How To Get The ABD In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Get your personal ABD machine and place it anywhere.

The ABD, or ATM, in Animal Crossing New Horizons allows you to make Bells Transactions. Previously, you needed to visit the Resident Services every time you wanted to use the ABD, but the Update 2.0 made things easier for you.

Now you can redeem the Automatic Bell Dispenser machine with Nook Miles and place it anywhere on the Island. You can use it as an Outdoor ABD in ACNH or place it inside your home. Putting it outdoors is better as it allows other residents and friends visiting your Island to use it.

However, you will not get any interest from the deposit or withdrawal done by others. You will only earn interest from ABD on the Bells you have deposited. Simply downloading and installing update 2.0 will not get you the ABD machine in ACNH, and you must complete some requirements.

How to unlock Outdoor ABD in Animal Crossing New Horizons

After the update, the first thing that you will need to ensure for unlocking and buying an ABD machine is fully upgrading your house. Not just house upgrades, you must ensure that you have no outstanding loan. You will need a lot of bells for this, so knowing ways to make bells fast is a plus.

Once you have fully upgraded your house and paid off all the house loans, you will receive a letter from Nook Inc. This will let you know that now you can buy your personal outdoor ABD in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Now, you can head to the Nook Stop inside Resident Services, and in the items tab, you will find the ABD listed at the bottom for 9,900 Nook Miles.


Completing Nook Mileage Program tasks will help you gather Nook Miles.

After buying the ABD from Nook Stop, wait for a day, and you will receive it as an email. It will be in your inventory, and you can place it anywhere you want, just like other items, which makes it quite convenient to use. You can even customize ABD just like other items to make it fit your interior or courtyard design in ACNH.


Though it works similarly to the ABD machine at the Resident services, you will not get Nook Miles for checking in daily.

How to customize ABD

You might have already unlocked the Reese and Cyrus by now; if not, you will need to head to Harv’s Island and pay 100,000 Bells. Wait for a day after unlocking the pair, put ABD in your inventory, and head to Plaza.

Paying Reese 8,000 Bells will allow you to pick from five colors for your ABD in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You can choose the color you like, head to your island, and place it down.

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