Assassin’s Creed Origins Alexandria Side Quests Guide

Assassin's Creed Origins Alexandria Side Quests Guide to help you complete all the Side Quests, which are found in Alexandria region of AC: Origins.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Alexandria side quests Guide is going to discuss various side quests of this area. These are important for raising your level for main quests and getting rewards, better gear, and XP.

There a handful of side quests you can do in this area, some are quick to do while others are extensive. They also allow you to learn more about Egypt and explore hidden locations.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Alexandria Side Quests Guide

The Accidental Philosopher
Reward: 500 XP, Miscellaneous Item
Head to the marked location and investigate the shoreline. Follow the blood trail and you will find the boy inside a watchtower.

The Last Bodyguard
Reward: 800XP, 500 Drachma
How to Unlock: Speak to the Merchant.
Protect Kara, the daughter of the merchant, and help her get supplies from the reception. Be quick to get your horse and get the thief. Throw him off the horse using melee attacks

Higher Education
Reward: 500 XP, Miscellaneous Item
The boy you saved during the accidental Philosopher has lost his Papyrus. Head to the marked location and recover it.

Serapis Unites
Reward: 800XP

How to unlock: Pray in Serapis Temple
Speak with the priest at the Serapis Temple and head to the marked location. Invade the military base, Kibotos Arsenal Fort, and kill the captains. Rescue the drummer and return. Listen to conversation, kill the man with loin skin and deliver it to the priest.

A Tithe By any other name
Reward: 800XP

How to Unlock: Complete Serapis Unites side mission.
Guards are taking the food from the people. Head over to the marked location and deal with the problem. Use Senu to track the cart and mount your horse to follow it. Steal the cart and take it to the priest.

The Shifty Scribe
Reward: 750 XP

How to Unlock: Speak to a Woman.
Help the woman who wants you to free her husband, Aristo, from captivity. Use Senu to locate the transport cart and free him. Take him to the docks so he can escape the city.

The Odyssey
Reward: 800XP

How to Unlock: Complete A Tithe By Any Other Name side mission.
Help the priest escape the city; you will come across some enemy boats. Take them down or escape them. Safely reach the shore and speak with the priest to complete the quest.

Wrath of the Poets
Reward: 1500XP

How to Unlock: Speak with Phanos
Poets are being captured by the guards, which is causing a delay to the play. Head to the marked location and rescue the actors and poets so the play can continue. Speak with one of the poets to learn that his friend has the script. Now:

  • Get the “Politics of Gods”scenario form an stronger enemy
  • Escort the actor hiding inside a building near the water. If you encounter a patrol, kill them.

With all these objectives done, head back to Phanos.

Reward: 1500 XP

How to Unlock: Complete Wrath of Poets side quest.
Escort Phanos to his destination safely; he is the same person who gave you Wrath of the Poets quest. You will also need to protect him once you reach the location.

Phylakitai in the Eye
Reward: 1500XP, Rare Mount (Basus Camel)

How to Unlock: Complete Symposiats
There are three objectives that you need to complete; kill the soldiers, kill the person on the chariot, and attack the armory. All of the locations are marked on your map; use Senu to locate the targets.

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