Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Mage Builds Guide

Master the masters of magic, the mage class with the help of this Builds guide for Wolcen Lords of Mayhem and annihilate your enemies

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem has come out of early access, and with it several hordes of enemies waiting to be slain. We will be discussing how you can use the Mage class to its best and tear through hordes of enemies with maximum satisfaction in this Wolcen Mage Builds guide.

Like Diablo, your gear will be determining your class, and your different skills are leveled up by using said gear. We will be showing you what makes the mage class formidable in this detailed guide for Wolcen Lords of Mayhem.

Wolcen Mage Builds

Build #1

Gear for Mage
The best armor and weapon you can have is one that compliments your ailments, damage, wisdom and critical hits. Boosting your Cabalist perk (More on that below) with gears can really do wonders for your passive damage against enemy.

Best Perks for Mage
Using Gates of Fate you can pair up different skill trees, and each tree focuses on a different characteristic for the class. Since we will be focusing on maximizing our damage output in the beginning, we are going to want to focus on the Scholar tree.

However, using perks from Sentinel and Soldier can help you gain some flexibility on the battlefield. The passive skills from each tree are as follows:


  • Capable: +25% maximum health, +3% rage cost reduction, +3% willpower cost reduction.
  • Unyielding: +25% toughness.
  • Zealous Might: +15% attack damage, +10% critical hit damage.

With the Soldier perks, your aim is to get tankier so you can fend off on your own should you happen to lone off.

You will also gain attack damage bonuses by progressing through this tree, along with increased chances for critical hits.


  • Dominator: +20 willpower on hit.
  • Ravenous Magic: +2% life leech from spell damage.
  • Magical Mystery: +15% spell damage.
  • Strike Like Lightning: +5% move speed, +5% attack speed, +5% spell casting speed.

Life leech is always a bonus; your character will be able to sustain themselves even more, the stronger their attacks become.

The Warlock tree should add a good amount of damage to your spells as well, giving an extra kick to the already amazing passives from Scholar.


  • Steadfast: +5% rage cost reduction, +5% willpower cost reduction, +5% to all resistances.
  • Emotional Intelligence: +250 maximum willpower and rage.
  • Heightened Concentration: +20% spell damage, +20% ailment damage.
  • Adept: +15% spell casting speed, +10% damage.

Scholar will be building up your damage output. With Adept increasing your casting speed, and Heightened Concentration adding 20% more damage to your spells, you will be able to perfect crowd control pretty soon.


  • Tormentor: +10% status ailment chance score.
  • Magical Mystery: +15% spell damage.
  • Crippling Decrepitude: +30% ailment damage, -15% damage from negative effects.
  • Clarity of Mind: +10% spell cost reduction, +10% spell damage.

The Cabalist tree gives you the ability to apply negative statuses on your enemies, and dealing a lot of passive damage in the process.

Best Skills

Consuming Embers
Throw an exploding fireball which should deal a great amount of damage upon impact with the enemy, along with added AoE damage. You can gain a second projectile by adding the Seeking Flames mod.

Aether Jump
If you find yourself surrounded by enemies, use Aether Jump to back out and put distance between you and the enemies. Time this wisely, or you may find yourself at the mercy of your prey.

Arctic Spear
Using the Arctic Spear, you can cast spells whilst being mobile, which is a useful tactic in and of itself. The Arctic Spear also amplifies frost damage greatly.

Tear of Etheliel
Drop ice on your enemies and deal damage.

Use this spell whenever available as it is your most consistent spell for damage. You can modify it with Pressure of Time so as to add a second beam.

Wizard Build

Wizard Build requires you to invest in skills of Soldier, Oracle and Scholar along with others. Following passive skills should be selected for maximum effect.


  • Dauntless-increases ferocity by 25%.
  • The Wild card-additional 50% chance of critical hits.


  • Clarity of mind-reduces the cost of spells and damage from them.
  • Immortal Offering-every enemy killed increases your damage.
  • Steadfast-increases the protection of all immune systems.
  • Primordial Insights-repeated damage deals critical damage.


  • Heightened Concentration -increases spell damage.
  • Adept-increases the speed of spells and their damage.
  • Emotional intelligence-plus 250 to will power and rage.
  • Steadfast-reduces the cost of rage and willpower.


