Ark Survival Evolved Building Guide – How to Build Your First House

This Ark Survival Evolved Building Guide will help players lay down their roots in the game world so they have a warm bed to sleep in and a storage place for all their gear and useful items.

Ark Survival Evolved features a persistent world in which even if players log out of the game, their character remains in the world in an unconscious state and can be easily preyed upon by wild dinosaurs or other players. That is why building a proper house or a shelter to sleep in, survive against harsh weather and log out is extremely important in Ark Survival Evolved.

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Ark Survival Evolved Building Guide

In our Ark Survival Evolved Building Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about building your first house in the game.

Ark Survival Evolved Building

Players can’t just build a house out of nowhere as soon as they start playing the game. Not only do they require resources, the amount of which depends on what strength of structure they are trying to build, but they also need to first learn how to build that house. This is where the level up system and Engrams of Ark Survival Evolved come in.

After gathering some initial resources like berries and tools, players can start harvesting stone, wood and thatch. This eventually levels them up and allows them to spend Skill Points to purchase engrams, the game’s version of blueprints for crafting. At level 4, players will be able to learn some building engrams that require Thatch.

Once the engram has been unlocked, players need to open up their Crafting menu and see the requirements of the Thatch recipes such as Thatch walls, roof and doorway. If they still don’t have enough thatch, they can simply go to a tree use their Pick to gather some. Axe can also be used but it gives way less Thatch compared to a Pick.

Depending on their plans and resources available, players need to craft a number of walls and roofs. Of course, these can’t just be placed on rocks or the sandy beach which is why crafting Thatch Foundation is also necessary as it will be used as the base for the house.

Once the foundation is in place, players need to put walls around it as they desire, provided the highlight is green and allows them to place it that particular position. After putting up walls, roofs can be placed followed up finally with a doorway. Initially it is a good idea to start off with a small house as players will need to eventually move to better areas with more abundance of resources.

As players continue to progress through Ark Survival Evolved, they will continue to level up and will be able to learn more engrams which allow better house building with sturdier material that can not only withstand more powerful dinosaurs but also have improved health against player attacks.

In case players are unable to log into the game for a few days, these improved houses also have a higher decay time period. A thatch built house is destroyed after a few days while one built from stone lasts much longer if players don’t log in to the game.

Of course the better the quality of the house, the more materials it will require. Due to this, while players can build Thatch or Wood houses by themselves, it is advisable that in order to build Stone or high quality structures in Ark Survival Evolved, players should first tame some dinosaurs which can help in resource gathering like the Ankylosaurus which is great at gathering stone and metal.

This is all we currently have on Ark Survival Evolved Building Guide but if you would like to add more, share in the comments below.

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