Age of Empires 4 Unique Units Guide

In this Age of Empires 4 Unique Units guide, we'll be telling you about some of the best unique units that you can build in Age of Empires 4.

The legacy of the Age of Empire franchise continues to amaze the gaming community with Age of Empires 4. In this Age of Empires 4 Unique Units guide, we’ll be telling you about some of the best unique units that you can build in Age of Empires 4.

Age of Empires 4 Unique Units

Conquering the map in Age of Empires IV is solely dependent on the empire you decide to build and the units that you send out to fight.

Below are all the units that you need to be aware of in each of the empires. Some of them will be needed to take down the buildings, while the rest will take care of the enemy forces. While the battle continues, there’ll be some units required to heal the fallen soldiers or perform some research in the monasteries.

The French


They carry automated bows that can pierce through all kinds of enemies. Automated bows are known to take some time to reload. For this, they carry a shield to protect them from enemy attacks while they reload an arrow.

Royal Knight

Royal Knights ride the horses, and they carry spears and shields with them. They are known for their movement speed and are best suited for close encounters.


While the rest of the army is focused on fighting the enemy forces, cannons take down the buildings in the enemy territory. They can also be used to take down the fortress walls to let in your army.

However, they don’t perform that well against enemy forces. Better keep them pointed towards a wall of a building (preferably watch towers that shoot arrows and cannons).

The Rus 

The Streltsy

They are the soldiers that carry muskets. In a world full of archers, putting guns towards the enemy forces can be a fruitful change.

The Warrior Monk 

Warrior Monk is one of the religious cavalries in the Age of Empires IV. Therefore, it’s suggested that you don’t send them out for battle.

The Horse Archer 

We’ve all heard of archers being a crucial part of the army. They get even better when they get on top of horses. This improves their movement speed.


The Longbowman 

They are basically archers with longer bows, improving their range of attack. However, they don’t perform so well in close encounters.

Holy Roman Empire 

The Landsknecht

They are the soldiers riding the horses and carrying long spears. They perform quite well in close encounters.

The Prelate 

The Prelate is not built for battles, but they’re still required in the village to improve the efficiency of the villagers when they gather resources.

The Delhi Sultanate 

War Elephant 

An Age of Empire game cannot be complete without having a unit that rides elephants. Soldiers carrying spears ride on the back of the elephants.

Elephants are known to have more strength, and they last longer on the battlefield.

The Tower War Elephant

They’re quite similar to war elephants. The only difference is that they carry archers instead of spearmen.

The Scholar 

They improve the research speed inside mosques or madrasas.

The Abbasid Dynasty 

Camel Archer

Archers riding on top of Camels are one of the best units that you can build in Age of Empires IV.

Camel Rider 

Camel riders ride on top of the camels and carry swords. They’re best suited for speed and close encounters.


The Imam serves as a community leader for the Abbasid Dynasty and can be created from the Mosque.

The Mongols

The Khan 

The Khan is just another name for a light-ranged cavalry.

The Mangudai 

This is the long-ranged cavalry that the Mongols have.

The Chinese 

Nest of Bees

These are the wagons that shoot arrows lighted up with fire. They are best suited for long-ranged attacks, given that their movement is slow.

The Grenadier 

This is an army on foot that throws explosives at the enemy forces.

Palace Guard 

The Chinese definition of a swordsman, The Palace Guard, are best suited for close-range attacks.

The Fire Lancer 

This cavalry carries long spears.

The Imperial Officer 

The imperial officer collects gold from nearby buildings.

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