Zelda: Breath of the Wild Korok Seed Locations Map

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Korok Seed Locations Guide to help you find all the LoZ: BotW Korok Seeds along with solutions of all the puzzles.

Korok seeds in Zelda BOTW are sort of a currency that can be traded with Hestu for increased inventory slots. This means if you are interested in carrying more weapons, you will need to find these Korok seeds in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

While you can collect Korok seeds as soon you encounter them, to trade them you need to find Hestu in one of the three possible locations across Hyrule and exchange Korok seeds for inventory upgrades in Zelda BOTW.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Korok Seed Locations

There are a limited number of Korok Seed in Zelda Breath of the Wild and finding them is often a pain. There are a total of 900 Korok Seeds scattered across Hyrule in Zelda BOTW. Collecting all of these Korok seeds contributes 72% to the 100% game completion. Owing to the massive number of Korok seeds in the game, finding them isn’t too difficult. Just look for the telltale shimmer signs in the wilderness and you will spot a Korok.

For a lot of these Korok seeds, you will have to solve different types of puzzles. Once you know all the puzzle categories for Korok seeds, solving and collecting all 900 korok seeds in Zelda Breath of the Wild shouldn’t be a problem.

However, because there are so many Korok seeds, we can’t really provide you with the locations of all of them. You can however check this Korok seeds location map to get an idea of how many seeds are in each region of Breath of the Wild.

Alternatively, you can also use the interactive map from Zelda Dungeon to help you find and keep track of your progress for all 900 Zelda BOTW Korok seed locations.

Do keep in mind that while there are 900 Korok seeds, you only need 441 to unlock all inventory upgrades. Rest are only to acquire Hestu’s Gift which is simply a trophy and serves no purpose.

Korok Seed #1
You need to head over to the western edge of West Necluda and find a ruin on the hill. You need to head up the stairs and pick up a large rock to find a Korok.

Korok Seed #2
From the first Korok, head towards the nearby river and you should be able to see a couple of balloons with red markers on them.

You basically need to find a high vintage point and shoot these balloons to get another Korok Seed.

Korok Seed #3
After reaching the Kakariko Village, offer an apple in front of Impa’s House to receive another Korok Seed.

Korok Seed #4
Another Korok Seed is located on top of the massive flag pole near the lake, right next to Squabble River.

The Great Plateau Korok Seeds

Korok Seed #1
You need to dive in the centre of a ring of lilypads near the Old Man at the beginning of the game.

Korok Seed #2
You will find this seed on the tallest spire in the Temple of Times. Climb to the top to collect.

Korok Seed #3
You need to head to the swamp near the Oman Au Shrine and find two chests using the Magnesis Rune. Once done, place the ball on the trunk to find the seed.

Korok Seed #4
You need to head over to the pillar of platforms located on the southwest edge of the campfire in the Forest of Spirits. On that spot, you can get the seed by picking the rock.

Korok Seed #5
In the Forest of Spirits, burn the foliage under a large tree on the east of the campfire to reveal a rock with a seed under it.

Korok Seed #6
In the northern end of the Forest of Spirits, walk inside a large fallen tree and follow the flowers to find another one.

Korok Seed #7
Find an extending ledge on the west of Hopper Pond and use the Magnesis Rune to complete the cube shape to find another one.

Korok Seed #8
In the northeast edge of the Forest of the Spirits are two rocks leaning against each other with a boulder underneath them. You need to lift the boulder to find another seed.

Korok Seed #9
Find a circle of rocks near Mount Hylia peak and find a boulder to complete the circle to find another seed.

Korok Seed #10
Head to the south of the Mount Hylia peak and move the large black rock using the Stasis Rune. After that, pick the bolder to obtain the seed.

Korok Seed #11
Go east from where you found the last Korok seed. There will be a small rock on the ruins. Move it to obtain the seed.

Korok Seed #12
Find a small house on the south of the Temple of Time to find another seed on top of the house.

Korok Seed #13
Find an ice hunk on the west side of the Ken Namut Shrine on Mount Hylia and melt it down to find another seed.

Korok Seed #14
This one is underneath a log on the right side of the bridge.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Korok Seeds upgrade chart

As mentioned before, Korok seeds are traded with Hestu to unlock more inventory slots for your weapon, bow and shield pouches. Upgrading these will allow you to carry more of these gear items. As the inventory size increases, so does the cost of each upgrade.

There is a fixed number of upgrades for each pouch, all amounting to a max of 441 Korok seeds required

  • Shield Pouch – 16 upgrades
  • Sword Pouch – 11 upgrades
  • Bow Pouch – 8 upgrades
UpgradeKorok seeds required for weaponKorok seeds required for bowKorok seeds required for shield
935 10
1045 10
1155 15
12  15
13  15
14  15
15  15
16  20
Total Korok Cost20873160

Ways to collect korok seeds in Zelda BOTW

There are 11 different methods through which you can acquire Korok Seeds. The most simple and straight forward one is obviously finding them in the wild. Look for anything suspicious like a rock on a tree or a pile of leaves in the middle of nowhere, lift it and you will find a korok seed.

Ring puzzles

If you spot a ring of plants in water or a ring rock formation, dive into it or throw a rock in there and the korok seed will present itself.


Glowing petals flying over objects like little fairies actually indicate the presence of a korok seed. Examine them to pick up the seed.


A flower growing all alone in the middle of nowhere which disappears once you approach means a seed is nearby. The flowers move like whack-a-mole so keep following them as they appear at different places and ultimately you will reach the korok seed.


Look for areas with pinwheels. Stand next to the pinwheel and shoot the targets that appear to collect korok seeds.

Rock circles

If you see rock circles on the ground which are incomplete, find a rock nearby and place it to complete the circle and you will get korok seeds as reward.


Similar to rock puzzles, you will have to move the boulders around using Magnesis and place them in a specific way to collect your reward.

Food statues

If you see statues with plates in front of them, place some food on each plate to get your korok seeds.


If you find broken trees or wooden pieces with a leaf pattern on them, step on the piece of wood to start a race. Completing it will reward you with korok seeds.

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