Miryotanog Shrine Walkthrough In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Miryotanog Shrine has you defeat enemies while taking all your gear away. Here is how to do it!

Miryotanog Shrine is one of many shrines in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Like the other 152 Zelda: TotK shrine maps, you’ll need to solve a puzzle, loot the chest, and get the Light of Blessing.  

The Miryotanog Shrine is a unique one because it has a combat challenge. You’ll need to defeat some enemies under certain conditions which can be difficult for many players.  

As such, we have made a comprehensive guide you can solve this challenge and grab the rewards from the Miryotanog Shrine. 

Where to find the Miryotanog Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom 

miryotanog shrine location in Tears of the Kingdom

Miryotanog Shrine is located in the Gerudo Desert. You will find it when you go West from the Gerudo Town in the desert. You will find it on top of the sand dune. The coordinates for this exact shrine location are -4688, -3088, and 0054

How to solve the Miryotanog Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK 

As mentioned before, the Miryotanog Shrine has a combat challenge. When you step inside, the shrine will take away all your equipment from you. The goal is to complete this challenge using only the things you find inside.  

You will find a Long Stick, a Thick Stick, an Old Wooden Bow, and 5 Arrows in the weapon rack on your left as you enter. You can attempt to destroy the constructs with these weapons, but it will be quite difficult. There is a better solution found inside.  

As you proceed further inside, you will see a bunch of lasers in front of you. As soon as you walk through them, three giant balls will roll down the other end of the shrine towards you.

These will hit hard so run past them and up the way on the left. There are two crates in a corner here behind which is some Fire Fruit. You can Fuse it to your arrows to add fire damage.  

Move past this corner and take the path up left. Jump up the laser because you will be hit by a fire stream. You will spot a construct on a platform on the right a bit ahead.

Hit it with an arrow and it will ring the alarm. This will alert other constructs to your presence and they will come up to you to attack you.  

The strategy here is to lure them to these laser-activated traps to damage them. Bring them to the first trap to hit them with the flame and then bring them further down to the rolling boulders.

This will do massive damage to them. Some will die in one hit while others will need more hits from these boulders. These constructs will drop better weapons, such as the Zonaite Longsword, which does more damage than the sticks.  

Once all melee constructs are down, move up to the constructs up on the platforms and take them out as well.

When all constructs are down, you will receive a message that your equipment will be returned to you. The gate to the shrine will be opened and then you can go loot the chest. 

You will receive the Captain II Blade reward in Zelda: TotK. Then move up to the sigil and get the Light of Blessing. That concludes the Miryotanog Shrine.  

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