Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Skill Trees and Skills Guide – Best Skills, Combat Arts, Skill Locations

Learn about all Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Skill Trees, Skills, skills that you should unlock first, combat arts, and skill locations.

Skill System in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is drastically different as opposed to Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The way you earn Skill Points in Shadows Die Twice is by simply filling your XP bar by killing enemies and bosses. In Sekiro, you cannot use your in-game currency in order to buy different Skills/Abilities from an NPC.

In our Sekiro Skill Trees and Skills Guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about earning Skill Points, all the Combat Arts, and some of our recommended skills that you should consider unlocking during your playthrough of the game.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Skill Trees and Skills

Skill Trees in Shadows Die Twice needs to be unlocked first using Esoteric Texts that you will find during the course of your journey. There are a total of four skill trees in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice:

  • Ashina Arts
  • Shinobi Arts
  • Senpou Arts
  • Prosthetic Arm

As a general rule of thumb, you should consider investing your hard-earned Skill Points in the Skill Trees that suit your playstyle. Without further ado, here are all the Skill Trees and Skills that you can unlock in Sekiro:

Shinobi Arts

Shinobi Arts Effects
A Shinobi’s Karma: Body The number of Spirit Emblem held increases.
A Shinobi’s Karma: Mind An upgrade to the above ability. The number of Spirit Emblems held increases even more.
Mid-Air Combat Arts Allows you to perform Mid Air combat arts,
Mid-air Deflection Gives you a cover from the attacks while you are in Mid Air.
Breath of Life: Light Players tend to get vulnerable after performing a Deathblow. The ability recovers your vitality.
Vault Over Helps you leap over posture-broken enemies.
Mikiri Counter Allows the player to deflect the enemy’s thrust attack and damages their posture.
Shinobi Eyes Damages the posture by performing the Mikiri attack.
Run and Slide Puts you in a crouching position while sprinting.
Suppress Presence Makes the detecting of players in stealth harder for the enemies.
Suppress Sound Inhibits enemy’s hearing ability.
Whirlwind Slash Hits multiple enemies with one attack.

Ashina Arts

Ashina Arts Effects
Ascending Carp Performs Deflection to damage the enemy’s posture.
Descending Carp Damages the enemy’s posture after the damage done by Deflection.
Ichimonji One-hit overhead sword strike.

Shinobi Prosthetic Arm Tools

Shinobi Prosthetic Tools Effects
Chasing Slice The player can perform a forward-dashing sword slice.
Sculptor’s Karma: Blood The number of Spirit Emblem held increases.
Sculptor’s Karma: Scars An upgrade to the above ability. The number of Spirit Emblems held increases even more.
Emma’s Medicine: Aroma Increases the healing effects.
Emma’s Medicine: Potency Increases the healing effects.
Mid-air Prosthetic Attack Allows players to use Prosthetic tools while in mid-air.
Fang and Blade Allows you to attack with a tool and sword after you have used the prosthetic item.
Grappling Hook Attack The hook drags the player to the enemy and player performs a rolling sword attack.
Nightjar Slash Leap attack that pushes you away from the enemy.
Nightjar Slash Reversal Leap attack that pushes you away from the enemy at a certain angle of your choice.
Projected Force Draws power from a prosthetic tool and shits it into the sword for a powerful attack.
Living Force Follow up the attack with a Prosthetic item that is later carried by the sword.

Senpou Arts

Will be added soon.

Temple Arts

Temple Arts Effects
Praying Strike Attacks that will damage the enemies and will stop the from counter attacking.

This is so far everything we have in our Shadows Die Twice Skills and Skill Trees Guide. We will continue to update this guide in the days to come. Stay-tuned!