ARK Genesis Gem Locations Guide

Finding Gems in Ark Genesis can be pretty tough and they cannot be bought from shops as well. You can use them to craft many valuable items in the game. This article is a great help in this regard as it highlights the locations of red, green, and blue gems in ARK Genesis.

Where to find gems in ARK Genesis

The following map highlights the location of Gems in ARK Genesis:

ARK Genesis Gem Locations Guide


The following coordinates highlight the direction of Gems in ARK Genesis:

  • 18 LAT
  • 50 LON

An ocean is located at these coordinates. You will have to Dive into the ocean from this point and swim deeper and deeper. Heading towards points 20 LAT and 49 LON, you will see a bee-hive-shaped wall-like structure that you can swim through. On the other side of the wall is a massive cave full of bright lighting plants and looks more like a dream world.


When you swim further into the cave, search by the walls of the cave and you will see red, blue, or green lights being emitted behind small shrubs. These are your crystals. You will also even find massive stones of green, blue, and red gems all standing together. So, keep on collecting until you have collected all that you need. You can also find oil rocks and obsidians in this cave.

You should use the pick or mining drill to break the gems into pieces so that you can carry them with you. Note that the Red gems look as if they are pink and the green gems stones look more yellow so don’t get baffled. You can exit through the cave anytime by following the same route that you used to enter.

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