Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah Best Arts and Class Order

Noah is a Swordfighter from Keves in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and one of the main 6 protagonists in the game. With his starting role being an Attacker, you can benefit a lot while playing with Noah in XC3. This guide will help utilize Noah’s potential to the fullest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as we have gathered all the details which will help you learn Noah’s abilities in depth.

How to Play Noah

Suitable accessories and arts play a very vital role if you want to play with Noah in XC3. Noah starts off with the Swordfighter class, so we suggest using accessories that enhance his ability to attack. It is also recommended that Noah use accessories that will increase the strength of his Auto Attack as well as the damage dealt to specific enemies.

Dynamite Spirit is a great Ogre class skill for Noah. Physical Arts damage increases by 40% when equipped, making Noah increasingly powerful in combat. By becoming an Ogre in XC3, Noah will be able to fully utilize his original Physical Art-based fighting style.

Best Accessories

The accessories that we recommend are Attack Stone and Toon Belt. Attack stone will help you increase attack rate, whereas Toon Belt will enhance damage intensity against machines.

Best Arts

The best arts we recommend for Noah in Xenoblade 3 are Sword Strike, Edge Thrust and Shadow Eye. Edge Thrust is great for Noah since it lets you attack enemies from behind. Damage inflicted while attacking from behind will increase by 120%. In battle, sword strikes are crucial for creating combos since they initiate the Break status.

Attacker classes need Shadow Eye to reduce aggro, so Shadow Eye is a good skill. Despite the fact that Shadow Eye can be replaced with other Arts, you should still equip Edge Thrust and Sword Strike regardless of what you choose.


Best Class Order

The class order for Noah should be as follows:

  1. Swordfighter (Initial Class)
  2. Zephyr
  3. Ogre
  4. Tactician
  5. Medic Gunner
  6. Heavy Guard

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