God of War Mini Bosses Guide

In our God of War Mini Bosses Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding and defeating all the Optional Bosses in the game.

Our God of War Mini Bosses Guide will tell you all about how to face and defeat and each and every one of the Mini Bosses in God of War. Everything from their details to how to defeat them will be mentioned in this guide.

God of War Mini Bosses

Mini Bosses are creatures who are much more powerful than the regular grunts but are not as powerful as the actual gods. They rely on their brute strength rather than any complex moves or abilities, so this God of War Mini Bosses Guide is essential if you want to learn how to counter them.

Mini Bosses should not be that hard to deal with in theory. These creatures are extremely slow and have huge tells of when they are about to attack. However, they are much more difficult to deal with in reality as they are really, really strong and can deal tons of damage.

Mini Bosses can give you many different types of rewards depending on whether they are Ancients, Ogres, or Trolls. Let us go ahead and take an in-depth look at each of the Mini Bosses in GoW.


There are multiple Valkyries that you can find and defeat in God of War followed by the Valkyrie Queen. Each of these Valkyries bring something new to the table and are not to be taken lightly.

You can check out our detailed Valkyries Guide by heading over to the link where we have detailed everything you need to know about finding these Valkyries, defeating them, and getting to the Valkyrie Queen.


Ancients do not take damage from most of your attacks. When you see the vulnerable part of an Ancient’s chest, you can hit it to get chunks that can be used to damage them. Ancients usually have four different attacks ranging from 3 different AoE attacks and a beam.

Collecting their Hearts and Rubbles is useful as Brok or Sindri can get you Legendary Gear if you deliver them the aforementioned items.

Remember that Ancients are all of the Primordial Faction and are immune to all Burn, Shock, Frost, and Weaken effects. However, they are susceptible to Spartan Rage and do take damage when hit in the core. Power Level Growth of Ancients offers a higher resistance to the ‘Stun’ effect.

Fire Ancient
Head to the southwest of Lake of Nine and stop by on the beach of Iron Cove on its southeastern edge. The Fire Ancient can be seen near a coffin beside a lot of rocks. You can either detonate the explosive jars near it or hit it directly to begin the fight.

Forest Ancient
The Frost Ancient can be found in the forest near Fafnir’s Storeroom. It will appear during the Favor known as ‘Fafnir’s Hoard’. Beware of its various different beams and blast that tends to deal damage in a large radius.

Stone Ancient
Go to the Alfheim Trench and reactivate the Ringed Temple Bridge. When you defeat the ambush of the Dark Elves, the Stone Ancient will come out and you will have to fight it there and then.

Lava Ancient
After the second dropping of the water, go to Veithurgard Pass and you will find the Lava Ancient along with many Draugr alongside it. Defeat all of the minions before you turn to the Ancient. Remember to use the boulders for cover as they can block the plethora of missiles and mortars coming your way.

Ice Ancient
Go to the Frozen Lake and find the Ice Ancient near Thamur’s Corpse. It should be somewhere near the Shatter Crystal Dispenser. Remember that all of its attacks cause Frost and can slow you down.

Do not miss this Ancient, as you will not be able to return once you exit the region. If you did miss the Ancient, then another one might appear at the Northern Dock.

Soul Eater
This Ancient is found in Volunder Mines and can be accessed through the ‘Second Hand Soul’ Favor. It is like the Fire Ancient except the fact that it will attack you as soon as you see it. The River Pass may also have a Soul Eater towards the end of the game.

Frost Ancient II
This Ancient is found inside The Mountain. You will easily be able to find it when you come to the region after your first visit. Its AOE abilities give you the Frost effect and its beams give you the slowed effect. Another Frost Ancient can be found near the Northern Dock.

Soul Devourer
The Soul Devourer is able to use all four attacks. It has an AOE blast, a beam, missiles, and mortars. You can find it in Ruins of the Ancient, Konunsgard Stronghold when you do the ‘Hail to the King’ Favor and Niflheim. Apart from the increased number of attacks, it is similar to the Soul Eater.


Ogres are Beasts that are very strong against Frosts, Burns, Axes, and Spartan Rage. They do not have any weaknesses in particular and their Power Level Growth increases damage and resistances. In addition to this, they have a Unique Elite Enhancement that increases their damage, defense, aggressiveness, and resistance.

The first ogre is found during the ‘Path of the Mountain’ quest. It is quite overpowered but the attacks are very slow and easy to dodge. Remember to stay away from it as its melee attacks have a long range due to its long arms.

