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Persona 5 Requests and Mementos Guide – Areas, Mementos, Dates

Persona 5 Requests and Mementos Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about receiving and completing requests.

Requests in Persona 5 are acquired from the Phansite and sent by Mishima. Persona 5 Requests basically require you to head into Mementos in order to eliminate weak Shadows.

In addition to this, there are some requests which are acquired through Confidants. Mementos in Persona 5 are made up of eight different areas and each one of these areas unlock after beating a Palace.

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Persona 5 Requests and Mementos Guide

In our Persona 5 Requests and Mementos Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about requests and mementos in the game.

Persona 5 Requests and Mementos

Paths of…

Areas: 2

Areas: 7
Rest Floors: 4

Areas: 8
Rest Floors: 5

Areas: 10
Rest Floors: 6

Areas: 12
Rest Floors: 4 & 8

Areas: 13
Rest Floors: 5 & 9

Areas: 14
Rest Floors: 6 & 10

Areas: 1

Persona 5 Requests

Beware the Clingy Boyfriend
Date: May 7th
Qimranut 1

The Bark and Bite of a Bully
Date: May 9th
Aiyatsubus 2

One Who Bullies Bullies
Aiyatsubus 5

Sadism Is Just a Sign of Love
Date: June 6th

Part-time Job, Full-time Hell
Date: June 6th
Chemdah 1

Phantom Thieves vs. Burglary Ring
Date: June 18th
Aiyatsubus 6

The Loversick Cyberstalking Girl
Date: July 10th
Chemdah 8

We Aren’t Just Your Slaves
Date: August 2nd
Kaitul 8

Who’s Being Assaulting People?
Date: August 5th
Kaitul 5

Calling for Justice for Cats
Date: August 11th
Kaitul 1

Man of Many Faces and Debts
Date: August 19th
Akzeriyyuth 3

Who’s Muscling in Yogen-Jaya?
Date: August 30th
Kaitul 10

Winners Don’t Use Cheats
Date: September 4th
Akzeriyyuth 5

The Killer Who Cleans Up Trash
Date: October 14th
Akzeriyyuth 12

Swindling Old Folks is Pretty Low
Date: November 25th
Adyeshach 13

The Head Honcho in Showbiz
Date: December 3
Sheriruth 14

This is all we’ve on our Persona 5 Requests and Mementos Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!