Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Prayer Bead Locations Guide – How to Increase Vitality and Posture

Our Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Prayer Bead Locations Guide will help you find all the Prayer Beads in order to increase your Vitality and Posture Meter.

The Prayer Beads in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice are hard to find items that you need in order to increase your Vitality and Posture Meter.

These are both very useful stats to upgrade so you will want to know where you can find these Prayer Beads in Sekiro.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Prayer Bead Locations

Once you have found 4 Prayer Beads, take them to a Sculptor’s Idol in order to form a Prayer Necklace that will increase your Vitality and Posture Meter. Continue doing so and you will unlock Peak Physical Strength Trophy/Achievement.

Prayer Bead #1
You will find General Naomori in the Ashina Outskirts courtyard right in front of the gate path after one of the early Sculptor’s Idols. This guy serves as a Tutorial to some unavoidable enemy attacks and drops a Prayer Bead when he dies.

Prayer Bead #2
You can find Chained Ogre at a staircase in the Outskirts Wall near another Sculptor’s Idol. You will find two guards and can eavesdrop on them to find out an exploitable weakness of the Ogre.

Make sure you avoid his grabs and you will get the Prayer Bead off his corpse in no time.

Prayer Bead #3
You will find General Tenzen Yamauchi almost right after the Chained Ogre boss. Careful though, he comes at you with a little gank squad.

Prayer Bead #4
This Prayer Bead is slightly hidden. After beating the main boss of Ashina Castle Gate, you will want to proceed up some stairs and grapple up to a wooden beam.

Go past the friendly samurai and double jump your way into an attic. You will find the Prayer Bead in a chest.

Prayer Bead #5
You will find this the Blazing Bull mini-boss right after the dork on a horse. Cannot miss it!

Prayer Bead #6
You can find Shinobi Hunter on your way to the Hirata Estate. After opening the path using the bell at the Sculptor’s Idol in the temple, you will find the spear-wielding boss after going past two shield enemies.

Kill his gank squad, retreat, and hide. Come back later to stealth kill him.

Prayer Bead #7
You can actually get help with Juzou the Drunkard in the form of another samurai. Find this dude by backtracking from where you found Shinobi Hunter and swimming through the river.

You will find a Grapple Hook along the way that leads to the Hirata Estate Main Hall.

After going through a few burning buildings and a pond, you will find the Drunkard with the Prayer Bead. If you talk to the samurai in the pond, he will help you with the boss.

Prayer Bead #8
You can find General Kuranosuke after the first Sculptor’s Idol at the Ashina Castle. Some riflemen who you will want to kill first will accompany him. Once done, confront him directly or hide and stealth kill him.

Prayer Bead #9
After getting to the Reservoir Idol, you can take more or less the same sneaking path under the house that you took in the Prologue.

You will find Seven Achina Spears at the same spot that you initially met the Divine Heir. Stealth Deathblow once and then you can break his second posture easily enough.

Prayer Bead #10
The same path you take to the Seven Spears from the Ashina Reservoir except for this time, you go to the cliff behind the drummer enemy.

Grapple to the right side of it after which you will find a friendly samurai near a hole. Drop down the hole and good luck!

Prayer Bead #11
To get Abandoned Dungeon merchant, you will want to jump off the left side of the bridge near the Ashina Castle Idol. Using a grapple point after the jump, you can eavesdrop on two enemies.

Following the bridge they are on, you can find the merchant and buy the Prayer Beads for 1,400 coins.

Prayer Bead #12
You can find Ashine Elite by backtracking from the Ashina Castle and basically going upwards. Follow the smoke signals for better direction until you enter a tower, the tallest building in the area.

You will find some samurai and an opening in the ceiling to their right that you use to get to the dojo.

Prayer Bead #13
You can find this dude shortly after the 2nd Idol in the Senpou temple, the bead is in the possession of a mini-boss called the Armored warrior. Break his posture and toss him off the bridge.

Prayer Bead #14
You’ll find this bead in the Senpou temple grounds, guarded by the Mini-boss Long arm Gentipede. You can find this boss after the 3rd Idol in the Senpou temple by following the path with wolves and monks. Jump over the temple roofs and go to the right where you’ll find this guy.

Prayer Bead #15
This bead is located under the shrine valley. This bead is actually a pick-up item that you can find in the area with the two riflemen. Go past them and climb up the wall nearby, then shimmy around the ledge and you’ll find the bead in the snow.

Prayer Bead #16
In the Sunken Valley idol, drop down the cliff using the trees to control your descent and you’ll find a mini-boss named Snake Eyes at the bottom. They have your bead.

Prayer Bead #17
This bead is in the sunken valley in the hands of another Gentipede boss that you can find right after the Gunfort Idol.

Prayer Bead #18
This one is a pick-up bead that’s a little tricky. It involves dropping down into a hole in the same arena and following an underground section below. After that, you’ll find a series of grapple points that lead you further into the cave system. At the very end, you’ll find the bead guarded by some small enemies and poisonous geckos.

Prayer Bead #19
This Prayer Bead is in the possession of Long-Arm Gentipede Giraffe in the Gun Fort.

Prayer Bead #20
After killing Gentipede Giraffe, you can actually go under the floorboards of his arena where you will find a cave system. Follow the grapple points and path until the end until you find a dead end with the Prayer Bead.

Prayer Bead #21
This Prayer Bead is dropped by Snake-Eyes Shirangi in the Ashina Depths near the poison pools. An easy way to get the Prayer Bead is having the cannon users spot you; their explosions tend to hit the boss as well.

Prayer Bead #22
You will find this Prayer Bead in the possession of the boss Tokujiro when you are progressing the Hidden Forest area. He is found close to the initial tree branches with the chickens.

Prayer Bead #23
This Prayer Bead is dropped by O’rin of the Water – an NPC past the Water Mill Sculptor’s Idol who turns hostile when you talk to her.

Prayer Bead #24
This Prayer Bead is between the Water Mill Sculptor’s Idol and the Corrupted Monk boss. You will find it inside the large building with enemies gathered outside. You can enter the building via going under the floorboards.

This is so far all the Prayer Beads in Sekiro that we were able to find. We are continuously adding more content to the guide so be sure to check back!

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