  • Avenger-increases the probability of critical damage.
  • Impervious wall-increases all immunities.
  • Merciless Lethality-increases the chances of critical damage.
  • One Man crusade-increases attack power and critical damage probability.


  • The duty to exterminate – increases the power of madness and power.
  • Unholy Dominion – increases the speed of casting spells and reduces their cost.


  • Body and mind-increases the amount of health.
  • Physical conditioning-raises the health point by 100.
  • Lithe-increases agility.
  • Unstoppable Flurry-increases damage from all bullets and attack speed.


  • Slipping Shadow -dodge rolls go through enemies.
  • Physical conditioning-raises the health point by 100.
  • Merciless Lethality-increases the chances of a critical hit and increases damage.
  • Equipment Maintenance -increases material damage.

Active Skills and Gear

For this build, the following gear and skills are recommended.

  • Arctic Spear.
  • Consuming Embers.
  • Winter’s grasp.
  • Thunderstrike
  • Aether jump.

Plaguebringer Poison Mage

The Plaguebringer Poison build is one of the deadliest mage builds. It is based on the Plaguebringer subclass and Toxic Damage over Time attack. In this build Plaguebringer, Warlock, and Cabalist are our main focus. Following passive skills should be chosen in this build.


  • Toxic Emanations: Passively causes enemies in radius to be inflicted with Poison every 2 seconds. It’s a must-have for this build
  • Undertaker: Enemies that die in radius will have a chance to create Green Globes that increase your Poison damage. That bonus scales with each Globe collected


  • Attrition Strategist: Grants high bonus Chance to inflict Ailments inlcuding Poison which is your primary source of DPS in this build
  • Thirst for Knowledge: Makes Health Globes alos replenish your Force Shield


  • Reining in the Darkness: Increases your Spell Critical Hit Chance greatly when you are above 75% Willpower
  • Resilience to Corruption: Makes Damage over Time to your Force Shield instead of Health which provides a decent defensive bonus.


  • The Wild Card: Grants very high bonus Critical Hit Chance. The small nodes on the way were picked to reduce the Willpower cost of Spells even further


  • Power of the First Men: Gives you a chance to double the amount of Ailments inflicted with a single Hit.
  • Immortal Offering: Increases your damage significantly whenever you kill enemies inflicted with Ailments. The buff gets stronger the more Ailments were inflicted on the slain enemy
  • Primordial Insights: Causes Ailments inflicted with Critical Hits to deal more damage
  • Grievous Afflictions: Each Hit can apply two different types of Ailemts


Academic Fieldwork: Killing enemy Champions give you a Headhunter stack which increase your Material Damage (applies to Toxic/Poison damage too).


  • Clandestine Execution: Increases your damage against Bosses

Active Skills and Gear

Following active skills and gear is recommended for this build:

  • Plagueburst
  • Infinity Blades
  • Anomaly
  • Winter’s Grasp
  • Light Bringer

Circle Mage Build

The circle Mage build can clear areas faster and melts your enemies being useful even at higher stages. In this build, following skills should be selected.


Skill 1: PlagueburstSwarm of Corpuscules, Cutaneous Infection, Noxious Smog, Blades of Pestilence, Vitiation, Biohazard. As you unlock more space, Losers Gift, Short Range Contaminants.

Skill 2: AnomalyDislocating Thread, Elongation, Temporal Dilation, Echoes of Infinity, Twists and Windings, Rending of Matter, Aether’s Fracture.

Skill 3: Bulwark of DawnSacred Grounds, Generating Star, Extended Protection, Divine Omnipresence, Aegis of Hope. As you unlock more space, Inspiration, Everlasting Aurora.

Skill 4: Light-bringerInsupressible Rhapsody, Holy Ground, Looking Glass, Sudden Dehydration, Noble Rider, Adjudication, Unwanted Embrace.

Skill 5: Bleeding EdgeShredding Edge, Unstoppable Momentum, Orbital Strike, Revolving Guillotine, Astral Orbit.

Skill 6:  Infinity Blades Sublime Cut, Timeline Selection, Anti Mobility Form, Reading of Quantic, Material Sinkhole, Magnetized Strikes.

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