GTA 5 Strangers and Freaks Missions Walkthrough Guide

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The Strangers and Freaks questline is one of the more fun diversions in Grand Theft Auto 5. Here we get to see the stable of nutty and hilarious characters that Rockstar has designed and crafted for us.

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GTA 5 Strangers and Freaks

Most of Stranger and Freaks missions are hilarious (especially the one with Barry and the weed). There’s a lot of these though, and they’re required for the 100% completion rating that players sometimes desire. Most of the missions are tied to a particular protagonist and to find them, you need to search for the ‘?’ mark on the map.

After you’ve been introduced to a particular character in the Strangers and Freaks questline their icon becomes unique. For example the first time you meet Beverly the icon will be a ‘?’, but every subsequent mission with him displays a ‘P’.

Strangers and Freaks Missions – Michael

Death at Sea
You need to have completed Blitz Play and have purchased the Sonar Collections Dock property to unlock this mission. This mission is meant to be done by Michael and your contact will be a blond woman named Abigail at the Sonar Collections Dock.

She’ll talk to you about her deceased husband who was a TV personality/Undersea Explorer. Apparently she is now penniless due to her husband’s death and unable to collect life insurance due to a lack of proof as to Frank’s death.

What you need to do to complete this mission is to collect all 30 Submarine Pieces, check out our Submarine Pieces location guide here. After getting the parts, return to Abigail and she will be very unhappy to see evidence of tampering with the airlocks of the sub.

You can tell immediately by her actions and expression who might have done the sabotage, so after you get the reward you have the option to kill her or let her go.

Grass Roots
To unlock this mission, you need to complete the Complications and Pulling Favors missions. Take Michael and head to the question mark and you’ll find a gentleman named Barry sitting behind a desk with a ‘Legalize Weed’ sign.

Talk to him and he’ll give you a blunt reported to be a ‘Passport to Nirvana’. It really doesn’t take you there though…

As soon as you take a hit, your surroundings start to distort and aliens appear and attack you. Use the minigun (because you have a minigun now) to fend off the attack. The aliens will try to restrain you with a mental attack if you let them close, so jiggle the control stick to break free and rid the world of the alien scum.

The bonus objectives include completing the mission with minimal damage to health and armor and killing 7 aliens within 10 seconds.

Seeking The Truth
You need to have the Father/Son, Pulling Favors and the Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation on the Epsilon website completed to unlock this mission for Michael. After all this, you receive a report making reference to a red truck and a ‘?’ appears on the map. Head over to this marker near Mount Josiah to find the truck.

Coming near it will cause a scene where Michael is rendered unconscious. When you wake up, open the Epsilon Website and make a donation of $500.

Accepting the Truth
A new icon will appear on the map that is a cross between an ‘E’ and a ‘T’. Head over to it to find a doorway bearing the symbol under the Ice Planet Jewelry sign. Approaching causes a new scene where you meet up with Marnie.

After the cutscene, head over to the website and make a donation of $5000.

Assuming the Truth
Now you need to find Marnie southwest of Grapeseed on a rocky field, which is where the epsilon icon leads you. Talk to Marnie as she is meditating, whereupon she assigns you the name Zolag.

She assigns you the task of acquiring cars for the higher acolytes of the Epsilon order and gives you a list by email. These are very costly cars, so even if you can buy some of them over the net, it’s going to put a significant hole in your pocket.

IF you have to find them the old fashioned way, here are some tips. The Super Diamond, Tonado and Dinka Double-T motorbike will spawn more frequently for the duration of this mission. You can find the Surano parked in a cul-de-sac near Lake Vinewood. You can look for a Vacca parked in front of a house in the Vinewood Hills.

After you find a car, you must deliver it to the proper destination. Do this for all the cars and you’re done.

Chasing the Truth
Soon you receive another email from Marnie, this time you need to meet her and Jimmy Boston at a field where you are handed an ‘Alien Artifact Detection Device’. Travel across the area, holding out the device as it beeps and leads you to different objects.

The first item will be a TV, whereupon Marnie says that she senses doubt surrounding their minds, keeping you from revelation. Next you come to a car battery and once again Marnie says to keep looking. When you get to the boot, Michael figures out what’s going on and claims that the boot is definitely the artifact.

Marnie pronounces you ready to move onto the next stage. All you have to do is go to the epsilon website and donate $10,000.

Bearing the Truth
At the next Epsilon location, you’ll find Marnie at a Graffiti wall near Downtown Vinewood. You’ll be told to purchase some clothes from the Epsilon website and wear them for a total of 10 consecutive days. Do so.

Delivering The Truth
Shortly after finishing the last mission, you’ll be contacted by Jimmy Boston, who directs you to somewhere between the coast and Fort Zancudo. Meet Tom here, next to a plane you need to fly.

Hop in and take off, heading east towards the airfield. Fly underneath one of the bridges over Lago Zancudo. Follow the market and land on the target airfield. Get out of the plane and talk to Jimmy, who takes the plane.

The optional objectives for this mission are to Land the plane without damaging it and to fly under a bridge along Lago Zancudo.

Exercising The Truth
While wearing the Epsilon robes, Meet up with Marnie and crew, whereupon you are given the task of running 5 miles across the Grand Senora Desert in the suit. Start off your pilgrimage and keep running.

If you get tired walk for a bit. You’ll have a distance tracker on screen which will display the miles done so far. You get a call from the Leader, Cris at the fourth mile and once you’re done, another call praising you and requesting yet another donation.

Unknowing the Truth
You need to be wearing the robes and have about 50,000 dollars in your bank account for this one. Follow the Epsilon marker on the map to get to the Epsilon Center in west Vinewood.

This is where you take revenge from the scammers. Make your donation by meeting Cris and you’re given the task of delivering the ‘Apocalypse Funds’ to the dropoff point. There will be a security team in an SUV travelling ahead of you while you drive the car loaded with the money. You thinking what I’m thinking?

You can do three things here, dropoff the cash, and watch it sail away as you are rewarded with a useless old tractor, make off with the money and ditch the security team as they chase you, or kill everyone at the dropoff point and make off with the money. Pick option three if you want to fulfill all the medal requirements.

Exercising Demons
If you have completed the Complications and Pulling Favors missions, then this Strangers and Freaks icon will become available to you. Head to the ‘?’ on the map to find a fitness freak named Mary-Ann. She has some serious issues.

Approach her and a cut-scene will start playing, at the end of which she challenges you to a race. The race winds down towards the beach, and Mary-Ann will have a head start. Keep on after her, and try to hit the checkpoints. You can occasionally find little shortcuts that save you some time, but using them will lose you the gold medal.

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