Age of Empires 4 Mongols Civilization Guide

In this guide, we'll be discussing what the Age of Empires 4 Mongol Civilization is all about and how you can best utilize their uniqueness

Mongols are highly mobile and one of the eight civilizations in Age of Empires 4. They are unlike the Abbasid, Delhi Sultanate or other civilizations in Age of Empire 4, giving them a 3-star difficulty. In this guide, we’ll be showing you everything you need to know about the Age of Empires 4 Mongol Civilization.

Age of Empires 4 The Mongols

The Mongols dominance spread across the world of Age of Empires 4 from 1000-1500CE. Although you won’t see them in large numbers, they can still dominate the battlefield even while lacking numbers, making them a menacing force to deal with.

Civilization Specialties

As mentioned before, their 3-star difficulty level brings aggression into the battle which intentionally forces the opposition to play defensively from early on.

What makes the Mongols in AOE 4 stand out the most is that it’s a Nomadic Civilization. Meaning, they can shift their base anytime they want depending upon the scenario.

However, the best is yet to come. Mongols don’t need to construct their properties as they start at maximum population from the get-go.

Along with that, they have the ability to pack up their buildings and re-locate with ease, and you can use pastures in place of farms to produce sheep within a 90-second time frame.

Apart from that, the Mongols are a technologically advanced Civilization possessing unique buildings.

To collect all resources save stone, the Ger budlings come in handy. However, an Ovoo building is required for that. The building can be found atop a stone deposit capable of mining stones on its own.

The best part about Mongol Tech is that they don’t waste their products to build stone walls, instead they perform experiments using their technology to enhance the production rate of their own units.

Speaking of units, let’s see which unique units the Mongol Civilization has to offer in AOE 4.

Unique Units

Mongols possess two unique units in Age of Empires 4, The Khan and Mangudai.

The Khan is the Head of the Mongol army and a unique horse archer unit possessing a Signal Arrow ability capable of supporting and enhancing the strength of the Khan in any battle. The most terrifying thing about the Khan is that the Khan respawns after a while.

As for the Mangudai, the Mangudai unit are a special part of the Mongol Military possessing a hit–and–run tactic and despite lacking range, when used with micromanagement can become a source of terror for the opposition.

Civilization Bonuses

Below we’ve listed down the Mongols Civilization Bonuses in AOE 4.

  • They can Plunder +50 Food and Gold by setting the enemy’s houses on fire.
  • The Mongols can re-locate their buildings.
  • They start off with maximum population with no need of building houses.
  • Early Horsemen in the Dark Age (I) and Early Lancers in the Feudal Age (II).
  • Using stones, they can produce more of their units with their technology.
  • They gain +50 Food, Wood, Gold, and Stone from trade routes with more traders.
  • Transport Ships have an additional 50% health and move +15% faster.

The Mongols Civilization Tactics

To sum up things, this is how the Mongol Civilization works:

Focus on three major things that the Mongols possess. First thing is that they start off with the maximum population.

Secondly, their villagers are unable to produce mine therefore an alternate for that is the Ovoo Buildings that help in gathering stones as well as double the population of their units.

Lastly, Mongols have the ability to relocate to another part of the land whenever they please. They can assemble and disassemble buildings. Since the Mongols are a migratory nation, they move about the map hence making them one of the most flexible civilizations available.

It is because of this nature that gathering resources becomes easy for one. Because on one hand, they don’t need to build houses thus saving you time and extra resources that you do gather.

Elaborating on one of the points mentioned above, if you plunder villages successfully, you will be rewarded with 50 food and gold. In this way, all these features mixed together will give you bonus treasures without being limited to a single territory

Keeping these three things in mind, you can master the playstyle of the Mongols.

The first thing you want to find is stones. Re-locate to another land when the stones are found. Build an Ovoo building, produce villagers that help in collecting resources.

In the meantime, use your Early Cavalry to attack enemies by setting their houses on fire to receive+50 food and gold.

This will surely help you reach Age 2. Once you reach Age 2, you’ll be rewarded with a pasture; an alternate for a farm. Pastures allow the Mongols to continually produce sheep since they cannot create and maintain farms due to this migratory nature.

Talking about resources, there exists a bonus for the Mongols called the Yams. Defining Yams in a simplified manner, when you build towers this, in turn, gives additional bonuses like granting the cavalry and merchants an extra speed boost.

This brings us to the Mongol traders. They can obtain extra resources like gold if they have established trade routes with other merchants so, it is best that you take advantage of this feature and plan out who you want to target etc.

In finality, the transport ships of the Mongols are 15% faster and has 50% more health. In comparison to the naval forces of the other civilizations, the Mongols are a step ahead

However, one thing you should keep an eye on is that after reaching a higher level in Age of Empire 4, the competition rises to the top as well and you just need a proper strategy to face the opposition.

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