GTA 5 Strangers and Freaks Missions Walkthrough Guide

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When you get to the beachfront walkway, you should really dig deep and start sprinting madly, as this is the point when you have your best chance to beat Mary-Ann. Don’t sprint all the way, as you will quickly run out of stamina and collapse.

Strangers and Freaks Missions – Trevor

Grass Roots
To unlock this you must complete the Three’s Company mission. After doing so, head to the market with Trevor. Once again you meet Barry who offers up his product to you. Basically the same thing happens as with Michael, except you’re being attacked by Clowns instead of Aliens.

Trevor will be wielding an Assault Shotgun, so make good use of it. If you run across clown vans, target them immediately as they will start to spawn more clowns. Blowing up a bunch of these before they spawn clowns is a medal requirement.

Just keep on fighting until the jokers are dead, whereupon Trevor wakes up and realizes how much of a lightweight he is. The optional objectives include; destroying 4 vans before they spawn clowns and to kill 6 clowns while they’re dancing.

Target Practice
After completing Nervous Ron, switch to Trevor and you’ll find a new ‘?’ on the map. This will introduce you to Cletus, who is your new contact. Head on over to Marina Drive to meet him. A cutscene occurs, during which he gives you his rifle and asks you to join him in some hunting.

You’ll be asked to snipe several targets, starting with a tire on three different passing cars. Remember to shoot for the tire as soon as the car shows up, since it’s at its slowest that that point. After popping the tires follow Cletus to the next targets.

Now you need to shoot at the satellite dishes Cletus points out to you. This is pretty easy. After the satellite dishes, he takes you to a corner of the roof and tells you to pop three coyotes. You can know which direct to scan through the radar map, which shows some red targets.

After completing these requirements, you need to get into a car with Cletus and go to an abandoned motel. The Optional objectives are to kill 2 coyotes with one shot, to shoot the 3 tires with an accuracy of 75% and to shoot all three satellite dishes without missing.

Fair Game (Trevor)
After the last mission, Cletus’ ‘C’ icon appears on the map at Bayview Lodge. Find him to begin the next mission. This time we’re going to hunt some Elk, and to help in this regard we’ve been given an Elk call whistle.

Follow Cletus into the woods while he explains the basics of hunting. In a nutshell, you’re going to want to watch the wind gauge and make sure it’s not downwind from you, as it will pick up your scent and run away.

Remember to use stealth mode when creeping, and hit the target with a heart shot, just below the neck. After taking one of the beasts down, return to Cletus and use the Elk whistle to hunt another. Creep into position when the red circle appear and make the shot.

A third Elk needs to be taken down now, the catch is that it’s near a female, and the mission is failed if you shoot it by accident. To differentiate between them look for the one with antlers, that’s the one you want to shoot.

Cletus is almost ready to let you go solo now, he just requests a photo of your next Elk kill. Use the Whistle once more and take another down. Use your phone to take a photo and send it to Cletus.
The optional objectives are to not be detected by any of the Elks and to kill three of them with a heart shot.

Extra Commission
This mission line is started after you complete the ‘Hang Ten’ mission. Trevor will be able to go to the new ‘?’ icon on the map and find a realtor named Josh. Josh asks for Trevor’s help in getting back at a rival Realtor named Lenny Avery, who has stolen all of his clients.

The first task Josh assigns you is to destroy all of Lenny’s ‘For Sale’ signs. To assist you in this regard, he sends a link to his website, which features all of his properties as well as a ‘Get Directions’ feature, that automatically creates a waypoint to the property.

Go to each one of the 15 properties and shoot the sign. You’ll receive a text From Josh and the mission will be over.

Closing the Deal
The question mark for Josh has not been replaced by a ‘J’, follow it to the Bilingsgate Motel to find the realtor at the foot of the stairs. After a short conversation, you are asked to go to Caesars Place in Rockford Hills.

Follow the destination marker and prepare yourself, Lenny knows you’re coming. He’ll be in a green Comet, and you’ll have to chase him when he takes off. Either ram him or shoot out his tires, but don’t kill him.

When his car stops, he’ll get out. Make sure to have a club or something and beat him up with it. After a while the mission will end with Avery agreeing to stay away from Josh’s business.
The optional objectives are at use a melee weapon to beat up Avery and to stop his car within 40 seconds.

