since the lower is not restricted, you can pass freely.

Enter the court through the ground floor entrance and turn on Eagle Vision to locate the judge. Sprint forward from the entrance, and you will find him sitting in his office. Talk to him to ask about the Governor.  

He will refuse to speak by saying to make this conversation worth his time. Bribe with one scholar token, and he will ask for more. Bribe him with another token, and he will tell you about the Governor and his messenger that comes every noon.  

After the conversation, head outside the office and sit on the marked bench. You must wait for noon, so skip time until you see the messenger. Now, you need to follow the messenger. Be subtle here, and do not make any subtle moves.

Try to watch him from afar and silently hide inside the flowerbeds. When he starts moving, keep a safe distance and follow him. Make sure to follow him so you can easily hide behind something in case he turns around, which he does often.  

The best way to follow him is from above. Climb up any house or building and follow him by jumping on the roofs and sheds. Keep following from above, and you will see him enter The Shurta.  

The Shurta 

Now that we have learned the whereabouts of Muhammad at the Shurta, it is time to infiltrate the Governor’s office. The Shurta is heavily guarded, so you need a plan to go inside and investigate the Governor’s office.  

Upon looking outside the Shurta, you will find a group of mercenaries. Pay them tokens to attack the guards patrolling outside of the Shurta. When they attack the guards, use the commotion to head inside and assassinate the two guards on your left.  

After these two guards die, walk to the hallway right from the entrance. Create a distraction, remove the three guards using the charges, and enter the focus mode. Once all the guards are dead, you must grab the key from the guards and then head to the Governor’s office.  

Now follow the marker to the Governor’s office. Head inside using the key and investigate the office. Now, you must examine four things in the office: two books, a letter, and a map. The first book will be on the central table, while the second will be on the left-hand corner. The letter will be on the office table on the right side of the office, and the map will be on the table in the rear right corner. 

After you collect all the items, Muhammad will enter and confront Basim. Basim will ask about the name he (Muhammad) broke the deal with. He will refuse to answer, leave the office, and call the guards.  

Unbar the door to the balcony and jump outside to hide in the haystack below. Since Shurta is on high alert, it is wise not to engage with the guards. Silently sneak out of Haystack and run further away from Shurta.  

After you are far from Shurta, the lead and the investigation of searching the Al Bahamut will end in AC Mirage. 

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