Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Swordfighter Guide

Swordfighter is very balanced class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This class is very well suited for those characters who have high attacking stats. This Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guide comprises all the details related to the Swordfighter class, including best characters to use with Swordfighter, attributes, arts and gems.

How to Unlock Swordfighter

In XC3, Noah’s starting class is Swordfighter, so all party members can use it once you can change classes. Of course, they need to rank up with Noah in party first as only the Inheritor has access to the class from the start. The Swordfighter class is unlocked once you have completed The Hillside Hulk standard quest in Chapter 2 of Xenoblade 3.

Best Swordfighter Characters

The best characters for Swordfighter class in Xenoblade 3 are Noah, Mio and Sena. Having high Attack stats makes Noah and Sena great swordfighters. Despite Mio not having as high Attack as others, she makes up for it with her dexterity.

Best Swordfighter Arts

The best arts for Swordfighter are Sword Strike, Edge Thrust and Shadow Eye.

Sword Strike

When attacking from the side, it can cause Break status effect on an enemy.

Edge Thrust

Increases the damage rate while attacking from behind.

Shadow Eye

Shadow eye reduces the aggro stat to create a balance overall.

Best Swordfighter Master Skills

Rank 5 of the Ogre class gives you Fighting Prowess, which is a recommended Master Skill to be used with Swordfighter class. Swordfighter Arts are predominantly physical attacks, so this skill can be used to maximize your attacks.

Best Swordfighter Accessories

The best and most suited accessories for Swordfighter are Attack Stone and Steam Belt. A swordfighter’s best accessory increases his attack damage, making him a more efficient warrior. Auto-attacks can be increased with the Attack Stone, while overall damage can be increased by the Steam Belt.

Best Gems For Swordfighter

The best gems for Swordfighter are Steelcleaver and Accurate Grace. You can increase your damage and accuracy more effectively by using gems that increase your Attack and Dexterity as a Swordfighter.

Swordfighter Arts List

The arts list for Swordfighter in XC3 is given below:

  • Overclock Buster (Talent Art)
  • Ground Beat (Combat Art)
  • Sword Strike (Combat Art)
  • Edge Thrust (Combat Art)
  • Air Slash (Combat Art)
  • Shadow Eye (Combat Art)
  • Ground Beat (Master Art)
  • Shadow Eye (Master Art)
  • Overclock Buster (Master Art)

Swordfighter Skills List

Skill list for Swordfighter is given below:

  • Sharp Eye (Class Skill)
  • Covert Attack (Class Skill)
  • Cypher Edge (Class Skill)
  • Inspirit (Class Skill)
  • Cypher Edge (Master Skill)
  • Covert Attack (Master Skill)

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