Remember to use your stun grab and have Atreus stun the beast with his arrows so that you can easily deal damage. Remember that you can also use its massive arms to deal damage to other enemies by guiding the Ogre towards them.

Fierce Ogre
The main difference between the Fierce Ogre and the Normal Ogre is the fact that the Fierce Ogre can leap forward and slam down on you.

Apart from that, it can fling a boulder that it picks up from the ground at you. If it hits you, then you will be dazed and confused for a few seconds. If you get a red flash, it means you are about to be grabbed and you need to immediately roll away.

Remember to fight the Fierce Ogre from a distance or it will defeat you easily. Try to use your Runic Attacks and your Rage Mode as much as you can. Remember that you can mount both of these Ogres once they are stunned and use them to attack other enemies.


Trolls deal a lot of damage, but very slowly. You can dodge their attacks and then unleash hell on them all of a sudden. They are of the Trolls Faction and have a very high resistance in general. Some of them are especially resistance to Frost and Burn. They do not have a lot of weaknesses in general but a couple of them are weak against Atreus’ arrows.

Daudi Hamarr
This Fire Troll is found in the Wildwoods very close to your home. Defeating this troll should not be that difficult. Remember that Daudi is very weak against Atreus’ arrows so try to use them as much as possible as he is very resistant against almost everything else.

Brenna Daudi
You will fight Brenna Daudi when you are hunting a boar in The River Pass. The beast has lava and can burn you, so be extremely careful of its attack. Frost and Burn are useless against it and it has no particular weakness so tread lightly when you fight against it, as you need to kill it slowly and methodically.

Dauði Munr
This large fire troll can be found in the Norse realm of Muspelheim along with several Draugr and an Ogre. It can attack you with basic troll attacks as well as some fire-based attacks. Fiery shock waves and stomp rings of fire are trademark moves of Daudi Munr. He can also attack Kratos by jumping long distances.

Máttugr Helson
This troll is also known as “The Bridge Keeper” and is born and raised in Helheim. It has to kill everyone who tries to cross the Bridge of the Damned. Kratos needs the Bridge Keeper’s heart for Atreus as he has fallen ill after fighting Magni and Modi. Only the Bridge Keeper’s heart can save Atreus.

Kratos first disarms the Bridge Keeper and then uses his fiery weapons to remove the Bridge Keeper’s heart. The Bridge Keeper possesses the power of Helheim itself, making its abilities unique. It can teleport to avoid fatal and unavoidable attacks.

Slamming his totem on the ground to send large and fast shockwaves of darkness and generating roaming spheres of energy that detonate on impact are its most fierce attacks.

The Bridge Keeper can also shoot hail from his fingertips by imbuing his hands with ice. It can also close the gates of the bridge through telepathic abilities and can summon Hel-Walkers thus suggesting that it also possesses the authority over the Realm of the dead.

Grendel Stone Trolls
These two come alive when you swipe the wrong item in Tyr’s Vault. Grendel of the Ashes is weak to your Leviathan Axe and immune to Blades while Grendel of the Frost is weak to Blades and immune to Axe.

Remember to use the right weapon when fighting against them and try to use Fire on Frost as much as possible as he is vulnerable to it. The Blades of Chaos will work perfectly against Frost.

Remember that both of these Trolls can create different rock formations and blind all targets nearby. For that reason, try to stay away from them as much as you can and use your opportunities to go in and deal bursts of damage.

Death Eater
This troll is an optional boss in God of War and is in a hibernation state near Tyr’s Temple on a small beach. This troll awakes from hibernation only when two Grendels are defeated.

Its powers are similar to the Grendels. His powers include generating blinding ash from his hand and swinging around his totem with great strength and pace.

Jarn Fotr
This Ice Troll is waiting for you as you search around The Mountain to find an entrance to the cave shaft that towers above you. The Trolls that you have fought at The River Pass and the Wildwoods will be similar to this one.

His attacks will slow you down and deal massive damage, so beware and dodge in time. He can be found using the ‘Inside the Mountain’ chapter during ‘The Journey’.

Stonebeard King
This Ice Troll can be fought if you combine a Shatter Crystal and Shock Arrow and then use them to free this. The attacks of this troll are the same as Jarn Fotr, so you should have a fairly good idea of what to expect.

Engage a fight with this troll by going through ‘The Magic Chisel’ chapter when you are playing through ‘The Journey’.

Those are all of the God of War Mini Bosses that you can find and defeat in the game. Let us know if we missed something or if you found something confusing using the comments section below!

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