Death Stranding Difficulty Settings, Which One Should You Choose?

Death Stranding is available now on PC through Steam and Epic Games Store and as with every great PC game, this also comes with great expectations. PC gamers have more tools in terms of gameplay since playing with the use of mouse and keyboard. As a result, one question arises. What difficulty should you choose in Death Stranding? Or, better, which should be the first to try out?

There are four difficulty levels in Death Stranding, ranging from Very Easy and Easy to Normal and Hard. Those four levels will cover all types of player needs. It all comes down to what you want to achieve as a gamer. For instance, a cinematic lover would most likely prefer the easy difficulty while Hard is not for the faint-hearted and will be more suitable for players looking for a real challenge. Whatever one you choose though, you can always change it by going to gameplay settings from the game menu.

Death Stranding Very Easy Difficulty

Death Stranding as a concept hasn’t been made with great difficulty in mind. Kojima Productions is focused on a cinematic experience and PC brings that concept to the next level with high framerates and ultra-widescreen support. This means that for those looking to have a chill-out playthrough, very easy is a great enough choice. Kojima himself has confirmed that this mode is for movie fans, looking to get into his brand new world.

Death Stranding Easy Difficulty

Making things a bit more difficult, the easy difficulty in Death Stranding will make BTs a bit more aggressive, cargo a bit more sensitive to Timefall and  Sam will have a tougher time finding his balance, among others. This is another casual difficulty level, although this one doesn’t treat pure gameplay as a fluff. Easy and Very Easy modes are also perfect for achievement hunters, so take that in mind. However, 100% completion won’t be achievable on easy modes, so you might be going in for another playthrough at some point.

Death Stranding Normal Difficulty

Normal mode is the best of both worlds, both giving you the cinematic experience as well as keeping you on edge with challenges. BTs are finally up to your level and MULEs will defend themselves properly. This mode will also stretch your playthrough by a few hours since you won’t be getting around that easy. If you’re a hardcore gamer though, you’ll still find this mode to be easy.

Death Stranding Hard Difficulty

Coming to our last difficulty level in Death Stranding we find Hard mode and this one is the true game experience. Kojima Productions’ title is a bit too easy for players looking for a serious challenge, so if you fall into that category, this one will be your best choice. At this level, MULE’s react more like AI and less like NPCs, BTs are real Dark Souls bosses and carrying stuff around now requires strategic movement. Even if you are a casual player, you should try this mode, at least once before you rule it out cause it’s an adrenaline rush.

Hopefully, by now, you must have figured out with what difficulty level you’ll be starting in Death Stranding. If you find the game being too easy or hard, you can always change the difficulty by navigating to gameplay settings in the menu.

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