God of War Enemies Guide – How To Defeat, Combat Tips, Power Level (Tips And Tactics)

In our God of War Enemies Guide, we have detailed all the enemies that Kratos and Atreus face in the new God of War for Playstation 4.

Our God of War Enemies Guide highlights various types of enemies that you will face in the harsh and compromising world of God of War. Ready the Kratos’ Fists and Axe; you will be dealing with some terrifying foes.

With the help of our God of War Enemies Guide, you will be able to better understand different combat scenarios you will find yourself in and how to deal with different types of enemies effectively. This God of War Guide will not only help you learn more about different enemy types but will also suggest most Helpful Ways of Dealing with Them.

God of War Enemies

Each enemy you face will have a Power Level that reflects the relative difficulty level of that particular enemy. Of course, you do not want to mess up with enemies stronger than Kratos due to their relative Power Level.

Yes, not even a job for Kratos. Along with the Power Level, enemies will also have the standard health/ HP that depletes and change colors as you deal damage to them. Some enemies will also have various health bars as opposed to a single one.

In addition to the two aforementioned bars, there is also a third one: the Stun Meter.

It works like the Stun Meter in Street Fighter V. It continues to build up as you deliver blows to the enemy. However, do note that you can also use your fists or hit enemies against the destructible environments or otherwise (walls) to build up the Stun Meter. The easiest method, however, of building the Stun Meter is by commanding Atreus to rain arrows on your targeted enemy.

Once it has been filled, you can perform huge deals of damage when you are prompted to trigger a brief execution by pressing R3. This will deplete the whole enemy HP bar no matter how filled it is. Below are all types of God of War Enemies you will be facing in God of War for PS4.


The Norse undead is the most common enemies you will be chopping up. These enemies come with the standard swords and bows for ranged combat.

Their attacks are easily parried and they do not take much of an effort to be dealt with. They are, however, mobile and can lunge to deliver attacks. Time your dodges to stay out of harm’s way.

Additionally, they are not so resistant to Stun or Ice and Shock effects. For best possible strategy, use launchers or trip them over to make them vulnerable to follow up attacks. There are some sub-categories or varieties of these Draugr you will be facing:

Heavy Draugr
These are slow-moving vulnerable to slashes and counter attacks. They, however, make up for this in the form of increased defensive stats. They will not get stunned easily and their massive hits cannot be blocked.

It is best to dodge them. Moreover, beware; if they get too close to Atreus, it is an insta-kill.

Shielded Draugr
These will come equipped with a shield capable of parrying melee attacks as well as projectiles like Atreus’ arrows. It is, therefore, most advisable to use the ‘Block Break’ skill to bring down their defenses first and then attack.

Moreover, you can aim at their legs that are not guarded by shields or parry their attacks to create an opening to inflict massive damage.

Dual-Wielding Draugr
Where they lack in overall health, they make up for it in terms of quick attacks and mobility. It can be quite a loss if you fail to notice them since they can perform combo attacks depleting high amounts on your HP. Parry their attacks or trip them over as to deal with them.

Whenever you encounter a foe with a glowing orange hand, it is best to guess they are launching a projectile at you. You can block, parry, or dodge these projectiles without much trouble.

For some real damage though, you can use the ‘Countering Blast’ skill to reflect these projectiles back where they came from.

These are foes with glowing orange legs this time, they are extremely agile and will often flee after an initial attack lands on them.

Therefore, always perform follow-up combo attacks to eliminate them before they can escape. Alternatively, use the power of Atreus’ arrows to hinder movement of these Draugr and make them bait for Kratos’ heavy attacks.

These suicide-bombing Draugr are identified with an orange-red glowing torso. They cannot be stopped by melee attacks or their explosions blocked.

Furthermore, you will incur fire damage over time if you get hit by one of the explosions. It is best to use long ranged weapons like the axe throw or Atreus’ arrows to not only destroy this particular Draugr but many around it in a small blast radius.

Draugr-Power Weapon
Identify them by a glow on the arm that wields the weapon. These are special strikes that will deal fire damage overtime on Kratos. These attacks will, however, take time to be fully charged, so interrupt while Draugr or doing so or simply dodge these attacks.


These wraiths will quite often vanish and re-appear during battle. They disappear into non-existence when they feel an attack coming their way. Use Atreus to fire arrows to first remove their protective shrouds and then deliver hits to bring them down.

The best way to deal with them is to command Atreus to fire a couple of arrows then charge in with your fists to build up the Stun Meter so to take full advantage should the shroud reappear.

This enemy type will allow poisoned patches to emerge on the ground. Additionally, a ground-rake ability is utilized by them which follows Kratos’ until it attacks him. Use the shield to block or dodge to cancel out the effects of these abilities.

This Revenant will summon some kind of minions titled ‘Nightmares’ which will blur on-screen display and so disturb your focus in combat. You can read all about Nightmares below, as they are a separate category of enemy types.

Four Nightmares are summoned at a given time, so it is best to keep one alive while you have a go at the Summoner itself. Interrupt and attempt to eliminate the Summoner before it summons these beasts.


