Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Forgotten Shrine Locations Guide

The all-new Iki Island DLC in Ghost of Tsushima features three Forgotten shrines which grant you unique rewards. In this guide, we’ll be getting you up to speed with the locations of each one of the Forgotten Shrines in the Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island region.

Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Forgotten Shrines Locations

Each Forgotten Shrine or Wind Shrine in GoT Iki Island basically contains a scroll that you need to pick up. Then, according to what’s written on the scroll, you’ll need to carry out particular actions.

Successful completion of these actions will solve the concerned shrine and grant you some handsome gear items. These gear items are basically easter eggs from other Sony franchise titles, similar to the Sly Cooper outfit from the base game.

Below, our guide has streamlined the locations and solutions of all three of the Forgotten Shrines for you. So, let’s begin!

Shrine of Ash Location

You can find this shrine just north of the Yahata Forest. The desired scroll be sitting on a small wooden bench right next to it.


Equip the Sakai Clan Armor and draw Katana.


Helm of War, Spartan, and Ghost of Sparta to make Jin look like Kratos from God of War.

Shrine in Shadow Location

This shrine can be found just south of Buddha’s Footprints; again, the scroll will be placed right next to it.


Put on the Ghost Armor and throw a smoke bomb.


Mask of the Colossus and the Armor of the Colossus, themed after Sony’s Shadow of the Colossus game.

Blood-Stained Shrine

This shrine is located in the Gonoura Cape, with staircases on either side. The scroll will be sitting right in front of the shrine at the bottom of the stairs.


Put on the Kensei Armor and heal yourself. (If you’re at full HP, you can jump from the nearby cliff to reduce your health beforehand.)


Yharnam Helm and Yharnam Vestments to make you look like a Hunter from Bloodborne.