Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Korok Mask Location Guide

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Trials Korok Mask Location Guide to help you find the mindboggling amount of Korok Seeds in the game.

In Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you need Korok Seeds to upgrade your inventory and receive a gift from Hestu but finding these can be grueling at times. However, with the Korok mask, this arduous task can be a piece of cake.

The Korok mask looks like an upside-down leaf and shakes whenever a Korok Seed is present nearby. There are a total of 900 seeds hidden across the land and you can easily collect all of them using this special mask.   

This mask is hidden in the perilous Lost Woods and our Zelda: Breath of the Wild Korok Mask Location Guide is here to help you find the mindboggling amount of Korok Seeds available in the game.

Korok Mask location in Breath of the Wild

There are 900 Korok Seeds in the game and the reason why you should consider finding them is a range of upgrades for your Weapon Stash, Bow Stash, and Shield Stash.

In order to acquire these upgrades, find a few Korok Seeds and head over to West Necluda and meet up with Hetsu. Do note that more advanced upgrades will require more Korok Seeds.

If you succeed in collecting all the seeds, you can give them to Hestu, who in return will reward you with a peculiar gift of friendship. However, finding all 900 Korok Seeds is no less than a challenge.

In the Master Trials DLC for the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there is a new piece of armor called the Korok Mask. So if you wish to obtain this exceptional mask, you need to make sure that you have the Breath of Wild expansion pack.

You simply need to equip the Korok Mask and it will start to shake whenever you’re near a Korok Seed. It’s an incredibly helpful piece of gear that you should try to find.

In order to find the Korok Mask, you need to start the Ex Strange Mask Rumors side quest and head over to the Lost Woods.

You can start this quest as soon as you read the book at Woodland Stable in Hyrule and then you can head to the area any way you see fit and continue ahead until you come across two fiery pillars next to each other. These fiery pillars act as your checkpoint in the foggy forest.

Proceed towards the pillars and grab the torch followed by lighting it. This should allow you to learn about the path that you need to take.

Head South from here with the tree line on your left. As you approach the body of water, you will come across a large tree with an ‘EX’ chest sitting in its cavity. The exact spot where this chest is located is marked on the map below.

Korok Mask map location in BOTW

Now all that remains is to open up the ‘EX’ treasure chest and acquire the Korok Mask. With the mask at your disposal, it’s time to hunt down the 900 Korok Seeds.

This mask cannot be dyed or enhanced and has a Base Defense of 1.

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