Deus Ex Human Revolution Crashes, Freezes, Slow Loading, Lag, and Fixes

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of the most anticipated action adventure game of 2011 and now that it has finally been launched in North America and due out in Europe this Friday, there would be a mass of people eager to play it on release day.

In Fact our North American friends had the first taste of the game yesterday and … it was a bit sour. Mainly because of the extremely slow loading times, random crashes, driver issues, lag and errors here and there that forced developer to release day 1 patch.

Though the patch did fixed few errors, it has yet to fix most of the issues that plague the game. So, here we are again, listing down every possible workaround for you to get started with the game.

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1# Can’t Launch Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Also Fixes Random Crashes/Freezes)
Game requires administrative privileges in Windows 7 so either run it as an admin or from an admin user account. If you still can’t launch it, create a user account (ADMIN) and launch it from there. It’s not a common issue but still if you come across it, you can try this workaround.

2# Deus Ex Human Revolution Mouse Acceleration/Lag/Mouse Smoothing Fix
For all those who are experiencing mouse smoothing or lag issues, turn off V-Sync and see if it helps.

3# Where Are My Game Saves ?

4# Deus Ex: Human Revolution Locks and Crashes To Desktop
It’s most probably caused by bad graphics drivers. So uninstall your current graphics card drivers and install the latest version. Try again.

5# Game Crashes and Freezes on Xbox 360
Install the game in HD and try again.

ATI DLL Crash Fix
Users may experience a crash on launch related to a ATI dll file. For nVidia users this seems related to a file in the system32 or syswow (syswow64) folder under the Windows folder (depending if 32bit or 64bit). For a temporary workaround, Locate the atiadlxy.dll and atiadlxx.dll file in the folder and rename to atiadlxy.bak / atiadlxx.bak. This should allow users to start the game.

6# Unable to reserve 512MB of address space
Deus Ex: Human Revolution needs at least 512MB of system RAM to launch so make sure you enough memory to smoothly launch the game. To be on the safe side, close any applications that are running.

7# Camera Stutters When Zooming In/Out
It’s an isolated issue so only few may experience this. First verify the integrity of the files using Steam. Uninstall your graphics card drivers and install the latest version. Reboot and see if it has resolved or decrease the issue. Meanwhile we will see if developers have fixed this.

8# Deus Ex: Human Revolution Slow Loading Times Fix
Update the game to latest patch, it will bring down the timer.

9# Mission Pack Codes Not Working ?
If you are based in EU – know that the game is still to launch there and you will be able to activate your codes on Friday – 26th Aug.

10# Deus Ex Human Revolution Crashes
Some of the random crashes in Human Revolution are caused by bad optimization of DirectX 11 so if you can’t bear the crashes, disable DirectX 11.

11# Deus Ex: Human Revolution Corrupted Save Files
Make sure you don’t prematurely exit the game while auto-save or a save is in progress or it will corrupt your save files. The result ? crashes at loading screen – only fix for that is to do a fresh install for now.

12# Graphics ErrorA problem has occurred with your display driver. Your system may not have enough resources to run the game at the selected settings. You can retry using the same settings, or adjust them to lower settings. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video hardware, and try rebooting your system to clear up any issues.
If you want to lower the video settings in the game to run the game smoothly, minimize every setting but FSAA – it’s the cause of this error. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, do know that it’s a driver issue so updating the drivers would resolve it.

13# Lag / Framerate Skipping
If you are experiencing lag or framerate skipping while playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you should check your DirectX Installation. Update your DirectX and to be on the safe side, update your video card drivers.

14# Game Closes Without Any Error
I you have bought a legit copy on Steam then you should contact Steam Support since this is most probably caused by Steam DRM. It’s like game sends a validation request to Steam DRM and it doesn’t respond or something along the lines.

15# Audio and Video Stuttering
You could try the following workaround to help troubleshoot this problem:

  • Start > Run.
  • Type ‘dxdiag’ and press Enter.
  • Click on the ‘Sound’ tab (there may be several if you have multiple audio interfaces installed).
  • Under ‘DirectX Features’, note the relative position of the ‘Hardware Sound Acceleration Level’ slider. Next, move the slider to the leftmost option ‘No Acceleration’. Click ‘Exit’.

Launch Human Revolution and replay cutscenes. If the stuttering get fixed, exit Human Revolution and try re-opening dxdiag and moving the slider further to the right to see if the stuttering re-occurs. Note that changing the Hardware Sound Acceleration Level may introduce problems in other areas, so if you are successful remember to return the slider to its original value.

16# Weird Graphics Black Dots on NPC Skins
It’s a tessellation bug that is caused by the latest NVIDIA drivers. Yes, it is NVIDIA specific and you should be able to run the game fine by disabling Tessellation. Or you can put FXAA to HIGH with Tessellation on and it will fix the issue.

17# Data Execution Prevention Error ?
Run the game as admin.

