How to Tame Megachelon in ARK Genesis

The Megachelon is a giant creature with a shell on its back introduced in the ARK Genesis DLC. If you are confused about How to Tame Megachelon in ARK Genesis, read on below.

The shell can be built on and is always growing rare resources that you can obtain through it after taming. When it is submerged, air bubbles are generated around the shell.

We have created this whole guide on the complete procedure of taming a Megachelon. It covers all the aspects that need to be met in order to tame a Megachelon.

How to Tame Megachelon in ARK Genesis

In order to tame a Megachelon, you have to play tricky and defensive rather than offensive. Yes! You read it right. Megachelon cannot be tamed by using your cannonballs or any other damaging media.

But you must carry some tools with yourself as you will have to kill a lot of sharks and eels on your way forward.

The only way to tame a Megachelon is to trick it into trusting you. If you damage it by any means, the tame bar will be reset to zero.

So to tame the Megachelon, swim next to it for a long time without taking any damage from the Megachelon or dealing any damage to the Megachelon. Any form of damage given or taken resets the taming bar.

Another thing to note about the Megachelon is that it cannot be tamed passively by feeding it food.

You may swim right onto its whole skin but you will not find a single spot from where you might be able to feed it. You can only feed it outside the water, but that is a different case considering the taming procedure first.

Lastly, you have to be patient! Considering their nature, they are turtles, and turtles are meant to be very slow.

Perhaps that is why you must hold on to your patience as taming the Megachelon takes a lot of time and the procedure is really very slow – even annoying for some players.

So this was pretty much all about taming a Megachelon. If you have any more interesting facts about taming a Megachelon, don’t hesitate to share.