Ark Valguero Creatures Locations Guide – Deinonychus, Rock Golem, Karkinos, Ice Wyvern

With the new Ark Valguero map, comes new creature locations that are unknown to most players. That is why our Ark Valguero Creatures Locations Guide will walk you through the new creatures including Deinonychus, Rock Golem, Ice Wyvern, and Karkinos on the map.

Ark Valguero Creatures Locations

The following are the new locations of some of the creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved Valguero map.

1. Deinonychus
At 92/89, is an area in the White Cliff region where there are Raw Salt reserves. There exists the spawning area of Deinonychus.

Here, they are found in packs and I must admit they are not quite friendly. In fact, this creature is highly territorial and protective of its nest against any trespassers.

Therefore, it is not advisable to come on foot or to come alone. Bring along a creature on come on a flying creature to avoid any quarrel altogether.

To find an egg, look up high and down low as they spawn on the cliff as well as on the ground. The area is just littered with Deinonychus Eggs and you will have no difficulty finding yourself one.

67/92 is a confirmed location of the new Deinonychus Egg. You will find them on the ground inside of the nest. There will be a few of them together being guarded by a pack of Deinonychus.

2. Rock Golem
At 82/95, in the bottom right corner of the map exactly at these coordinates, you will find an opening inside a few mountains. This area will be guarded by huge steep cliffs and there will be an open ground in the middle.

At first, you will not be able to see any Golems, just rocks and boulder. That is because the Golems are actually rocks when they are sleeping.

Amongst these boulders, you will find some of exceptional size and shape and similar to each other. Those are resting Rock Golems.

To awake one, just go near it and hit the rock. If you are hitting the right one, the rock will shatter and a Rock Golem will appear out of the dust. Beware, it will not be happy to be awoken out of sleep and be sure to run from it afterward.

3. Ice Wyvern
At 8.2/79.5, in the snowy area is the old Wyvern’s den. You will find nests of Ice Wyverns with Blue Wyvern eggs inside.

4. Karkinos
At 32.1/92.9, you find an entrance to the aberration inside a waterfall in the middle of the water going down under. Follow the tunnel of the aberration until you reach the cave underneath.

Keep moving on to the end of it until you find an area of pink crystals that are illuminating the area with pink light. This is known as the radiation area. Here, you will find the crab or the Karkinos in large numbers.

These are all the creatures that you can find in Ark Valguero. If you have anything else that you would like to add, please be sure to let us know!

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