Skyrim Followers Location Guide

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Life is good when your partner in crime fights by your side till the end. Your partner in crime in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is your follower. There are many NPCs in Skyrim that will become your follower after you gain their trust by doing a task they ask.

Once you do that, they will become your followers for good. You can choose among the followers listed below and find them in the specified locations.

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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Followers

Skyrim Follower – Sven
Location. He is stuck in his love life. He wants to remove the thorn (Faendal) between him and his lover, Camilla. If you help him by delivering the letter to Camilla then he will become your follower.

Skyrim Follower – Faendael
Location. Faendal lives in Riverwood and as mentioned before, he is the one that Camilla loves. He will join your side if you expose Seven to Camilla.

Skyrim Follower – Janessa
Location. You can hire her for 500 bucks. She can be found in Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.

Skyrim – Lydia
Location. After you complete the Dragon Rising quest, Jarl will assign her as your housecarl. She is a good sword user and will be of great help.

Skyrim Follower – Stenvar
Location. You can hire him for 500 gold. He can be found in Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm.

Skyrim Follower – Uthgerd the Unbroken
Location. You will find a women in Bannered Mare in Whiterun. You need to defeat her in a brawl (place 100 gold for bet). Pay her 100 bucks and she will join your side.

Skyrim Follower – Marcurio
Location. He is a wizard you can hire for 500 gold. He can be found at Bee and Brab in Riften.

Skyrim Follower – Illia
Location. Complete the Darklight Tower Quest. You will meet her upon entering the dungeon and she will ask you to help get revenge on Hagravens inside the dungeon. When you complete the quest, you can ask her to become your follower. She is a powerful mage and also a dragonborn. You can find Darklight Tower southwest of Riften.

Skyrim Follower – Cicero
Location. Spare his life during Brotherhood Quest – Cure for Madness and he will become your follower. When you establish the new sanctuary, he will be outside waiting for you.

If you find any other NPC who can become your follower in Skyrim, don’t forget to share it with us in the comments below!

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  • Axel

    Illa dies pretty quickly actually. not very powerful at all. but Mercurio is definitely the best follower I’ve eve had. he’s a damn good mage and he doesn’t die

  • kyle ault

    in the dragonborn DLC you can get Frea after completing “at the summit of Apocrypha” u can eithe persuade her or pay 417 gold and bribe her

  • Ryan

    There are the Dark Brotherhood intiates.

  • Ryan

    The dark brother hood intiates.

  • Jon Michael Dambra

    The best follower in the game is a conjurer Mage. She comes with a price however – while doing the quest “Azuras star”, although the best option is to take the black star in the end, you will never be able to have her as a follower. If you choose to keep Azuras star as Azuras white star, you will be able to use the dark elf Mage in front of her shrine as a follower. But, then you will never be able to use the black Azuras star, so choose wisely…

    The Mage is an amazing asset. She conjures powerful atronachs and monsters to fight for you as well as shooting lightning and other spells out. If you have a dog, a horse, a summoned monster, the Mage, and her summoned creature, you can just sit back and watch as your party destroys everything in your path.

  • ZepplinSky

    I done the darktower mission but had a follower already so I have new returned there to hire Lilia and I can not even talk to her just getting auto comments from her not interaction at all?

  • Jimmy

    I cant find the guy that was getting tourtured in “Diplomatic immunity” mission if u untie him he says he will be in riften waiting for your character i looked everywhere but cant find him any help?

    • ebater

      he is in the theives guild pub

  • Connor

    Theres the sheild brothers in white run

  • Britt

    Mjoll the Lioness is invincible. You get her in Rifton. She will not die and has taken on multiple camps of people and dragons as well. I would definitely suggest getting her.

  • narj

    My favorite follower right now is the fellow Companion and Circle member AELA. Right after finishing the quest for purifying Kodlak’s spirit from being a werewolf and taking his post as the leader of the Circle you can talk to Aela and ask her to follow you.

  • Calsy boh

    BEST companion has got to be ‘Ghorbash the iron hand’, you get him from an orc camp and the location of the camp is found if you ask the meat seller in markarth where he gets his meat from. Equip him with full dwarven and he is virtually invincible. He took down an elder dragon and dragon priest whilst i watched him.

