God of War 4 Combat Has Kratos’ Son Only as an Assist

God of War 4 combat will be a two-on-one affair when the game gets violent (which, being a God of War game, it will), according to a recent Twitter post by Cory Barlog. According to him, Kratos and his son will work in tandem during the game, with Kratos telling the boy when and where to strike.

This was somewhat seen in the game’s debut gameplay trailer from E3 2016, where the kid made use of a hunting bow to try and help Kratos in battle. While he needed work (he infamously shot Kratos in the shoulder out of nerves), he does show a bit of promise, and will likely get better as the game goes, so long as Kratos allows him to help.

God of War 4 combat is something of a unique experience this time around, with a Resident Evil 4-like over the shoulder camera view, and Kratos no longer having his Blades of Olympus. While his axe appears to be just as deadly, Kratos doesn’t appear to (at first) have any of the multitude of weapons that made him so dangerous in the previous games.

Whatever his son is able to do also remains to be seen. While an archer would be helpful in some instances, players will also need to know that the boy will be able to take care of himself so that the game doesn’t become a glorified escort mission. While we didn’t see the boy in any danger during the E3 presentation, that doesn’t mean enemies won’t target him specifically at points.

If anything God of War 4 combat with the boy seems to be a more Last Of Us-like setup than God of War. The third-person camera angle, the punch lasers and beating enemies to death with your bare hands, and the important, young deuteragonist that will sometimes help you in combat definitely bring Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed drama to mind.