Age of Empires 4 Tips

In this guide, we'll be goving over Age of Empires 4 Tips that you can use to get a headstart in the game and conquer your friends!

In this guide, we will give you some tips on how to improve your gameplay experience in Age of Empires 4. We will cover all the steps in detail that you can take to ace the game. So, let us show you the ropes for the game with these Age of Empire 4 Tips and get you started on the right foot.

Age of Empires 4 Tips

Once you start the game, you will see that you have a town, six villagers, and a scout. The first step is to cue up the villagers and put all six of them onto collecting sheep as close to the town as possible.

This will cost 150 food per minute, but with 6 villagers right off the bat working on the Sheep; we’ll get a head start. Since there won’t be much to do in the Dark Age, we need to make our way to the Feudal Age ASAP.

Dark Age Tips

The ideal build order depends on your civilization, but generally, the sooner you are able to get 8 on sheep and 3 on gold the sooner you are going to age up. To do so, you just need a certain number of lumberjacks or you can get early gold by hunting.

However, the ultimate goal with any civilization is to save up 400 food and 200 gold as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to make new villagers. Use drop-off camps to keep things efficient, and to make a house every now and then.

We recommend making a house with the first or second villager that you create. Once you finish making a house, you can reach the feudal age.

The players should focus on building landmarks to advance to the next age quickly and this applies to all the other ages as well.

This depends on the civilization, but it is mainly a trade-off between something defensive or economic along with something for your military. Here, the players should go to Council Hall. You can speed up your construction by adding new builders as well.

Food and Scouts Tips

You should also put the scout on the control group by using Ctrl+1 and then double-click to select them. Holding shift, you can lay out a route for your scout.

For food, you should rely on farms mostly. This is because they produce forever. If you go for English civilization, then you can get a lot of bonuses for farms as well.

How to Garrison 101

You can put villagers inside the farms if they are being raided. To do so, press the Garrison key, and then click the town center.

Next, press Return to Work and they will go back to what they were doing. So, it’s a really good source to defend your villagers effectively during any raid.


Fishing is definitely a good idea, as this brings in food for you guys. However, this will set back your advance time, as you will need some extra villagers for this task. But still, it is important, as fishing is the fastest source for collecting food.


Gold is a quite useful resource to upgrade many units. Without any gold, you can only get access to basic units.

You can add new armor, spearsmen, archers, etc. So, it is important to upgrade units. With many new units, you can unlock new bonuses as well.

Feudal Age Tips


Here, you can go to the Blacksmith building, Outpost building, or Market. Blacksmith building helps you to improve your armor, while Outpost improves your defense. The Market is a good option to consider although, so here are some tips to manage your economy effectively.

How to Balance your Economy

You can balance your economy by exchanging resources for gold and by creating traders. To use a trader, you need to find another market either with an ally or the ones that generate on the map.

You simply need to send traders to them and they will bring gold each time. Remember that one can face enemies around, so be careful while completing the task.

Defense Tips

The best way for protection is by building walls. You can build both wooden or stone walls. The stone walls can be more useful, as nonsiege units cannot attack them at all.

Another defensive option can be garrisoning in your town, so you can use any of them to keep yourself away from the enemies.

Resources Tips

This is really important as you need to manage all the resources with a good balance. You can unlock Blacksmith buildings to upgrade your attacks and armor.

Moreover, you can pick Wheelbarrow at the Mill which is a quite useful technology. You can group all the buildings that you have created by pressing F1. In this way, you can check which upgrades are affordable and seem useful in your situation.

Castle Age

Units and Buildings

Firstly, keep upgrading the units to get more armor and bonus attacks. Now, build a monastery to have monks for healing the relics to generate a trickle of gold inside your monastery. You can also capture holy sites to get gold.

In the Castle Age, get out of any circle quickly that surrounds you and is of a different color. The other building in Castle Age is the siege workshop. There are mainly three categories.

The first one is Springald which is a kind of sniper unit, as it offers bonus damage against siege.

The second one is Mangonel which fires multiple projectiles to deal damage in an area. Also, it is quite effective against massed units.

The last one in the list is Counterweight Trebuchet which is an effective anti-unit tool. It also helps you to deal with the archers.

Imperial Age

Again build a landmark to reach the next Age. Here is what you can get in this Age.


The new building which is unlocked in the Imperial Age is the University which offers a variety of technologies to improve gunpowder, siege, cavalry, archers, infantry, and building HP.

So, you can see that it is a quite useful option to improve your performance. Other buildings like siege workshops also offer some new technologies available in the Imperial Age. The players can scan through their buildings using F1 for a better idea.

Mill and Archer’s Range

From the Mill, you can go for enclosures that allow your farmers to generate gold and food. The Handcannoneer is also a handy option available in the Archer’s Range, as it offers high damage.

Victory Conditions and Tips

  • Destroy all landmarks and starting town centers.
  • Build and defend a wonder.
  • Capture all holy sites.
  • You can use the Demolition Ship to get control over the water maps.
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