Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Teases A Kill Takedown

The time for teasers is upon us, as a very interesting and genuine Sekiro Shadows Die Twice tease has been released on the official Instagram account of the game, referred to as “sekirothegame”. This tease consists of a small clip in which we see the main character make a quick, definitive and brutal takedown from above.

Alongside this small clip, a post was also made that talked about two things. One being about the kill, how you take down your enemy is incidental, however, what really matters is that you make it our own kill. Like your own unique way to take down an enemy, whether it is from above or any other way.

The second thing was the reference or better yet, an invitation at Gamescom 2018. So combining that short kill clip, the kill tease and the invitation to Gamescom. One thing is certain and that is the fact that at Gamescom 2018 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice will certainly be planting some green flags.

Since Gamescom 2018 event is just around the corner, it seems to be a perfect time to tease the fans to add more to the growing hype for the game.

One thing can be added with certainty and that is the fact that Sekiro Shadows Die Twice will certainly not be disappointing fans because of the few reasons. One is the fact that it has been designed from “ground up”. This the devs themselves confirmed saying that this is not an evolution of the soul series in any sense, it has been designed from roots.

Talking about how amazing this game could be, have you guys seen the recent gameplay? Which specifically sets focus on Stealth, Parrying and the most iconic “you died” screen.

So take this as an assurance that from, what we have seen and know so far, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will certainly be an amazing game.

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