Assassin’s Creed Origins Lake Mareotis Side Quests Guide – How to Complete, Rewards, Optional Quests in Lake Mareotis

Assassin’s Creed Origins Lake Mareotis side quests guide will discuss how to complete side activities in this area, and what rewards you will get. There a handful of side quests you can do in this area, some are quick to do while others are extensive.

You can earn gear, XP, and more that will help you complete the main quests more conveniently as you level up through side quests.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Lake Mareotis Side Quests Guide

In this Assassin’s Creed Origins Lake Mareotis Side Quests Guide, we have detailed a brief walkthrough of all available Optional Quests that you can tackle in Lake Mareotis.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Lake Mareotis Side Quests

Hidden Tax
Reward: 400XP

Speak with the woman lakeside who is looking for her husband. Head to the marked location and fight the crocs threatening the man. He is drunk, put him on a boat and bring back. Kill the woman’s brothers to complete the quest.

The Book of the Dead
Reward: 200XP
The old man wants his book to connect with his dead wife. The man is the marketplace near the Temple of Sekhmet. Speak with him and head to the marked bandit camp.

Kill everyone and loot the camp to recover the book. Comeback to find out that the man is dead. Speak with his daughter to find out where his body is. Place the book next to his body to complete the quest.

Ambush in the Temple
Reward: 600XP
See the priest at the Temple of Sekhmet and his children will ambush Bayek. Bayek will then have to play hide and seek with them where you need to find them all.

Use Senu to mark their location. One is in the temple, one is on the roof, and one is inside a well at the back the temple, the last one is on the top of the tiger cage at the back of the temple.

Lady of Slaughter
Reward: 600XP
The fighter playing Sekhmet’s fighter is missing, you need to find him at the watering hole at the market area. Bring him back to the Temple. He is unable to fight so you will have to take his place. Win the fight to complete the quest.

Reward: 400XP
There are some bodies left unattended in the area near the body of the old man who needed the Book of the Dead. Speak with the handler and inquire about the bodies. He will guide you to a farm in the desert where some soldiers are trying to kill a girl. Save the girl to complete the quest.

Taste of her Sting
Reward: 3,000 XP
There are some murder sites you need to explore and the first one is exactly where you found a man stuck during Hidden Tax quest. Investigate the scene and explore more of the world to unlock other murder scenes to investigate to complete this quest.

It will take some time so after investigating the first sight focus on the main quest and other side quests that will lead to different locations on the map.

This was our Assassin’s Creed Origins Lake Mareotis Side Quests Guide if you have any questions take to the comments below!