Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Mio Best Arts and Class Order

Mio is another one of the main protagonists and playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. She is a soldier of Agnus and is excellent in evasion, making her the perfect counterattacker. Since she is one of the six characters you start with, you can modify a lot of her basic setup. This guide aims at helping you understand the best class, accessories and arts for Mio in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to Use Mio in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Mio starts out with the class Zephyr in XC3, making her initial role that of a defender. This is the best class you can choose for Mio. Mio’s dodge efficiency makes her perfect for counterattacks, so you need to be prepared to tank a few attacks as well. As a Zephyr Defender, Mio has the best proficiency with an S rating.

The best battle arts for Mio in Xenoblade 3 may be for single targets only however, the multiple auto attacks Mio gets when using Butterfly Blade and Air Fang makes her unstoppable. These arts also increase her damage to the enemy by 50% and allows Mio to land multiple hits in a single turn and are highly aggressive moves.

Since Mio is recommended as a Zephyr Defender, we recommend using the gear Support and Beastfang Necklace. These will help her dodge attacks more easily and since she is being targeted when dodging, the necklace will increase the damage of all of Mio’s attacks in XC3.

Best Accessories

Gear Support – Increased Speed

Beastfang Necklace – Your damage is increased when you are targeted by the enemy

Best Arts

Butterfly Blade – Boosts aggro generated by using Arts by 50%

Air Fang – When attacking the enemy who is targeting you, attack is boosted by 50%

Wide Slash – Evades enemy attacks at the cost of lowered critical rates

Best Class Order

Zephyr – Defender

Swordfighter – Attacker

Ogre – Attacker

Heavy Guard – Defender

Tactician – Healer

Medic Gunner – Healer

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