Age of Empires 4 French Civilization Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you everything you need to know about the Age of Empires 4 French Civilization in order to get started

There are a handful of Civilizations to choose from in Age of Empires 4. Each is unique in its own right and plays differently than others. Some are more complex than others. In this guide, we’ll be showing you everything you need to know about the Age of Empires 4 French Civilization.

Age of Empires 4 French Civilization

The French civilization is inspired from the era 840-1559 CE. They are rated one star for difficulty, so they are very beginner-friendly. The main focus is on cavalry and a lot of economical strengths.

Civilization Specializations

They have a strong focus on the economy. Trade flourishes and is given boosts through special bonuses provided to the French.

Technology research is also boosted in several areas throughout the ages. The French have a strong military, with 4 different unique units, in 3 different categories.

Strategic Positioning

Make sure to build your main keep in an open area with plenty of building room for your other buildings to surround it.

Buildings created within the Keep’s influence area have a 20% cost reduction on any created troops. So, try to squeeze in Stables or Archery Ranges inside that bonus radius.

Civilization Bonuses

Villagers and scouts are created 10% faster and the percentage increases by 5% every new age. Neutral Trading Posts are revealed automatically to the French at the start.

This means they don’t have to scout for them. Once Trade Routes are established, you can select the resource you want traders to come back with. Trade Carts bring back additional resources.

This feature is quite useful, as you can set your traders to return with exactly the resources you are short on and keep doing it until you have enough. Like if you were short on rations this would help you stockpile them.

Chemistry research is free, which can unlock gunpowder quicker. Economic Technologies cost 30% fewer resources and melee Damage Technologies are free.

Unique Units

The Royal Knight and the Arbalétrier are the unique units of the French Civilization. With a special charge attack that does a lot of damage.

For the Royal Knights, a special chivalry tech adds health regen when out of combat, and another tech skill gives plus 10 damage after a charge.

While the Arbalétrier is a unique ranged unit that can deploy a shield against counter fire and a unique tech ability that gives them +5 melee armor.

On the artillery side of things, The French Cannon is the most powerful siege cannon of the game.

The Galleass, a special naval war galley that is able to bombard enemy ships, units, and buildings in firing range from the water.

Unique Buildings

A couple of unique buildings you get in French Civilization are the School of Cavalry and the Chamber of Commerce.

The School of Cavalry is very important as it helps you quickly produce the Royal knight. The stables produce units are made 20% faster as well.

The Chamber of Commerce shows you its effects once you have a good number of traders. You will get a good amount of bonus in long term.

Age of Empires 4 French Strategies and Tips

If you’re looking to take out units quickly, you should go with the Cavalry School building at the start and once you are allowed to trade, go for the House of Commerce building.

As you might know, Unique French technologies are quite expensive and if you want to investigate them you should go with a Royal institute where you can investigate them economically along with the 20% bonus.

The most special thing about this building is that you can access it to research from the Imperial Age. On the other hand for producing resources of your choice with time you should go with the Guild Hall.

All the resources will be collected in that building and you can collect them all by simply clicking the Collect Resources. Simply build that building and then forget about it for a few minutes and then you can collect the units of resources you select to produce.

If you’re looking to deal a lot of damage, in fact, 5 times more than normal damage, you should go with the Red Palace.

The Castle is a destructive building you can have in the mid-game. Even if enemies have it as well you can use the tools like bombards to take out that monster.

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