Age of Empires 4 Civilizations Guide

In this Age of Empires 4 Civilizations guide, we will be introducing you to some of the factions available in AoE 4.

The Age of Empires returns with its 4th addition to the series. We always enjoy this real-time strategic warfare franchise with how it pits different civilizations with each other. In this Age of Empires 4 Civilizations guide, we will be introducing you to some of the factions available in AoE 4.

Age of Empires 4 Civilizations

Which Civilization do we have on the center stage this time? Below is a digestible list that will aim to help new players identify each Civilization and their gameplay style.

The Rus

Based on the struggle of an inexperienced albeit budding empire during 882-1552 CE. The Rus is a force to be reckoned with.

These highly skilled hunters will thrive in the wild unknown of the Age of Empires 4 world. Therefore, they can expand rather easily within forested areas by selling animal pelts and wood for gold.

They are one of the distinct eras available that will undergo a change under your vigilant fist.

The French

Equestrian specialists, the French, are known for their Cavalry units and horsemanship. But that’s not all.

Any history enthusiast will be delighted to know that you will be given a chance to experience the story of Saint Jeanne d’Arc during the country’s 100-year struggle.

The English

A bulwark personified, imagine sophisticated towers defended by bulwark walls and archery units. The English have the defensive power to stop an intruder before they can even take a look at their territory.

The Chinese

If you are looking for a faction that specializes in engineering, exploration bonus through Scouts with 30% extra line of sight and weapons of mass destruction? Then pick the Chinese Civilization.

In Age of Empire 4, we focus on the year 907 till 1644 CE, where the Chinese had found a variety of unique military-grade gunpowder.

So, it is only natural that this Civilization offers Chemistry tech therefore expect this Civilization to prosper through the ages through a myriad of dynastic bonuses.

The Mongols

The Mongols. Words cannot describe the military prowess, resourcefulness, and adaptability of this Civilization.

The Ger building and guerilla type of warfare with hit and run tactics are unique to this Civilization. Because of their nomadic lifestyle, its people always travel in tight-knit groups hence making their usual mode of attack even more terrifying.

Deadly up close and in groups, some consider the Mongols to be the catalyst of any major civilization’s downfall.

The Abbasid Dynasty

The Camel Riders, Camel Archers, extensive technological advances, and the House of Wisdom, the Abbasid Dynasty, harkens back to the time in history where Islam was experiencing the Golden Age.

Those who enjoy an intermediate difficulty than this Civilization is for you. Because for the Abbasid Dynasty, war is much more than capturing land.

It is about evolving through knowledge when stepping foot in new lands.

The Dehli Sultanate

Known for their unique Scholar unit, Towering War Elephants and Dome of Faith, the Dehli Sultanate focuses on building defenses, Scholars who heal and provide a myriad of quality-of-life buffs whilst building a military-backed by the classic War Elephant cavalry.

The Dehli Sultanate has a bit of a learning curve thus rated with a three-star difficulty. So, if you know the ins and outs of this game, this Civilization is for you.

The Holy Roman Empire

Do we need to introduce this Civilization?

Starting from 936 CE to 1517 CE, the Holy Roman Empire focuses on economic growth through religion, effective infantry, and architecture. This Civilization is best for players who understand the basics of the Age of Empire mechanics.

These players will have a chance to play with the Prelate, a unique religious unit that is able to provide buffs. Therefore, if you truly want a strong army, the Holy Roman Empire is the Civilization for you.

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