Although these are quite weak in their damage output, they can swarm you in their overwhelming numbers. These will plunge forward to perform leap attacks that will deal poison damage over time. They also explode on impact producing pools of poison.

Dodge their leap attacks; the surrounding environment (ground or walls) will do the rest. Note you can also use Blades of Chaos to sweep a small area to deal with multiple Broods in-group.


Similar to Brood’s style of attacking, these enemies will perform leap attacks but can be easily dodged or evaded. These will not deal poison damage. Lure them out one by one to avoid getting overwhelmed by the large group of Legions.


These are small creatures flying in on Kratos’ and exploding to deal poison damage. These are best dealt with the axe throw or using Blades of Chaos to reel them in and attack thereafter. There are a few different types of Nightmares you will encounter in the game

Like any other variation of Nightmare enemy, block or dodge their aerial attacks. Alternatively, use Blades of Chaos to reel them in and sent them outward towards an enemy as an ice-based projectile.

Use arrows or axe throws to deal with them. Do whatever you can but do not get slowed down by their ice projectiles.

Exploding Nightmare
As soon as you see them emerge, use axe throws to take them out. You do not want them up close and exploding in your face. You can also take advantage of it, by having them explode near other enemies.

Fire Nightmare
Before one of them heads your way, you will see an indicator or warning of incoming fire projectiles. These will produce balls of fire so use axe throws before they do so.

A good way to utilize them is to stun them with Atreus’ arrows and then throw them away like bombs. Alternatively, you can use the Ice effects of your axe to freeze them and neutralize these Nightmares.

Nightmare Parasites
As the name suggests, these will get into bodies of other enemies possessing them. This will lead to a foe with increased strength. Staggering or eliminating these enemies will allow parasites to leave their body and look for another host. Destroy them before they are able to do so.

Gloom Nightmare
This variety of Nightmare will cause the ‘Blind’ effect to blur vision momentarily. Use Atreus’ arrows to take it down or Kratos’ powered axe throws to do the job.


These will explode upon impact to release clouds of poison that will deal damage to Kratos overtime. So dodge or evade after dealing with a Reaver. They are also unique in the sense that they’re capable of healing themselves when their HP is depleted severely.

Take them out before they finish the job. A different type of Reaver will include one equipped with a shield. Throw axe aimed at their legs or use the ‘Block Break’ ability to bring down their shield.

This particular enemy type will use magic spells to hurl a projectile towards Kratos to deal damage. These will act like bombs exploding on impact. These attacks are easily nullified by axe throws. As for the Shadows themselves, they are weak and can be dealt with melee attacks or even bare fists.


These are agile beasts that will move quickly to strike. Parry their attacks to stun them and then follow up with counter attacks. You can also easily launch these enemies and start an attack string. They will try to attack from deep underground, so use axes to have them spring up and then attack them.

Cursed Tatzelwurm
This enemy type will continue to spit poison around so try not to get too close to them. Dodge the poison projectiles and take to the fight from a range.

First, have them leave their safety zone, and once they are up, use deadly combos. Do not let them go back into their hiding. You can also freeze them to prevent Tatzelwurm from burrowing underground.


One of the toughest foes in the game, these will show up in only specific parts of the game. When they do, prepare for a nice long battle. Boosting strong armor and a powerful sword to deliver blows, their charged attacks, and powerful swings should be dodged.

He will also send out charged shockwave attack when a rune appears above his head. Interrupt him while he is doing so since the attack can cause a great deal of damage. Overall, thrust and overhead strikes should be evaded by dodging while side-step attacks can be blocked.

To defeat them, you will need a combination of Atreus’ arrows and Kratos’ Runic and Rage abilities to weaken Traveler’s armor. Keep delivering those melee attacks until you finally bring him down.

Traveler Champion
In addition to the tactical strikes and movement of the standard Traveler, these come equipped with a shield on their backs. This makes any attempts at backstabbing futile.

These are only vulnerable from the front, therefore. Again, be careful of the rune spell and disrupt it when it is being cooked. Dodge his overheads and block his forward or side swings.

Travelers, if brought down, will drop a special Grisly Trophy and Armor Shard which can be made into a powerful armor set at Sindri’s or Brok’s shop.


If you are not up for close-quarter combat then we have bad news for you: Vikens will block ranged attacks. Moreover, their high HP and resistance to effects will mean they are a real deal of a threat. Side note, Vikens can also heal their wounds.

However, their movements can be predicted so time your attacks to bring them down. Occasionally, this enemy will charge mace attacks and perform three strikes in a row. Avoid these and then move in to punish with a combo.


Like their real-life counterpart, wolves will lunge in with a fierce bite. You can though dodge these. Repeatedly press Circle button when a wolf gets a hold of you

Rabid Wolves
These travel in packs to hunt down their prey whenever they spot it. Stay alert for the ‘Howl’ of these wolves, dodge the attacks and then move in for combo strikes.

Poison Wolves
Ranged attacks are more advisable to tackle these because of their poisoned projectiles. Avoid these at all costs so to not incur poison damage over time. They match Rabid wolves in their attacking style. They are also vulnerable to Rage powered attacks of Kratos.


