Ark Genesis: Part 2 Element Locations

Element is a unique, fully developed material in Ark Genesis Part 2 that vibrates with power. It is a vital part of Tek Tier machinery, but it decomposes when carried between arks.

Element is available to players who defeat bosses and explore the final DLCs. The majority of the endgame items in Ark are produced, with Element thanks to its advanced technology and powerful energy source.

Element is required for the creation of a variety of Tek structures and pieces of equipment, as well as for the powering of several Tek items.

In this guide, we will tell you how to easily acquire Element in Ark Genesis Part 2 including its spawn locations.

Ark Genesis Part 2 Element Locations

Farming Element Crystals inside the Space Biome is the most effective technique to farm elements.

Small quantities of elements can be plundered from supply crates. Additionally, HLN-A offers 1 Element for 2,000 Hexagon.

Element and Element Dust may both be farmed on Shale Planet. The spawn locations of Element Dust on Ark Genesis Part 2 are marked on the map below:

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Element Locations

Similar to Element Shards, Element may also be farmed on Ice Planet. Sometimes, it is also possible to farm Element Shards from the lunar biome’s green-marked stones.

Huge quantities of Element shards may be collected from red crystal deposits in the volcanic biome.

The Spawn locations for Element Shards on are marked on the map below:

Ark Genesis: Part 2 Element Locations

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