19# How To Bring Back Cursor in Hacking/Computer in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • Run regedit
  • browse to
  • Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eidos\Deus Ex: HR\Graphics
  • Look in here for a `EnableGDI_Cursor` option.. it will be set to 1.. change this to 0.
  • Try the game again.

20# Crashes Cutscenes/Random
Try running the game in DirectX 11 and vice versa and see if the issue caries over. It would be fixed one way or another. Finally, Users running 3rd party proxy software may experience a crash in-game, try disabling the proxy option within Internet Explorer and see if it helps.

If you face any other problem, you can tell us in comments and we will try to help you out.

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  • Mbulaga

    I’m getting the DEP crash just after launching it.

    I tried to launch it as an admin, to launch it directly from the program files, to add it as an exception for DEP (but it just can’t be added as an exception for some reason). I also tried to launch it with cmd or to block the DEP with cmd, but nothing works.

    And by searching on the internet I can’t find anything else. So I really can use some help plz.

  • Penisbutt

    Runs like crap for me and crashes, no Idea why

    Nvidia GTX 570
    8GB Ram DDR3
    AMD Athlon ii 640 x4 (3Ghz quadcore)
    Windows 7 Pro 64bit

    All drivers are up to date, what gives ?

  • KillMeBaby

    my problem is..after i hve clear this one mission all seem okey until the video suddenly stop and go back to main menu.. i cant go further to the next level…

  • Roms

    I’m in mission 6. I think this is right before you face Barett, when you have to go down the elevator. I start going down, and when the x reaches 41m, the game crashes. What can I do to solve this??

  • Fred

    hi guys I have the same problem, I updated my drivers, rebooted, restarded reinstalled it, nothing changed.

  • yash

    hey guy’s…..can one of help me resolve my problem…i keep gettin a Don’t Send error on my screen every time i try to launch the game….can some one plz help….

  • Sufi

    Did u find any solution to this?

  • Yuval

    Ugh, i bought it yesterday from Steam, and it’s lagging as hell, my Computer is above fine, donnu what’s the problem.

  • pissedoffguy

    when im in mission 6 (highpark or highlandpark) my game wont save but ive seen a lets play in there ang the game saves there wtf is up with that

  • Prayer

    I Get Data Execution Prevention Error after the first cinematic, the one were he is receiving surgery. when the movie ends it takes me out to the Data Execution Prevention Error.

    I´m playing on a laptop, Windows vista, Amd turion x2 64, ATI radeon,

    Please someone help me. I need to play it.

  • Justin

    The copy of the game I bought yesterday does not start on steam. Have tried twice uninstalling and reinstalling it, but nothing happens when I click to play the game. Could really use some help

  • P45K

    ^^^re: audio popping – forgot to mention, this is on 360 😉

  • P45K

    i’ve just started the game over after losing a save [whatev] – but all of a sudden i have a constant cracking/popping sound in the audio – in-game AND cut scenes…
    it’s SO annoying it removes all immersion in the game. cleaning the disc, uninstalling, reinstalling, etc., nothing seems to fix this. why and how did this occur out of the blue? …
    a great game has just dropped to mediochre on the fun scale overnight.

  • ryyr

    Im at chapter 15 in the game, my saves will not load. no error messages, it goes to loading screen like normal. then, it stays there. the loading animation is playing, and gets really smooth after 30 seconds (the usual loading time), leading me to believe it is done loading the level. But it never leaves the loading screen, it just sits there running the loading screen and animation, the game has not “frozen” it just hangs. More specifically, im at the part just b4 that security room full of gas is with a bridge full of crazy people just beyond. both my auto-saves are in the same place, because at first i just loaded previous and went on my way, passing the auto save point. therefore making both auto saves in the same place. quick save has same result, it is just beyond the auto saves.
    any way to fix this short of restarting the game? i would hate to do that this far in.

  • :(

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution stopped working. Please help: (

  • :(

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution stopped working. Why did he help it! : (

  • Njs

    Hey guys, thought id share my story and hope it helps

    My Problem:

    Ive been having problems with DirectX11/10 on my GTX580, in number of games for example Crysis 2, World of Warcraft, Metro 2033 and now Deus Ex HR. All have been exhibiting same problem of random crashes that cause the game to Freeze with evenly spaced groups of green dots all over the screen. After doing a lot of messing about updating MB bios, pulling memory sticks out, swaping this and that, trying oodles of different drivers and settings ive come to the conclusion this is a Voltage problem with the GPU core. It seems the voltage of my card is lower than it should be.

    How did i Come to this conclusion:

    Okay i loaded Deus Ex with standard voltage of around (1025mV), ooo yeah got about 10 mins of play before the green dot crash.
    Next i raised the voltage too 1050mV and managed to play the entire evening with no crash at all. Just before i went to bed i thought id have a quick little play about again with the voltages and decided to lower it too 1000mV and lol, green dots apeared and crash instantly, repeated this 4 times same result. Bumped it back to default (1025mV) got about 20 mins of playtime before crash so it does seem ive solved the problem with my Card raising Voltage just a little to 1050mv.

