Ark Valguero Wyvern Eggs Locations

Go through this detailed guide to learn about the locations of Fire and Ice Wyvern Eggs in Ark Valguero.

Wyvern Eggs are a useful item that can be collected to hatch a Wyvern in Ark Valguero. You can also eat the Wyvern eggs and they will provide excellent nutritional value. Wyvern eggs come in four types: Fire, Lightning, Poison, and Ice Wyverns.

Wyvern eggs are also found in other DLC Scorched Earth and Ragnarok of Ark Survival. To collect the Wyvern eggs, you must travel to the Wyvern nest, therefore read this guide to learn about the location of Ice and Fire Wyvern Eggs in Ark Valguero.

Ark Valguero Wyvern Eggs Location

Ice Wyvern and Fire Wyverns are found in the Great Trench at Ark Valguero. The coordinates of the Great Trench are (8.7,79). After entering, you will first find the Ice Wyvern nest and then if you travel deep into the cave into the Lava Trench, you will find the Fire Wyvern nest.

Once you collect the Wyvern’s eggs, they will become aggressive towards you and will eventually try to kill you.

The easy way is to lure every dragon in the area out of the Trench and into the woods. Ultimately when you will come back into the trench, all the Wyverns will be gone, and you can collect all their eggs easily.

The other way is to fight each Wyvern and the best creature to fight them is the tamed wyvern because they are immune to the fire attacks of the Wyverns. Other than that, Wyverns have great flying speed if you want to escape after collecting the eggs.

The location of Ice Wyvern eggs can easily be found by looking at red circles and the location of Fire Wyvern eggs by looking at green circles from the map image below:

Ark Valguero Wyvern Eggs Locations

Ice Wyvern Egg

Ice Wyvern egg’s location can easily be found in The Great Trench located Northeast side of the Ark Valguero map. As soon as you enter The Great Trench, you will find yourself in the Surface Trench which is frozen and covered with ice and snow.

There will nest of Ice Wyverns located on either side of the Surface Trench that looks like a hole at the side of the mountain.

Once you have located the nest, you can collect the Ice Wyvern egg if you see one in the nest. You can collect multiple eggs from multiple nests. The coordinates of the Ice Wyvern egg’s location are below:

  • 8 LAT
  • 2 LON

Fire Wyvern Egg

The location of Fire Wyvern Eggs is really close to where you found the Ice Wyvern Eggs. If you travel a little further in the Surface Trench, you will find a cave entrance to the Lava Cave.

Deep inside the cave, there is a location called Lava Trench where you will find plenty of Fire Wyvern nests. The Fire Wyvern Nest looks like a hole in the wall, and it is very easy to spot. The coordinates of the Ice Wyvern egg’s location are below:

  • 5 LAT
  • 0 LON

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