Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Beginner’s Tips

Follow these handy beginner's tips and tricks to get the best out of the newly released Diablo-esque Wolcen Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen may look like an intimidating game at first, but trust me; the more familiar you get with the game’s mechanics, the more fun it gets. To help you further, we have prepared some Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Beginner’s Tips.

You are thrown into this rich world with challenging monsters; after creating your character, your sole purpose is to improve it by all means available to you. We will be discussing the different features that you need to know to start off with the game.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Beginner’s Tips

Initial Tweaks
Activate the following settings in the game so to get the best experience out of your playthrough.

  • Show Damage
  • Auto Attack
  • Display Helath and Resource Values
  • Show Item Level

Character Creation
As you start the game, you will be able to customize your character according to your own preference. Although the features aren’t that many for your character, they’re all still pretty well detailed.

Aside from the general look of your character, you will have the choice to choose between three weapons; either a melee weapon, a bow, or a staff that can be used to cast spells.

Choosing your weapon means choosing your entire playstyle so choose wisely. You will not be bound to that weapon in the future; Wolcen provides you with complete freedom to switch between playstyles fluently without too much of a hassle.


Aspects are a fun mechanic of the game where you can choose to manifest a specific being’s form and abilities. Once you get to the point of selecting an Aspect, make sure to take your time and learn everything you can by reading the description to see which best suits your playstyle.

You can press F to open the Aspects interface in order to learn more information regarding your current Aspect, or to simply learn a new Aspect.

Players collect Primordial Essence and fill their PE meter by killing various enemies; after filling it up, the player can press R to transform which will start to deplete the meter.

Upon depletion of the meter; you will be transformed back into your human form. This is your trump card, use it wisely.

Farming Money
Farming gold in Wolcen is relatively easy. You can find the currency in barrels, boxes, coffins, vases, monster sacs, breakable eggs etc.

Destroy these items found in the world to accumulate more gold. The average amount of gold you can get can range from 27 to 30. Keep doing this, and you can rack up enough gold to save yourself a trip back to Stormfall.

You will also be able to find a Golden Ladybug icon on your mini-map. These are Wealth Omens and will reward you with a generous amount of gold once you kill them. Try not to let them escape; because once they do, you will get squat.

Town Portals
Instead of returning to Stormfall on foot, simply fast travel by using the Town Portal and sell all the loot, change your weapons, buy gems, or do whatever you want. The spell does, however, take 5 seconds to cast, so make sure to be clear of any enemies.

The Gate of Fates
The Gate of Fates is the name of the character progression system of the game where players are allowed to select various passive skills in order to build their character towards a specific playstyle. By pressing P on your keyboard you will be able to open up the Gate of Fates.

You will notice that there are three colors, each representing a different type of weapon. The Red color represents Melee, Blue represents Magic, and Green represents Ranged.

If you want to further improve your Magic strength, you are going to go down the blue node, for Melee, you will be going down the red node and for Ranged you will be heading down the green node.

After selecting your first passive skill, you can get into the inner circle and rotate the wheels to change the path to the one you desire for your character. You can also re-assign all your points by using Primordial Affinity.

Active Skills
Wolcen is a bit different from other RPGs; in the regard that you won’t be leveling up to acquire new skills, but instead, Wolcen pushes you to use its feature known as the Enneract. These can be obtained by killing enemies, looting chests, or buying it from Demetra (Merchant) found in Stormfall.

Check on Demetra’s inventory after the daily refresh so you can see if a skill worth buying pops up.

Active Skills are leveled up by equipping it and using it, or by simply forcing it to level up using Primordial Affinity.

Primordial Affinity is a currency that can be used to level up your Active Skills. If you have already learned a specific Enneract, then simply consume it to gain Primordial Affinity.

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