ARK Genesis Resource Map Guide

An essential element of the Ark: Genesis gameplay is the effective location and collection of the various resources. We understand that finding resources can be a hefty task and quite tiresome, so we have compiled about sufficient resource locations in our this Ark: Genesis Resource Map.

Resources are scattered in chunks and bits all over the map in different biomes.

ARK Genesis Resource Map


This part of the guide includes metal ore locations only and for each biome.

Bog Area

Location #1: 54°, 72°
This is the spawn location. You’ll find a big node just at the location and a lot of nodes scattered around the trees in the swamp.

Location #2: 68°, 78°
This one is easily identifiable with the large flower on the tree. The nodes are at the base of the tree scattered around the trunk.

Location #3: 67°, 75°
This one is close to the last location.

Location #4: 76°, 73°
Look for this beautiful setup at the location. the ores are around it.

Location #5: 80°, 70°
This is the biggest tree in the area. There is way into its trunk on the side. You’ll find ores inside of it as well as outside.

Location #6: 81°, 82°
Again, a hollow-trunk tree. This one also has a cave inside of it.

 Location #7: 54°, 68°
Scattered around the trunk at this location, just like every other Bog Ore location.

Arctic Biome

The first five locations are on the Mount Everest, successively going up.

Location #1: 72°, 36°

Location #2: 75°, 31° long

Location #3: 70°, 31°
This location has crystals as well.

Location #4: 70°, 36°

Location #5: 70°, 32°
This location is literally littered with metal nodes. The hgher you go up the mountain, the more abundant the ores get.

Location #6: 82°, 18°
This location is a bit away from Mount Everest as shown below.

Location #7: 86°, 26°
Again, this location is a bit outside of Mount Everest as shown below.

Location #8: 73°, 13°
Here, you will find nodes just at the tail end of the structure shown below.

Ocean Biome

The ocean biome is also abundant with metal ores. These land piece emerging from the water a rich in metal nodes. Just skip between these.

Locations 1 through 6 are islands.

Location #1: 23°, 46°
This is the biggest pillar there is.

Location #2: 28°, 47°
This location is another pillar right next to the last one.

Location #3: 32°, 46°

Location #4: 32°, 44°

Location #5: 36°, 44°

Location #6: 40°, 46°
This curved piece of land is the most metal node laden laden there is in the ocean biome.

Locations 7 and 8 are underwater.

Location #7: 40°, 46°
Underwater, look for this structure inside an underwater cave or trench at the coordinates.

Location #8: 24°, 54°
Another underwater location near the last one.


Location #1: 19°, 28°
This one is near the green beams.

Location #2: 22°, 13°
This location is at the border of the biome.

Location #3: 51°, 38°
This location is all the way to the east.

Location #4: 53°, 35°

Location #5: 46°, 23°

Location #6: 48°, 14°

Location #7: 33°, 26°
This location is by far the one most abundant in metal ores.


Location #1: 118°, 81°
This location is all the way up north near the border. At the foot of the mountain shown below, you’ll find your nodes.

Location #2: 16°, 87°

Location #3: 17°, 88°
At these coordinates, look for this sharp-edged cliff. Underneath it, you’ll find ores scattered on the track all over the way.

Location #4: 30°, 85°
This location is above the Magmasaur cave which you can see below as the purple shining place. The ores are beside the skeleton above the cave.

Location #5: 38°, 85°

Location #6: 48°, 75°
This location is at the south edge.

Location #7: 46°, 72°
This location as at a distance from the volcano shown below. Here, at the coordinates, you’ll find a Geyser with metal ores all around it.

Location #8: 38°, 66°

Location #9: 20°, 72°
Nodes are at these coordinates right next to a glitch. This is also a cave down below.

Location #10: 31°, 76°

Bio Toxin, and Sap

58.9°, 83.0°: You can obtain both by harvesting Cnidaria, which his marked by balls of gas.


Arctic Biome

65.5, 35.0°

Bog Biome

54.3°, 78.6°: They are next to a huge tree.


Magma Biome

27.3°, 73.6°: You can mine some elements here but they are not as prevalent as they are in the Lunar biome.

Lunar Biome

19.2°, 37.4°: There is a cavern filled with Elements. They look different from the ones on the Magma Biome since they are green instead of red. This area is much richer in elements than the previous location.

Mushrooms and Fungal Wood

Bog Biome

61.4°, 66.7°: You can find the Mushrooms on tree branches. The Fungal Wood can be harvested from the ground by the tree stumps with the orange top.

Gems and Pearls

Ocean Biome

35.3°, 54.1°: You will find Red Gems, Green Gems, and Blue gems here.

19.5°, 52.7°: Go up to the clams to collect the pearls. There are even more pearls surrounding this batch.


Lava Biome

34°, 70°: You can find Obsidian everywhere.

Arctic Biome

62°, 34°


Ocean Biome

25.5, 44.8: There are rich oil deposits here

Arctic Biome

62.8°, 33.8°

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