Ark Valguero Best Base and Hidden Cave Locations Guide

The new Valguero map for Ark: Survival Evolved just launched on PC and we already are seeing some great base building potential in this beautifully designed map. The most notable thing about Ark Valguero is that there is a ton of flat land, making it the map with some of the best base locations in Ark Valguero.

Ark Valguero Best Base Locations

In this Ark Valguero Base Locations Guide, we will tell you about some of the best base locations, accessing these locations, hidden caves, and the strengths as well as weaknesses of these locations.

Marble Hills

The first spot that caught our attention is located in the Marble Hills. The coordinates for this location are 90.0, 88.1.

This area has really nice pre-built ruins which can be very useful if utilized effectively and you can add to those structures yourself. A surplus of crystals can also be found here.

This area is also covered with a lot of flat spots which makes it easier to build a base. Furthermore, you will not have any trouble reaching the top of the flat grounds since there are stairs leading to them.

There is even a long drawbridge which may help to keep the pesky Raptors out. However, that is not it for the structures. There is even a proper castle that can be found on the higher plateaus. The castle is covered with walls that make it very hard to break into.


The next spot is located pretty much next to the first one. Even the previously mentioned castle is visible from this spot. The coordinates for this location are 82.1, 79.8.

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing spots in the Ark Valguero map. There is a rock wall protecting you from all sides and you even have a rock covering over your head that protects you from any invaders suddenly falling onto your base.

Moreover, this spot has an abundance of resources. It even hosts its own waterfall so you do not have to worry about the water supply.


From the previous spot, if you follow the stream down, you will find a beautiful island surrounded by waterfalls. The coordinates for this location are 77.8, 83.3.

It might be a hurdle to bring your dinosaurs down to this island from the other side of the water but you can always build a bridge. And in the end, it will surely be worth it since this might be one of the coolest base-building spots in the whole game.

Best PvE Base Location

Our next spot is not catered towards PvP players, but more towards players who are playing PvE and just want to have a really exquisite base. The coordinates for this location are 79.4, 66.2.

The reason we do not recommend this base for people playing in a PvP server is that despite the fact that you can get your dinosaurs in this spot by building a bridge and letting them fall in, it is more or less impossible for them to get out.

The only entrance to this spot is somewhat hard to find, minuscule, opening that leads into a rather long cave.

Best PvP Base Location (Redwood Forest)

Contrary to the last spot, this is one the better base locations in Ark: Valguero for players playing in a PvP server. The coordinates for this location are 61.7, 11.0. It is located in the Redwood Forest relatively close to the Red Obelisk.

This spot hosts a castle that puts all other castles to shame. It is an absolutely massive structure which has a lot of walls and gates and also a drawbridge and a moat.

You do not even have to necessarily build onto this castle since it is already so well-defended. This spot also has a decent amount of resources including its own handy water supply.

Green Obelisk

Another spot that is more suited for PvE players is located near the Green Obelisk, in the jungle area. Below this area is a big swampland. The coordinates for this location are 46.5, 86.9. We personally love the atmosphere for this spot.

The breathtaking scenery, the luscious trees, the soothing waterfalls all add to a very nice aesthetic. This spot hosts an enormous Jungle Temple.

This temple can be accessed through a staircase located just above the waterfalls that can be found above the swampland.

To open the gate to the temple, there is a small button located to the left on the start of the staircase leading to it. Another button can also be found inside so you do not get stuck there.


The following spot can be found just ahead of the swampland (if you are having trouble finding the swamp area, just look at the big brown patch on the map).

The coordinates for this location are 36.9, 81.5. This spot hosts a beautiful couple of waterfalls. Above said waterfalls are ruined bridges on both sides.

This spot also has a gigantic lake and ahead of the lake is a big mountain that adds to a very pleasant scenery. This spot is also rich in crystal, so this spot can also be used to farm crystal.

