Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Lost Woods Walkthrough

Here is how you can clear the Lost Woods in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and reach the Korok Forest safe and sound.

The Lost Woods in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are a part of the Great Hyrule Forest and were in fact created as an entrance puzzle to this forest.

Traversing through these perplexing woods is not easy and you can quickly fade into the fog with a wrong move. But the journey through these woods is well worth it as it leads you to the Korok Forest, the final location of Hetsu, and also the place where you can find the Master Sword.

Takte not that the Lost Woods is an optional area in Breath of the Wild. This, however, is where you need to go to trade your Korok Seeds.

This walkthrough will tell you how to get through the Lost Woods to reach the Korok Forest in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

How to get to the Lost Woods in Breath of the Wild

The treacherous Lost Woods are located in the Woodland Tower region of the Hyrule Forest and there are two ways to go there. You can either start from the Hyrule Castle or the Lanayru Wetlands. Regardless of where you start, you will have to head north from there.

To make it easy, the exact location of the Lost Woods is marked on the map below.

Lost Woods map location in Breath of the Wild

Starting from the Great Plateau Tower

The easiest way to get to Lost Woods is from the Great Plateau Tower. On the Great Plateau tower, you can see the Hyrule Castle and the Lost Woods are present directly to its right.

If you look right to the Hyrule Castle, you will see a tower which is the Woodland Tower. This tower is present at the entrance of the Lost Woods so you need to make your way here. To make things easy, it is recommended that you put a pin on this tower so that you do not lose track of your direction.

Now, you just need to paraglide towards this tower but first make sure that you have enough stamina to paraglide.

Go to the Woodland Tower

Once you have reached the Woodland Tower marked on the map, you need to climb it and then activate it.

After activating the tower, you will realize that you cannot paraglide from here anymore. So it is recommended to look for a horse and then continue the journey to the Lost Woods.

Enter the Lost Woods

After you are done activating the Woodland Tower, take the east road and head towards the north keep going ahead and you will reach the Lost Woods.

As soon as you enter the Lost Woods, Link will be teleported to a new, foggy area. This fog is a sign that you have entered the Lost Woods. It will envelop the forest and only go away once you have passed through the forest and entered the Korok Forest successfully.

In the Lost Woods, you need to be careful as any wrong move can take away all your progress and send you straight back to the entrance.

However, there is a checkpoint inside the forest and after reaching it, you can start back from there in case you get lost.

How to get through the Lost Woods

Keep an eye out for torches while exploring the Lost Woods. These torches are going to act as your guide. You need to follow them to get out of the Lost Woods or else remain lost inside forever.

You do not need to worry about missing any torches. The moment you enter the Lost Woods, you will spot your first torch past the archway. There will be two more after you take a right from this point.

Just head in the direction of the furthest torch you see. Then you need to turn left two times before taking a right to spot more torches in Breath of the Wild.

At this point, you will reach a checkpoint after taking a right. There will be two torches side-by-side in front of you.

These torches will act as a checkpoint for you, so if you get lost somewhere, you can warp back to these torches instead of the start of the Woods.

Follow the flames

The Lost Woods walkthrough changes a bit from here on. Instead of following the torches, you need to follow the flames. Pick up a torch and see where its flames are pointing in the wind.

When you stand still, the wind will carry the ambers from the lit torch in its direction showing you the correct path to embark upon.

Another way to check if you are going in the right direction is to keep an eye on the fog of the Lost Woods. Whenever you are in the wrong direction, the fog will start getting denser as if it is creeping in on you.

Find the clearing

Now you are almost at the end of the woods and this is where it gets confusing. The guiding torches are no longer present for this part and you are left on your own.

You have to traverse through the rest of the woods carefully and reach the clearing at the end. To go there, first, go southwest and continue forward through the tree lanes until you see a peculiar tree that has an evil face.  

From here go north and you will come across a slightly more open area. This area is not the clearing we are looking for so you need to keep moving forward till you see another evil-looking tree.

Sheikha Slate will notify you that a shrine is nearby which means you are on the right path and that the shrine is ahead. Now, you need to head a little towards the east and you will reach the clearing that leads you out of the Lost Woods and into the Korok Forest. 

Exit the Lost Woods

At this point, you will also notice that the fog is getting lighter which means that you are towards the end of the Lost Woods. Once, you have passed the valley of rock and are in the Korok Forest, this mist will disappear completely.

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