Surreal Estate
Head back to the Bilingsgate Motel and meet up with Josh at the ‘J’ on the map. He sends you up to room 9 of the motel, whereupon there is a cut scene. After that, Josh comes up with a plan to get money through fire insurance fraud by setting his own house on fire.

Take Josh’s nearby car and follow the yellow route to the house. Josh also mentions that the gas grill in the back yard is quite explosive. Hop over the wall and walk around to the back of the house. Equip the Jerry Can and pour the gasoline along the dotted line shown on the radar.

Once that’s done, simply shoot the trail to ignite it, and get out of dodge. The optional objectives are to complete it without getting a wanted level and to pour the gas perfectly on the line in one go.

Breach Of Contract
Show up at the ‘J’ on the map once more to find Josh standing outside his ruined house alongside two policemen and a cruiser. As soon as you show yourself, Josh points to you and rats you out to the cops as the arsonist.

When this happens you can run away to your car and escape, but a better idea is to pull out arms of your own kill all of them. Then you can simply park yourself into the driver’s seat of the police cruiser and drive off.

Exercising Demons
After ‘Reuniting the Family’ is finished, you can meet up with Mary-Ann as Trevor, by going to the ‘F?’ icon on the map. You meet Mary-Ann and her biking date, and Trevor decides to intervene, immediately becoming smitten.

You now need to engage her in a bike race down the trail and behind the Vinewood sign. Simply follow the waypoints and don’t fall too far behind. Try not to bump into Mary-Ann at any point or you will anger her and lost the gold. The other optional objective is to win the race in 1:42.

Special Bonds
After completing ‘Mr. Phillips’, this ‘?’ appears on the map. It leads you to a trailer in the countryside where an associate of Trevor by the name of Maude is sitting along with a laptop, tracking some Bail Bond Jumpers.

Approach her for a conversation in which she asks for some help in locating these jumpers for a portion of the pay. She’ll periodically send you some information on the targets and you can go after them when you feel like it. Check out our guide for the bail bond missions here.

The Civil Border Patrol
This mission is also unlocked after ‘Mr. Phillips’. Head to the ‘?’ at the plant off Joshua Road near the Grand Senora Desert’s western edge. You find two men peeking into a van, looking for illegal immigrants.

Getting an alert, one of the men conscripts you into the patrol, asking you investigate the disturbance. Head on over to the near marker at the Yellow Jack Inn to find squat. Exit the inn to see an old Declasse Tornado speed past, supposedly full of illegal aliens.

Get into the car and chase after them. Use your weapon to blast out the tires of the fleeing Mexicans. Then when they stop and get out, you need to use the stun gun given to you to on each of the foreigners. This will make them step into the patrol jeep.

The bonus objectives for this one are to steal their Tornado after they are a stunned and to stop them within 40 seconds.

An American Welcome
Head off to the new ‘M?’ icon on the map to find the border patrol. There is a scene with Joe and Josef, after which they see someone down road. Chase after them in the vehicle as ordered.

The target in question will be riding an ATV, and you can either ram him to knock him to the ground, or keep pace with him to allow either Joe or Josef to nail him with the Stun Gun. Stop the car, and let the two arrest him.

Now return to the vehicle and take the new route to the cement factory to see two bikers heading cross country. Chase after them and give them the same treatment as the ATV driver. Stun them up and allow the two to arrest them.

The optional objectives are to use the stun gun on all the immigrants, to stop the first group of immigrants within 30 seconds, and to stop the second group in 55 seconds.

Minute Man Blues
Head to the next ‘M?’ marker that is now available on the map to find the suspect you knocked down from the ATV earlier. Approach him for a cutscene in which Trevor is asked to take out the border patrol. Apparently the duo are terrorizing a group of workers at the Zancudo Grain Growers Cooperative, so follow the marker to find them.

You find Josef almost immediately, so come up to him and nail him with a stun gun. Then shoot him dead for good measure. Find Joe near the main doors of the barn as he tries to flee in a tractor. Shoot out the tires of the tractor to make it stall, then nail Joe with a stun gun, then a real one.

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