Baldur’s Gate 3 Phase Spider Matriarch Boss Guide

In this Baldur’s Gate 3 Phase Spider Boss guide, we’ll help you locate and defeat the Phase Spider Matriarch in the best way possible in BG3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Phase Spider Matriarch Boss

You’ll run into Phase Spiders and Phase Spider Matriarch just outside of the Blighted Village, at the bottom of the well.

The chances are that one of the first encounters will be with a Phase Spider, but the real trouble awaits when Mom Spider finds out that you’ve been messing with her offspring.

Taking Care of The Special Forces!
Try to avoid any kind of encounter with a spider in the beginning and head for the spiders that haven’t seen the light of day yet, the eggs!

For if they hatch, they’re going to bring down hell on to you from every possible angle.

You can sneak past the spiders using an invisibility potion.

The eggs will be grouped together, making it easier for you to locate them and prevent them from hatching.

And there are three groups of eggs that you need to take care of. This means you’ll only have to poke your cursor around in the dark 3 times.

If you see other spiders lurking around the eggs, try luring them away from their unborn kind using other party members so you can destroy them in peace.

You don’t want any bigger trouble at your hands for now.

In case you’re unable to destroy all the eggs and the baby spiders decide to join the fight, they can be pretty easy to take care of.

Just attack them and then push them off the ledge.

However, they can be frustrating since they come at you in huge numbers.

Phase Spiders and Phase Spider Matriarch
Moving on to the big boys’ fight, the attack you need to stay clear of is the AOE poison ranged attack.

This is the only attack that can take a toll on your health.

As far as your attacks are concerned, you can either attack them or play smart and pull their web from underneath them.

You can do so by attacking the web with any 4+ damage attack. This can end the battle in no time if you play it right.

There’ll be opportunities when you can make them fall into a chasm and finish them off in a single attack. Although, you’ll be giving up on your spoils of war this way.

Even if they don’t fall into some deep chasm, they’ll still suffer from fall damage.

But then you’ll find yourself face to face with them within an instance owing to their teleportation ability.

When the battle is over, you can treat yourself with Poisoner’s Robe that is dropped by Phase Matriarch Spider.

Also, don’t forget to save the game before the battle begins

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