Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Sena Best Arts and Class Order

There are 6 main characters that you will be using throughout your Xenoblade Chronicle 3 journey. These characters are from two different nations; Agnus and Keves. Three of them are from Agnus and the other three are from Keves. This guide is all about one of the 6 playable Xenoblade Chronicles 3 characters, ‘Sena.’ We will discuss how to play Sena in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, her best arts, best class and best accessories in this guide.

How to Play Sena

Sena is a warrior from Agnus. She may look innocent and cute but she is a fierce warrior with a giant hammer.

The starting class for Sena is Ogre. Look for accessories that enhance Auto Attack Power of hers. Characters having Ogre class already have strong auto attacks and the addition of accessories that will boost the Auto Attack Power is like a cherry on top.

As far as arts are concerned for this character, Sena must be set up with some powerful arts like ‘Big Impact’ or ‘Hammerhead’. These will boost the damage dealt. If you want even more damage, you can set up ‘Maximum voltage’.

For the classes, you’ll want to opt for Defensive Soul skill as it is suitable for most of the classes. Lanz is her interlinking partner and she is capable of changing Sena’s class to Heavy Guard once you have progressed enough through the game and are able to change the classes.

Cypher Edge skill of Sword Fighter class is also highly recommended. It massively will increase the critical rate of attackers.

Best Accessories

The best accessories that you can equip Sena with are:

  • Attack Stone
  • White Wraps

Since Sena’s starting class is Ogre, the accessories aforementioned best go with this class. These accessories will boost the auto attacks.

Best Arts

The early best arts for this particular character are explained below:

Big Impact

  • Area of Effect: One Target
  • Recharge Gauge: 10 Auto Attack Hits
  • Effect: performs a blowdown attack when coming from front.

Hammer Head

  • Area of Effect: One Target
  • Recharge Gauge: 3 Auto Attack Hits
  • Effect: enhances the by 120% when attacking from side.

Maximum Voltage

  • Area of Effect: Self
  • Recharge Gauge: 12 Auto Attack Hits
  • Effect: attacks will can’t be blocked and the damage dealt is boosted by 20%.

Best Class Order

The best class order to follow when playing as Sena is given below:

  1. Ogre (Attacker)
  2. Heavy Guard (Defender)
  3. Swordfighter (Attacker)
  4. Zephyr (Defender)
  5. Tactician (Healer)
  6. Medic Gunner (Healer)

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