What Does Eating Fruit Do In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This is what will happen if you eat fruits in ACNH.

Eating Fruits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives you a special buff of strength. Each fruit you eat will provide you with one point (max limit 10) that you can see at the top left corner of the screen. To eat fruit, you only need to select it in your Inventory and choose the “Eat 1” option.

Benefits of eating fruit in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In previous Animal Crossing games, you only got different types of fruits to make some Bells quickly, but in ACNH, you can use them for two important tasks thanks to the strength buff they provide.

Destroy Rocks

Eating fruits in ACNH helps you with the first important task of getting rid of unneeded rocks. Most of the time, you don’t like the position of the rock while designing your Island. The simple solution is to eat a fruit and hit that rock with your axe or Shovel to destroy it.

This way, you can get a free space and place another item there. However, note that these rocks will reappear on another spot on your Island the next day.

Only one rock will reappear on your Island in a day, so if you are looking to move many rocks to some section of your Island, destroy one in a day and wait for it to reappear. This will take some time, but you will get the Island design you want.


Destroying Rocks with the Strength Buff from Fruits will not get you precious Ore, Iron Ingots, etc.

Move Trees of any size

The next ability the fruit-eating strength buff gives you in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is moving trees. To do this, all you need to do is eat a fruit, take out your Shovel, and pick up the tree or plant you want to move.

Picking up a tree will remove one fruit from the counter in the top left corner, while placing it down at some location will not cost you anything. This is highly beneficial if you want the same type of trees to grow together.


If you want to remove the strength buff that you got by eating fruit, you can either use a toilet or continue moving trees until the fruit counter at the top left corner reaches zero. This is useful in case you are breaking too many rocks by accident.

You can also enhance your Island beauty and eventually Island Rating by moving away unwanted trees before starting Terraforming. You can also move Trees to your Friend’s Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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