Pokemon Sword and Shield Charms Locations Guide

Charms in Sword and Shield sort of act like Lucky Charms in real life, if you believe that they increase your luck. These charms basically increase the chances of certain things for your character or Pokemon, depending on which charm you are using. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Charms Locations guide will help you get your hands on these charms.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Charms Locations

So far we have discovered three charms in the game; Shiny, Oval and Catching charms. All three have different locations where you can find them in Galar which we will explain below.

Shiny Charm
A Shiny Charm, as the name suggests, is associated with Shiny Pokemon. It increases your probability of finding Shiny Pokemon in the wild. It is something you definitely want by your side. In order to get this Shiny Charm, make sure you finish your entire Pokedex and the main story. Go and catch ‘em all. Once you have it all, head to Circhester.

Go into the hotel around the left side of the big town square. Go into the elevator towards the left side and head to the upper floor. Now go left down the corridor. Go into the second room and you will see two people in the room. Talk to the guy and he will give you the Shiny Charm (Should you have completed the pre-requisites).

This shiny charm, while may not be THAT effective, it is something, and you want every percentage in your favor to increase your chances of getting a Shiny Pokemon.

Oval Charm
The Oval Charm increases the chances of getting eggs from your Pokemon in the Nursery. Once you are champion of the Galar region, head to Circhester and enter the Hotel.

Go up the hotel stairs and enter the first door on the left. You will see a cop inside that room. Talk to the cop to start a two-on-two Pokemon battle against his level 65 Pokemon. If you manage to defeat him, he will give you the Oval Charm.

Catching Charm
This charm increases your chances of getting a critical catch when throwing Pokeball. To get the Catching Charm, you need to first have at least 5 badges and then enter Circhester.

Go to the town square and then look for Hotel Ionia. Enter the elevator in the Hotel, go up and then all the way left to the room at the end. Inside that room, you will meet an NPC dressed in hospital scrubs. Talk to this guy, named The Director, and he will give you the Catching Charm.

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