Baldur’s Gate 3 Escape the Nautiloid Walkthrough

In this Baldur’s Gate 3 Escape the Nautiloid walkthrough, we will guide you through this initial quest of escaping a Mind flayer vessel in the vast fantasy world of BG3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Escape the Nautiloid

The first mission in Baldur’s Gate 3 is to escape the Nautiloid ship that is being attacked by the Githyankis, who will be riding red dragons.

Once you have customized your character, the prologue mission called Escape the Nautiloid will start.

The Prologue mission will teach you the basic game mechanics such as fighting, checking abilities, and camera movements.

The Beginning of a New Journey
You will spawn inside the Nautiloid ship near the Nursery Pod with fire blazing in every direction.

Go near the Nursery Pod in the middle of the room and interact with it. This is where you will perform your first ability check.

Select the “Investigate the pod” option to perform a check.

Now go west to find a doorway leading to another room. Go through the doorway and walk to the platform in front of you.

This will take you up from where you will be hearing a child’s voice.

Lending a Hand
Following the voice will take you to a person lying on a chair. Interacting with the person will start a cutscene.

You will see that the brain of this person is visible from the back, and it will be talking to you.

It is a creature that will be begging you to free it from the body before the enemies come.

You will be given several choices to save the creature or to crush it.

If you choose to save this creature, it will grow legs and follow you throughout the ship.

When asked about its name, it will reply with Us.

You will now be traveling with Us towards The Helm.

To the Helm
Head back towards the platform and check for loot on your way back. Wait for Us to come on the platform before going down.

Now keep going straight through the passage with flames on the sides. You will find a gap at the end of the path.

To jump from one side to another, click on the first blue button from the left side of your character’s portrait.

Keep following the path until you face Lae’zel, who is also an escapee of the ship and going towards the Helm.

Once the dialogue sequence is over, your first fight will start.

The First Encounter
The game will show you tips on how to use actions and bonus actions. Every character has different bonus actions, and more bonus actions are unlocked as you play through the campaign.

Bonus Actions allow you to dash, hide, and shove, e.t.c.

You will be given turns to perform an action or to move your character.

You can control all two of the characters available.

Use your ranged attacks to damage the Imps that are far away.

Imps will be standing on a platform above, and you will have to go near them if you want to damage them with your character or Lae’zel.

However, your character can use arrows or lightning to deal damage to them from far away.

Back on Track
Once all of the Imps have been dealt with, don’t forget to loot them.

In the same area, there is a blue Restoration pod that heals you and other characters near you.

Now go up the stairs beside the Restoration point to start another cutscene.

After the cutscene is over, go towards the path on your left or right.

This path will take you to the top of the ship, where you will see another brain creature.

There will be two Imps there to deal with. Finish the Imps and take the path on the left.

You can see the floor glowing outside of the doorway. A Mucous Membrane wall will be blocking your path inside the room.

Attack the wall to destroy it.

The Sigil
When inside the next room, you will see a red table with three sigils and buttons on it.

There are two prisoners trapped, and their fate lies on the buttons. If you pass the Arcana check, you will find out what each button does.

The button on the left unleashes the prisoners, the button on the right kills them, and the middle button releases them but makes them go crazy and fight you.

You will also hear another prisoner trapped nearby who will be calling you to help her.

Lae’zel will try to stop you from saving her, but you can still try to help her.

Head to the next room just straight from where the table is.

You will find a Mind Flayer Pod in the middle of the room with another woman trapped inside.

You can interact with the terminal to trigger a cutscene. There is also a body behind the pod with a key to open the chest in the previous room.

Head back from where you came from and open the chest on your left. Now enter the room on the right of where the chest is.

Once inside, use the Restoration pod to heal yourself and enter the next room where the final fight will take place.

Inside the Helm
Commander Zhaik will be present in the room, along with a bunch of Imps to stop you from getting to the Helm of the ship.

Your goal is to interact with the console at the end of the room without getting into a fight with the commander.

More and more Imps will keep spawning as you get nearer.

Interacting with the console will connect the transponder, resulting in completing the prologue mission.

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