    Guys download MSI Afterburner and try this out if u have same issue as me, (At you own risk)

    Hope the helps


  • tonio

    I definitely think there’s something lousy about the last update, let’s hope it will be corrected soon (hey mister eidos, do you hear us?)

  • tonio

    My game freeze every time I finish successfully to hack a computer. this is odd because it didn’t until i tried to hack zhao’s computer. I tried to delete and reinstall but it didn’t work. Can anybody give me leads?

  • DEUS

    Hey guys,i need help.When I play mission 6 at highland park after i defeated barret then go to evelator.then i meet faridah malik at landing sites.when i skip the cutscene when the plane taking off it suddenly goes back to menu.altough i didnt skip the cutscene it still goes back to main menu of deus ex.Any solution?

    • Angellous

      i have exactly the same issue and i couldnt find any solution,i killed barret and i head up to the helicopter but i cant come near enough to the plane and when i press E and im ready the plane took off and it leads me back to the latest save location.what should i do to fix it?

    • Sufi

      Did u find a solution to this? i am having the same prb.

    • Haris

      I also have the same exact problem! Someone looking here???? We have a situation here??

      • Anand

        hey my problem is in the same mission i can’t enter in malik’s chopper…….how do you mange to get in??

    • Gabo

      I’m having the same problem, but it just can’t find any solution.

    • GAngel

      dude I have the exact same thing and I haven’t been able to continue the game for a month now please any body has a fix for win7

  • Mark

    Same issue, cutscenes crash, even after turning off Direct 11x…..Has anybody not had an issue with this game????

  • Mark

    Same issue, cutscenes crash, even after turning off Direct 11x…..Im exchanging this game, have had for a week and can’t play it

  • James

    Oh, specs are:
    Alienware m15x Laptop
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 460M video card
    8gb ram
    i7q 1.73ghz
    Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium

  • James

    I have a problem where mine now has started running so slow to the point that it is unplayable it makes it so that I cannot move or hide or anything it takes like three seconds for the lag to stop and me to do something but the lag always continues. I didn’t have this problem yesterday I need help please somebody so far I have loved this game otherwise!

  • Nathan

    I have a problem where I can launch my steam copy of Deus Ex but as soon as I move my mouse I crash to my desktop. It didn’t do this yesterday which is why I am so confused. Another thing whenever I fully use the sprint option I get a major lag spike. Any ideas?

  • Matthew

    Oh, I also have a lot of mdmp files. Mini dumps I would assume. Is there a place I can send those for debugging?

  • Matthew

    Mine played fine the first day, other than tutorial videos sometimes crashing, it looked great! Then I went on vacation for a bit less than a week and the graphics are SHOT!!! It looks ok for 1-2 seconds then the objects start phasing out and discoloring, then it CTDs (Crashes to desktop). Running as admin seems not to make a difference. I re-installed video drivers, but yo no avail. This is on Steam and I remember seeing the “Updating” message after I quit for the last time. Frustrating that apparently they “fixed” it and it breaks for me :(
    Sager NP8150 laptop
    Geforce GTX 485M
    8 GB RAM
    Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium SP1

  • Rob

    Found a fix for the “fuzzyness” with DirectX 11 enabled. Turns out Stereoscopic 3D is enabled even though “redded” out, yet it can still be adjusted via the slider.

    1) Go to Start > Run > type “regedit” (without quotes), press enter

    2) Follow this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Eidos > Deus Ex: HR > Graphics

    3) Find “StereoMode” file on right. Double-click it and change Value data to “0” (without quotes).

    • kn0

      Bro, thank you so much for this fix. It’s been driving me crazy not being able to find the config file

  • wielku

    hi i have a problem that i can’t play on gamepad im using x3660ce and it just doesn’t activate controller which is weird could somebody help me and also how im supose to open this menu before starting the game that pop up when i first time open the game

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      About the control, have you tried any emulator for Xbox 360 controller ? like TocaEdit, MotionJoy and the likes.

  • Sean

    A game that crashes when lowering performance settings. And people often wondered why PC gaming went into the toilet.

    • g0M3R

      You do know that this game was developed for teh CONSOLE then ported tot eh PC right?

  • Evan

    @ Lee i have the same problem as well and whenever Adam and Megan enter the elevator in the beginning my PC freezes and i have to Ctrl +alt+delete it to death XD lolz and i have no answer to this either and would appreciate help as well. im using a nividia GEforce 560 TI and windows 7 if that helps, again any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Zach

    They game just doesn’t launch on steam for me. Could really use some help…

  • Lee

    My game (PC) crashes every time I hold TAB to view a tutorial. Is this a common error and is there a workaround?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Have you updated the game with the latest patch ? I didn’t come across this crash. You can follow the instructions to fix the random crashes like running the game as admin. Update the drivers, disable DirectX 11, etcetra.

    • Ard

      I’m having the same problem , it’s driving me nuts.

    • Evis03

      Yes, there’s soemthing up with the videos. It happehns to many people on the cutscenes too. No workaround I know of. Get on the Eidos forums and complain- they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this shit.