Animal Crossing New Horizons Bamboo Piece Recipes List

In this guide, we will discus everything there is to know about bamboos is Animal Crossing New Horizons. We will discuss all the types of bamboo and then focus on Animal Crossing New Horizons Bamboo Piece Recipes List.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bamboo Piece Recipes List

There are three kinds of items that you can get from a bamboo tree in Animal Crossing. These are young spring bamboo, bamboo piece and bamboo shoot. Moving forth we will only be discussing bamboo pieces.

You cannot grow bamboo on your own Island, so in order to obtain bamboo pieces, you will have to travel to mystery islands in search of them. For that just go to Nook Miles to get a ticket printed. It will cost you 2,000 bells and then you have to use that ticket at the airport and travel to these mystery islands.

But it is not guaranteed that the island that is selected for you will have bamboo growing on it. The solution to this problem is to travel as much as you can and eventually you will land on an island that has these.

In case you want the bamboo to grow on your island, you will have to get a bamboo shoot and then plant it on your island in the same way you would plant a fruit tree.

Following is the list of items you can make that include bamboo pieces in the materials required section of their recipe in Animal Crossing:


Bamboo basket
You will need 1,120 bells to make this along with 7x bamboo piece.

Bamboo bench
It requires 1,280 bells to craft with 8x bamboo piece.

Bamboo shelf
2,400 bells are required for this along with 15x bamboo piece.

Bamboo speaker
You need 1,230 bells, 3x bamboo piece and one iron nugget to craft this.

Bamboo stool
800 bells and 5x bamboo piece are required for this.

Bamboo stopblock
You only need 3x bamboo piece to make this.

Deer scare
You need 1,740 bells, 3x bamboo piece, 8x stone and 3x clump of weeds for this.

It requires 5,470 bells, 2x bamboo piece, 5x iron nugget, 4x Clay and 5x hardwood to craft this.

Bamboo drum
720 bells along with 3x bamboo piece and 2x softwood are required for this.

Bamboo candleholder
To make this you need 880 bells, 3x bamboo piece and 2x Clay.

Bamboo lunch box
Crafting this requires 640 bells and 4x bamboo piece.

Bamboo sphere
You only need 3x bamboo piece for this.

Bamboo wall decoration
You need 1x bamboo piece for making this.

Bamboo flooring
2,400 bells and 15x bamboo pieces are needed for this.

Bamboo wall
15x bamboo piece are needed to craft this.

Bamboo lattice fence x10
96 bells are needed for each of these along with 6x bamboo piece

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