  • Calsy boh

    Mjoll the Lioness can be got in riften after completing her quest and an Orc can become your follower if you rescue his tribe from the giants- Tribe:Largashbur

  • Androidious

    So I was using Faendael after Lydia was killed. He had A LOT of my poor. We were getting along fine and dandy until I had to do the companion quest line. Once I finished \the ceremony\ (for lack of better words so not to spoil it for others) he became frightrned by me and said he was running away. Then my screen said he was no longer following me. K, so to try not to scare him off further, I went back into the underforge area but all the sudden I saw his life go down quickly and then the screen flashed and the \ceremony\ was \officially over\ and I was normal again. Well since I figured he was killed somehow, I’d at least have a body to get my stuff from. Nope… No body, but also no Faendael at his house in Riverwood either. Where could he (or his body) be?!?! LoL! O well…

  • Shaun

    Hello everyone. So, I hired Janessa before I ever did the quest which assigns you Lydia. So, when Lydia was assigned to me, I dismissed Janessa. Well, Lydia was killed by a Frost Troll, and I CANNOT find Janessa. She is not at the pub where you first find her. Any help?

  • Crow aurion

    TIP FOR FINDING ILLIA ON PS3 or XBOX… she travels from her tower north…from the dirt path she turns left and from there heads towards windhelm using the stone pathway….just travel the path and you’ll eventually find her….this is if she isn’t at the tower…

  • Sycosis

    How to get Illia BACK :

    1. Open the console command using ~
    2. Type prid 0004B22E
    3. moveto player
    4. addfac 5C84D
    5. setrelationshiprank player 1

    And your done. Your adding Illia back into the follower faction, bringer her to your location, and raising her disposition as if you did the quest with her again.

    Enjoy one less annoying problem. Bump for great justice.

    *She will have all your items you dismissed her with
    *After testing it, dismissing her again does not create the same problems as before. She will be at the temple and is always available for recruitment.

  • Corey

    I too have had the same problem with Illia :( had to let her go for another follower and haven’t been able to find her since, I know she said she hated the tower and wanted to get away but no luck finding her. There is a Stray Dog to the west of Helgen that will join you once you “talk” to it. He/she will return to the same location when you dismiss him/her.

  • CommodoreKyle

    There is also Janessa the Dark Elf. You can find her in the archery shop (Drunken Huntsman?) in Whiterun. Pay her the 500 like most others and bring her along.

  • Johnny D

    I lost that girl going into the Labyrinth and cannot find her. I checked back at the Azura Shrine, but she still isn’t there. Any ideas of finding her. She was quite useful.

  • Uniclams

    Finish the Azura Daedric lord questline, and the Dark Elf lady will follow you if you choose to have the star purged of that guy and clean, because she can no longer see into the twilight. Azura tells her to do something else, basically, and seeing as you are there already, with the star…
    Note, this is a long quest line. Lots of necro-killing and spellcasters, bring lots of resist potions and armor to deal with it.

    Personally i like her, she is a MASSAIVE destruction spellcaster and can wipe the enemies in front of me when i gave her a shock and frost staffs(dual wield, baby). Im a warrior tank, so i gave her a full elven light armor set, and she has great survivability. Plus, she can summon a flame antaroch.

    Also, there is a Nord lady, the Lioness, that you can marry in Riften, but she will follow you regardless if you recover her sword. Heavy metal, plate wearer, 2 handed. Recovering the sword itself is a minor quest, but the dungeon itself is a long, 3 door(i.e. loading screen) with a boss fight at the end. Bring a companion, come prepared and come with empty sacks, cause this dungeons drops TONS of dwemer loot and metal.

  • Alealia

    There’s a dog in an abandoned cabin (dubbed Meeko’s Hut). His owner died. His name is Meeko. After you stop using him he will return to the Cabin. You can find him West of Morthal in the woods. There’s a wolf pack around, I think.

    There’s also a wardog in Marcarth. you pay his owner 500G to ‘take the dog off his hands’. I think he’s called Vigilance.

  • Rosco

    Also Belrand at The Winking Skeever in Solitude!

