Age of Empires 4 Trade Guide

In this guide, we will be taking a closer look at the Trade mechanism in Age of Empires 4 and talk about how you can produce Traders, how to interact with Trading Posts, and set up different trading routes.

Age of Empires 4 Trade

Generating stable revenue through Trade is very important in Age of Empires 4. Trade serves as one of the main pillars of any empire. But it requires some groundwork before you can start enjoying its benefits.

We will be teaching you how trading posts work in AoE 4 and how to set them up so you can reap the benefits without any extra effort.

Trading Posts 101

Trading Posts are located at random positions on the map in AOE 4 and when a new game starts, you typically start close to one. You have to venture out and locate them before you can send your Traders to the post.

The French civilization can mark the locations of the trading posts as soon as the game starts because they specialize in Trading.

Trading Posts serve as a base for Traders to settle in and start managing trade routes. Once you’ve located a trading post in AOE 4, the next order of business is to send Traders over to the post.

Producing Traders

Traders are the only unit that can interact and use a trading post. To produce traders, you first need to advance to Age 2 and then build a Market.

The market can be used to trade resources and materials as well as produce traders. Once you’ve created a unit of Traders through the market, have the traders move out to the trading posts and set up shop there.

Trading Routes

When your traders reach the market, they will set themselves up automatically and decide the best trade routes based on where your gold resource and the destination is.

If you are playing as the French, you will have the option to decide which materials are to be moved via the trade route. Having multiple traders and trading posts is an excellent way of amassing gold and other resources in AOE 4.

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