Boosting a high mobility, they can be a pain in the rear to deal with. They attack in quite successions, their combo is really damaging. You can use your Freeze ability to disturb their momentum and follow up with attacks.

Parrying also works well and Atreus’ arrows are more important than ever. Beware of the howl though, their speed increases considerably after doing so, dodge the subsequent attacks.

Fierce Wulver
With their ‘howl’ not only is there a boost to their speed but also strength. Watching them position themselves to crouch in their ‘all fours’ stance will be a real nightmare. You need to stand your guard during this. Look for an opening after, to start a combo attack.

Dark Elves

These belong to the highly mobile class of enemy type. Not only can they evade trip attempts and melee attacks but they are also capable of blocking axe throws. Moreover, you might want to dodge any projectiles which cannot be blocked. Use Atreus’ arrows to distract or even stun Dark Elves while Kratos does the rest.

They have high resistance to Shock abilities of Kratos but are vulnerable to bare fists, so get in there and get brutal. Also, use your Rage Meter attacks to their full potential.

Dark Elf: Warrior
This variety, unlike the standard elves, can be tripped over. Moreover, you would be required to only attack when they are on the ground. Equipped with a lance, these are capable of landing powerful hits, so dodge them at all costs.

Make sure to evade the subsequent shockwaves that get released upon impact of the lance.

Dark Elf: Summoner
Similar to Dark Elves in the attacking style, these can additionally spawn minions for increased trouble. They are distinguished by a yellow/orange glow around their arms and torso.

You can interrupt them while they summon some beasts via arrows or axe throws. Also boosting high movement speed, use Freeze ability by pressing R2 to slow them down and land hits thereafter.

Dark Elf- Lord
Boosting high armor power, these can be difficult to take down. Unless you can look for windows to land your hit. When you observe a Dark Elf Lord spinning its weapon in the air, evade the projectiles by rolling forward and towards the enemy.

Then perform a quick combo to deal massive amounts of damage. At other times, parry the rush attacks of this foe and follow with an attack string.


These are basically upgraded versions of all enemy types mentioned above in our guide. Now able to harness the power of ice, these will pose a greater threat than your average foe.

Though they will boost high resistance when it comes to Frost attacks of Kratos, Hel-Walkers will be particularly vulnerable to fire effects.

In addition to the normal attacks of each enemy type, they have an extra skill to utilize in battle. Their ‘Frost Wave’ will slow down Kratos and increase agility for other Hel-Walkers nearby.

Block or dodge these frost waves immediately and remain alert as some may even send out 3 consecutive frost waves.

Equipped with a sword and carrying low HP, they are best dealt with by the Blades of Chaos. This is even useful against multiple enemies because of its attack radius.

Another variation of them includes a shielded Hel-Reaver that can break Kratos’ guard. It is best to take an aim with the axe at the legs of this type of Reaver. Alternatively, use the Block Break skill to take care of the job.

Lastly, another variation called the Hel Reaver Lord exists. Boosting strong frost armor, their virtually immune to Leviathan Axe attacks. Therefore, Kratos’ fists or blades should be used to pierce through the armor. Atreus’ arrows can also be used to damage the frost armor of these Reaver Lords.

There are two categories of the enemies that belong to the Hel-Shadow group. The Hel-Shadow arches will send out projectile-based attacks like ice spears from a distance. Sidestepping these attacks can render them useless.

Moreover, arrows can interrupt their actions as well. You can also use the ‘Countering Blast’ technique to revert and reflect the projectiles back to the archer.

The Hel-Shadow Scouts can cast similar Frost projectiles that can be dodged. However, these will occasionally, create ice-walls as cover from ranged attacks. Also, do note that if you get too close, these Scouts can detonate the ice-walls resulting in explosion damage. Use axe throws for best results.

These will block ranged attacks and are incapable of being launched or tripped. Avoid the ice waves sent out by their ice-spiked weapons. The best opening comes when the overhead mace attack is successfully evaded and the mace gets stuck. Move in closer to punish with a combo attack.

First focus on bringing down his defenses by arrows, blades or anything that pierces the armor. Try to be a little more defensive early on. After his armor is down, you can attack more effectively.

Note that you need to roll back when you see the Traveler going for an overhead strike. This is because the attack will apply frost damage and the ‘Slow-down’ effect to a small area around it.

Similar to their unfrozen counterpart, these enemies will be more of a threat in large numbers. Pick them off one by one where Chaos Blades work best. Dodge their air-attacks or parry them to leave them open for subsequent hits.

They also explode upon impact with the environment. Also, utilize Kratos’ Runic Attacks to deal with the Hel-Broods.

The most trouble that they can bring is their ‘Ice-breath’ attack which will freeze and insta-kill Kratos. Stay out of the way in such a case. Roll over to successfully evade the move. Furthermore, also dodge the ice-shard attacks or the ice fissures that carries over via the ground.

Like all Revenants, arrows can be used to remove their protective shroud and only after that can they be attacked and finished.

This is all we have in our God of War Enemies Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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