Zelda: Breath of the Wild Divine Beast Vah Medoh Dungeon Guide – How to Solve Puzzles, Beat Windblight Ganon

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Divine Beast Vah Medoh Dungeon also comes with five terminals in total. There are puzzles and hurdles you need to overcome after getting the map.

Following Zelda: Breath of the Wild Divine Beast Vah Medoh Dungeon Guide will discuss terminal locations, how to get there and the best way to take on Windblight Ganon.

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Divine Beast Vah Medoh Dungeon Guide

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Divine Beast Vah Medoh Dungeon

Go up the ramp and locate the eye and shooting it will clear the corruption.  Go back and head through the entrance  and clear the corruption by shooting the eye.

Use your glider to reach the middle area where there are some metal blocks. Move the metal blocks and kill the guardian before downloading the map.

Terminal 1
In the main hall there are also some stone blocks that can be moved as well. Freeze them and break through, move to the right wing of Medoh.  There is a corruption spawning enemies in this area, get rid of it. Now go to the middle section of the room and hit the switch to activate the wind.

One switch is in the path of the wind but the other can be hit stasis and blow it up. A door will open  once manage to hit. There is a switch behind the fans so lift the barriers to use both switches together. The one behind the fans and one in the path.

Use stasis to freeze the ram to tilt Vah Medoh.

A door will open, giving you access to the first terminal.

Terminal 2
Go to the main room and use stasis or tilt to position the blocks in a way that you can climb on top of the grill. Shoot the eye to remove corruption that is blocking you from accessing the left wing.

Head inside the wind and shoo the eye to rid of the corruption. Use the switch on the right side of the room and go up the ramp. Use the paraglider to reach the terminal.

Terminal 3
In the same room, go to the far corner near the switch. Use the switch before dropping a bomb down from the hole. Once it reaches a blockage, blow it up.

Repeat the process but wind the bomb around by tilting. This will make the bomb reach another wall.  Blow it up to free a ball.

Use the ball to hit the switch on the other side of the room. This will open the door to the terminal room.

Terminal 4
Leave the room with the third terminal and reach the main hall, reach the lower floor of this Vah Medoh Dungeon.  Take the route without the corruption and reach the lower wing and drop down.

Hit the eye to clear the corruption and get in the basket in front of you. Tilt the wings to reach the other side.

Go up stairs to the terminal.

Terminal 5
Reach the other side of the underside to find the last terminal. Use the glider to reach this location. Tilt the wing to lower the platform.

Windblight Ganon

This one has a decent range of both close and long range attacks. To make matters worse he flies around. Use the fans to uplift yourself with the paraglider to reach higher ground and attack this beast. Keep aiming for the beast’s eyes and slow down time with your aim for precision.

In the second phase, the beast will deploy enemies that will make life difficult for Link. They will not let you benefit from the updraft. Use your best weapons and make sure you have a healthy supply for HP boosting food.

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