ARK Genesis Megachelon Location And Taming Guide

This detailed guide will cover all the information regarding the Megachelon so you can easily find and tame it in Ark Genesis.

Megachelon is a passive creature in Ark Genesis that you can tame just by feeding and staying close to it. It has a shell on its back that will produce rare resources for you, so taming it is a great option.

This guide will cover all the details so you can easily find and tame Megachelon in Ark Genesis.

Ark Genesis Megachelon location

As we know, Megachelon is a turtle, so you can only find it in the Ocean biome. Even in the Ocean biome, you will find it in a specific area shown on the map below.

Ark Genesis Megachelon location

  • From 15 LAT and 44 LON to 44 LAT and 60 LON

The coordinates above cover the area where the chances of Megachelon spawn are highest.

How to tame a Megachelon

To tame a Megachelon, you must play tricky and defensive rather than offensive. Yes! You read it right. Megachelon cannot be tamed by using your cannonballs or any other damaging media.

But it would help if you carried some tools with you as you will have to kill a lot of sharks and eels on your way forward.

The only way to tame a Megachelon is to trick it into trusting you.  So to tame the Megachelon, swim next to it for a long time without dealing any damage to Megachelon. Any form of damage given or taken resets the taming bar.

The trick you can follow is bringing some microbe swarm close to Megachelon as it is its favorite food. You can find these small shiny Fish pretty quickly as they shine and travel in clusters. Get their attention so they can start following you and then swim back to the Megachelon.

Once they get close to the Megachelon they will start moving around the Megachelon, and you can see that the taming process has begun. Now you must wait and ensure no one hurts the turtle, or the taming bar will reset.

Lastly, you have to be patient! Considering their nature, they are turtles meant to be very slow.

Perhaps that is why you must hold on to your patience, as taming the Megachelon takes a lot of time and the procedure is very slow – even annoying for some players.

So this was pretty much all about taming a Megachelon. If you have any more exciting facts about taming a Megachelon, don’t hesitate to share.

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