  • Mark

    If you follow the Mage quests in the College, you can do personal quests for your three other \apprentice classmates\, once you do them, that apprentice classmate can become your follower.. though why a mage (like my character) would want another mage as a follower instead of a melee-type is beyond me.. though I did enjoy fantasizing about my character being a Sith Lord and having an apprentice (geek It was actually do-able since I specialized in Conjuration, so I can pretty much summon a ‘Frosty’ if I needed a tank… although one of the apprentices does summon a Fire Atronach (Conjuration specialized ‘skill tree’, I guess), which made our group look like an (including my atronach too, that is)

  • Shawn

    Please do, wondering if this is not an error on the games part. I can’t find anything on the internet about where she goes if you part ways with her. She also left me when I had to join the Companions and now I can’t find her either. I thought maybe she would be in Riften because it is closest to Darlklight Tower but nope, can’t find her. Does anyone have the Strategy Guide? Maybe there is something in there about it. Seems like to me there should be post on the Skyrim sites about not only where to find followers in the first place but where they go once dismissed. PlEASE POST IF ANYONE FINDS HER! She was awesome and I barely got to utilize her.

  • Somerandom

    Okay so, I followed her for a good hour and we eventually came to some hot pools south of windhelm. Guess what happened then? She killed a wolf and turned around. At that point I thought, she did all that… for a wolf? *commence all caps rage*

  • Strummer

    Erandur, a priest of Mara, will offer to follow you if you help him get rid of the nightmares the people of Dawnstar are having. He was at the inn when I found him. He seems to have some good offensive magic firepower for a priest, though you’ll find out he wasn’t always such a holy man.

  • Xander

    You can also hire Stenvar at the bar in Windhelm for 500g. He comes with a two-handed sword.

    (my earlier post should say “he’s good *with* a bow or sword…”)

  • Xander

    In Markath you can hire the mercenary Vorstag for 500g. He’s good a bow or sword and board, but couldn’t pick locks. Something strange happened when he died though…

    • Hi

      That’s my name
      How do u know it

  • Grieves

    Where does Illia go when she says she’s going home? I was separated from her by The Comapanions end quest, she said she was heading home, but I’ve scoured darklight tower for her and she’s not there. A real pain, as I left her with a whole bunch of my crafting stuff.

    • Somerandom

      I’m also look for Illia, I left dragon bones on my housecarl and I want them back, but don’t want to lose Illia. After I part ways with her I’ll follow her to where she is going and post my results.

      • Sycosis

        Hi, same problem here !

        I asked my boyfriend to hire Illia and ther dismiss her in order to follow her and…. she’s returning to the darklight tower, standing in the middle room when you enter the tower.

        In my save, she’s not in the tower and I lost her during the Companion’s quest too.

        My guess is she’s walking from the Companions house to the darklight tower (she walks very slowly).

        Or maybe she died on the road ?
        I’m thinking about walk the travel myself to see if I can find her body or her walking…

        • DovG

          Shes at the shrine of Azura south of Winterhold at the top of a mountain,she goes back there every time she leaves you.

          • DovG

            sorry no thats Arinea lenith yea I dunno where she goes either

    • Sycosis

      Hi, same problem here !

      I asked my boyfriend to hire Illia and ther dismiss her in order to follow her and…. she’s returning to the darklight tower, standing in the middle room when you enter the tower.

      In my save, she’s not in the tower and I lost her during the Companion’s quest too.

      My guess is she’s walking from the Companions house to the darklight tower (she walks very slowly).

      Or maybe she died on the road ?
      I’m thinking about walk the travel myself to see if I can find her body or her walking…

      Read more:

  • KingOfArcadia

    I found a Stray Dog in the woods around Riverwood being attacked by a pack of wolves. After killing the wolves (and somehow not killing the dog too), he followed me around wherever I went. I lost him in the Bleak Barrow, although I think he stayed outside (I never found his body) so I am hoping I can find him again.

  • Mynimoe

    Illia can be fount by completing the Darklight Tower quest. You meet her upon entering the dungeon. She asks you to help get revenge on hagravens inside the dungeon (I wont give details because of spoilers) After completing the quest you can ask Illia to be your follower. She is a very powerful mage (adept at least) and she is also Dragonborn. I have seen her use Ice Breath in my game nearly every fight.

    Darklight Tower is located southwest from Riften. It is pretty easy to locate if you just keep heading in that general direction.

    • Bob

      You do know there is a spell called blizzard that looks like a shout, but isnt? Right?

  • c0nflikt

    Cicero is one of the better personalities and followers in the game, you can get him by completing the Dark brotherhood quest line, and sparing his life during the “Cure for Madness” quest. when you establish the new sanctuary and go outside he will be outside waiting for you.