Animal Crossing New Horizons Bamboo DIY Recipe List

All Bamboo DIY recipes in ACNH and how you can get them.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, many DIY recipes will use Bamboo and Young Spring Bamboo as an ingredients. You can get some Bamboo DIY recipes from Isabelle during an announcement; for others, you will need to do a bit of grinding.

Popping balloons using the Slingshot is the most popular way to get the Bamboo DIY recipes in ACNH. You can only get recipes that use Young Spring Bamboo during the Spring season. It means if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you can find the recipes from February 25 to May 31.

Spring is from August 25 to November 30 in the Southern Hemisphere: Young Spring Bamboo recipes can be found during this time.

The other ways of getting Bamboo DIY recipes include talking to villagers and finding them in the bottles during tours. Still, trading with the players is the most straightforward way of getting the recipe you need. After getting the recipes, you will need bamboo, which you can get by hitting the Bamboo trees with your axe in ACNH.

Bamboo DIY recipes list in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Before getting the recipes, if you want to ensure you have all the items you need for crafting, don’t worry. We will cover all the recipes below, including the ones added after the update 2.0.


You can sell the crafted Bamboo items and make Bells.

Bamboo Basket

To craft the Bamboo Basket, you must have x7 bamboo Pieces.

Bamboo Bench

After getting the DIY recipe for this item, you can craft it with x8 regular bamboo.          

Bamboo Candleholder

This Bamboo DIY recipe will require you to have x2 Clay along with the x3 Bamboo Pieces.

Bamboo Drum

To craft the Bamboo drum in ACNH, you must have x3 Bamboo Pieces and x2 Softwood that you can get by hitting trees with your axe.

Bamboo Floor Lamp

This beautiful Bamboo Lamp will require you to have x8 Bamboo Pieces for crafting.

Bamboo Flooring

To craft this beautiful decoration item, you must have 15 Bamboo pieces.

Bamboo Lattice Fence

This fence will help you in designing a beautiful courtyard. To craft it, you will need to have x6 Bamboo Pieces.

Bamboo Lunch Box

With x4 Bamboo pieces in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can craft the beautiful Bamboo Lunch Box.

Bamboo Partition

If you need a Bamboo partition while designing your seating area, you can craft this with x7 Bamboo Pieces and x6 Stones.

Bamboo Shelf

The Bamboo Shelf will require you to have 15 bamboo pieces for crafting.

Bamboo Speaker

After getting the DIY recipe, you will need x1 Iron Nugget and x3 Bamboo pieces to get your hands on the Bamboo Speaker.

Bamboo Sphere

You can craft this Bamboo item with x3 Bamboo pieces.

Bamboo Stool

To craft a Bamboo stool in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will need x5 Bamboo pieces.

Bamboo Stopblock

The Bamboo Stopblock will require you to have x3 Bamboo Piece.

Bamboo Wall

This will require 15 bamboo pieces, which you can use to design your orchid or garden.

Bamboo Wall Decoration

For crafting a bamboo wall decoration, you will need x1 bamboo piece.

Dark Bamboo Bath Mat

You can craft it with x3 Bamboo pieces.

Dark Bamboo Rug

To craft this furniture item in ACNH, you will need x6 Bamboo pieces.

Deer Scare

You will need x3 bamboo pieces, x3 clumps of weeds, and x8 stones to craft this DIY recipe.

Green Bamboo Mat

With x3 Bamboo pieces, you can craft the Green bamboo mat.


The Hearth is another bamboo DIY recipe you can craft if you have x5 hardwood, x4 Clay, x 5 iron nuggets, and x2 bamboo pieces.

Young Spring Bamboo DIY Recipes in ACNH

There are 12 Young Spring Bamboo DIY recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Previously, you only had ten items, but the update 2.0 adds two new items you can craft with Young Spring bamboo.

Light Bamboo Bath Mat         

This DIY recipe was added in the Update 2.0, and to craft it, you must have x3 Young Spring bamboo.

Yellow Bamboo Mat

After the update 2.0, you can get the DIY recipe for this item and craft it with x3 Young Spring Bamboo.

Bamboo Doll

With x6 Young Spring Bamboo, you can craft the Bamboo Doll.

Bamboo Noodle Slide

You must have x3 Wood and x7 Young Spring Bamboo to craft a Bamboo Noodle Slide.

Bamboo Wand

To craft this decorative Bamboo Wand in ACNH, you will need to get Star Fragments. You will require x3 Star Fragments and the x6 Young Spring bamboo pieces.

Bamboo-Grove Wall

The Bamboo-Grove wall will give a cool look to your Island. You will need x7 Young Spring Bamboo and x3 Bamboo Shoot to craft it.

Bamboo-Shoot Lamp

You can craft it with x4 Young Spring Bamboo, x4 Clay, and x5 Bamboo Shoot.

Basket Pack

You must have x6 Spring bamboo in Animal Crossing New Horizons to craft a basket pack.

Green-Leaf Pile

After getting the DIY recipe, you must have x10 Clump of Weeds and x1 Young Spring Bamboo.

Light Bamboo Rug

You will need x6 Young Spring Bamboo to craft the light bamboo rug.

Pan Flute

You must get your hands on x7 Young Spring bamboo pieces in ACNH to craft the Pan Flute.

Steamer-Basket Set

If you have the DIY recipe, you can head to the crafting station and craft it with x6 Young Spring Bamboo.             

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