Age of Empires 4 Abbasid Dynasty Guide

In this guide, we'll be telling you everything you need to know about the Age of Empires 4 Abbasid Dynasty

The fourth installment of the Age of Empires series is finally here and here’s all you need to know. The latest installment consists of eight civilizations drawn from medieval empires across Asia, Europe, and beyond.  In this guide, we’ll focus on the Age of Empires 4 Abbasid Dynasty.

Age of Empires 4 Abbasid Dynasty

The Abbasid Dynasty civilization belongs to the Islamic Golden age era which lasted from 750 to 1517 CE. The civilization was led by the Abbasid Caliphate and the Mamluk Sultanate.

Civilization Specializations

Abbasid Dynasty is rated as the two-star difficulty level in the game and it specializes in Anti-Cavalry, Research, and Golden Age.

Abbasid Dynasty is unique in terms of its great ability to research unique and rare upgrades at the House of Wisdom. This means that they can build structures around the House of Wisdom and unlock perks.

These perks include them taking advantage of core game elements and changing them to their advantage. They are also able to uniquely build and craft their empire.

All in all, the Abbasids are one of the most flexible civilizations in AOE 4.

Not only can they fully take advantage of their units for example the barracks, archery galleries and stables etc. But due to their landmarks, they can dominate and evolve in all aspects. Some examples being economy, military or commercial etc.

Their specializations let them acquire significant economic advantages and also help them progress through different ages to acquire access to advanced technological innovations.

Strategic Positioning

To get the best advantages out of the structures built around the House of Wisdom, strategic positioning is recommended. The structures built on areas of influence helps the dynasty progress to the Golden Age.

  • Tier 1: 10 structures within the range increases the gathering rate of the villagers by 10% for all resources.
  • Tier 2: 30 structures within the range increases the gathering rate of villagers by 15% and research speed by 15%.
  • Tier 3: 60 structures within the range increases the gathering rate of villagers by 20%, research speed by 20%, and production speed by 20%.

Civilization Wings

The Abbasid Dynasty possesses a total of 4 wings that includes a Culture Wing, Economic Wing, Military Wing and, Trade Wing.

The possibilities to play with the civilization wings are endless. You don’t need to build distinctive buildings with villagers.

You can also choose to build any wing within the building but there is a catch. You can only have two distinctive buildings regardless, be careful against attacks from the enemy.

This landmark known as House of Wisdom has the following wings to choose from

  • Culture Wing: Reduce the cost of all technology by 30% with the Research Speed Technology. It also heals nearby units for +2 health every second with the Defensive Technology. Lastly, let’s Imams convert units without holding a Relic through Religious technology.
  • Economic Wing: Reduces the cost to produce villagers by 50% through Villager Technology. It also improves villagers’ gathering rate from the farm by 15% through Farm Technology. Lastly, villagers drop 8% more resources through Economic Technology.
  • Military Wing: Camels increase the armor of nearby infantry by 1% through Camel Technology. It also grants Camel Riders shields to improve their melee armor by 3% through Camel Rider Technology. Lastly, it increases the health of all infantry by 15% through Infantry Technology.
  • Trade Wing: Increases the Gold Income from traders by 30% through trade technology. Grants +5 armor to traders and trade ships through trade technology. They also return with secondary resources.


Following is the list of the bonuses that come with the Abbasid Dynasty.

  • They can gather from Berry Bushes 25% faster but are unable to gather from Boar.
  • Their infantry units are capable to construct Rams and Siege Towers without researching Siege Engineering.
  • They can advance in ages by building wings from the House of Wisdom. The nearby buildings also gain a +5 in the fire armor.
  • They can enter the Golden Age to speed up the gathering rate of resources, research time, and production speed.
  • They get Docks 50% cheaper.

Unique Units

We’ve noticed two unique units that are exclusive to the Abbasid Dynasty, Camel Archers and Camel Riders. Both of these units are expensive so you should only use them when the desperate need arrives.

Both of them are capable of fighting off the enemies efficiently and also deal bonus damage in battles. Camel Archers however also deal extra damage against the spearmen.

Another advantage of Abbasid infantry in AOE 4 is that they can create battering rams. Without any need to research the technology for it or even the smithy, the Abbasid’s battering ram is very useful for an early attack.

On top of these military units, Abbasid Dynasty also has Imam as a unique unit and community leader. The Imam can be created from the Mosque in Age of Empires 4.

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