Ark Valguero Deinonychus Location and Taming

This guide will cover all the details players want to know, like how to find and tame deinonychus in Ark Valguero.

Deinonychus is a raptor-like bird that can glide a little but doesn’t fly in Ark Valguero. Players want to tame this dino because of its unique abilities like climbing the walls, jumping trees, and biting other creatures.

This guide will cover all the details players want to know, like how to find and tame this creature in Ark Valguero.

Ark Valguero Deinonychus Location

Now to tame Deinonychus, players don’t have to look for them but their nests. The best area you have to search is Paradise to find their nests. This area is full of White Cliffs. We have even mentioned some of the coordinates below where the chances of finding the Deinonychus nests are highest.

  • 0°Latitude, 90.1°Longitude
  • 4° Latitude, 60.0° Longitude
  • 0° Latitude, 85.1° Longitude

In all these locations, some Deinonychus nests are hidden in the bushes. The first coordinates will take you to an area where you will find two nests, one inside a pillars structure and one close to it on open ground.

The other two coordinates will take you to the top of White cliffs, where you can find the nests hidden in the bushes.

How to Tame Deinonychus

You can’t tame an adult Deinonychus in Ark Valguero. Deinonychus can only be tamed by hatching its egg. You can find their eggs by heading to the locations mentioned above, and after that, all you have to do is hatch the egg to get a tamed Deinonychus.


After stealing the eggs from the above location, you must put them in an incubator at 176 to 194 degrees Fahrenheit. You can quickly achieve this temperature by using an Air Conditioner, or you can also use a Dimetrodon.

Once the eggs are hatched, you can feed them the regular carnivore diet: meat. You need to feed it with meat and cuddle it, so it grows quickly. The following type of meat is best for them.

  • Raw Mutton
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Raw Prime Fish Meat
  • Raw Meat

Once it gets adult, you can ride it. You have to improve its stamina a bit, and after that, it will be ready to take out any creature you see on the Ark Valguero map. Its other abilities like climbing walls and trees also came in very handy.

How to Get Deinonychus Egg

The easiest way of getting a Deinonychus Egg is using a flyer. If you go with a ground tame, it will be difficult for you to run away after stealing the egg. Deinonychus are incredibly territorial and would do anything to protect their nests.

So the best way is to steal the egg and fly away from there. Don’t get involved in a fight with them. A flying time will also help you in distracting the Deinonychus.

What you can do is make them follow you and then go towards the edge of the cliff. Once they fall down the cliff, you will get a small window for stealing the egg.

You have to be quick in doing so because they can climb walls quickly. That is how you can quickly get the Deinonychus eggs in Ark Valguero.

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