Jungle Castle

Our next spot is a huge Jungle Castle located on top of a large mountain, east to a couple of waterfalls (mentioned in the previous spot), up in the jungle and almost at the edge of the map. The coordinates for the Jungle Castle are 37.5, 90.4.

However, if you want to get here on foot, you will find a tunnel opening at the coordinates 37.0, 90.9. Following this tunnel will lead to a long circular staircase. You will be able to enter the castle by climbing to the top of this staircase.

The castle also has a nifty bridge leading into the main gate. This is a very good choice for a base in a PvP server as it is completely secured from every side.

Granted, the castle does require quite a few renovations but that is a small price to pay for getting a pre-built castle. The jungle surrounding the castle is also rich in resources.

Lakeside Base

This spot is located adjacent to the lake. The coordinates for this location are 62.7, 49.8. This spot is excellent for base building as there is an abundance of plateaus.

If you want to build a large, castle-like base, then this is a very good choice since there is so much space to work with. Moreover, there are a lot of trees and you have an entire lake at your disposal, so you won’t have to worry about resources for a while.

Redwood Forest Part-II

This next spot is, again, located in the Redwood Forest and it also happens to have a castle but this is more for a modest person’s liking. The coordinates for this location are 76.0, 47.7.

This castle is in need of quite a few repairs, but after some renovation, you can build onto it yourself since it is located on top of a plateau and there is a lot of ground to work with.

There is also a watchtower located next to the castle that provides an extra free room. This might not be the most majestic spot, relative to the others.

However, the forest surrounding it has an abundance of resources. The castle is hard to spot and is well fortified.

The Wasteland

Our final spot has quite a different aesthetic than the rest. Most of the other locations are filled with greenery but this one has a more barren look.

What’s most cool about this location is that it hosts a few waterfalls, and behind the far-left waterfall is a secret entrance which leads to a cave filled with a multitude of resources. Its coordinates are 32.2, 09.0.

That is not it! In this cave, you can find quite a few (of what seems to be) just pools of water but these pools are not just pools.

If you dive into them, you will find that under the pools are massive, underground, inter-connected cave structures that seem to connect the whole map together.

Cave Near Green Obelisk

This is the cave that you will find under the waterfall right next to the green obelisk. This is one of the largest bases that you will be able to transfer to the official servers, the coordinates are 48, 76.

As this is the cave so the damage is 6 times, make sure to place the turrets strategically so that they don’t get blown up by one rocket.

Hidden cave

The next up is also a cave with the coordinates as 46.9, 91.6. Just go to the coordinates and you can access the cave by going through a small waterway.

The area may not seem like much but the cave itself is quite safe and out of sight.

The Oil Cave

As the name suggests, this is one of the most oil and mineral rich caves. It is also considered one of the best base spots by many players. The coordinates for this cave are 48.7, 19.7 and you will have to look for a hidden crack in the mountain to get to this cave.

The Tripple Waterfall Cave

This cave as the name suggests, is fully covered with waterfalls from all sides and the main entrance is where there are three waterfalls. The coordinates of this cave are 33, 10.

This is not a very good location as compared to the others because there are many open spaces and many entrances to defend. Furthermore, as it is a cave, you also get 6 times the damage, so it is tough to defend.

The Mountain Cave

The next base location is going to be 40.5, 89.5. This is one of the largest base locations on the map with just two entrances, one from the side of the mountain and one narrow entrance from the top. The base itself has waterways and waterfalls inside where you can use the location to your advantage easily.

The Aberrant Zone

This base location has coordinates of 24, 81 and is dubbed the best base location in Valguero. This spot is almost at the end of the world border at the top of aberration.

The area has lots of slops and hidden from all sides by big boulders, and you can easily build wherever you want without 6 times the damage. It is so high up so you will have no threat of flying enemies and there are lots of cliff platforms to build on.

This is it for our Ark Valguero Best Base Locations Guide. If you have anything else to add, be sure to let us know!

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